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Friday, October 8, 2010

The moment with PINK

I have many pink stuff with me, but I know that I like not just the colour of pink. I am needing votes right now because the contest is based on votes. You can check out isherry here, you need to register first then vote me. So far I have six votes, just trying my luck in the contest. I know when contest based on votes it is hard to win.

Just to share with you the pink vanity kit that I have, but from time to time they will be changes.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dolls not just for gals

Being a woman I also like dolls, I keep this doll for many years and still in good shape. I still have the Barbie doll but not all in good shape. Well boys like gadgets girls like fashion and dolls. You are looking at Baby Wanna Walk, this doll was purchase from Toys R Us many years ago.

It is important to clean the dolls no matter they are old or new. I bought the Dettol to clean the dolls, I don't know if there is germs on the dolls because I kept them so long. I advise you to check your dolls and toys, some toys changes colour and you better think twice if you still want to keep them or lose them.

I have hard time to upload the picture, you can click the link to view them.

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