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Monday, December 31, 2012

Warts bothered me

I don't know of you but I get easily bother by warts. They are painful and irritating at the same time. Talking of warts, I found this post interesting about wartrol scam. I get to know common warts from this website.

I don't know there are warts included the genital warts. Warts are bothering me are the one of bottom of my feet and on my toes. It is embarrassing when people see them on my feet but it didn't stop me from wearing open toes sandals.

How much money have you spent on remove warts? Does it works for you?

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas giveaway winners info!

Good afternoon, this morning I head to Post Office Malaysia and I have posted the parcels for winners using registered post. Below is the detail:
Wan Atikah RD6074068447MY
Maisarah Musa RD074068420MY
Farra Atiqah RD074068455MY
Wan Nabihah RD074068433MY
Kylie, I will pass the prize to you on Friday.

The parking at Carrefour Subang Jaya is free for first three hours of parking. This is great news for everyone that parking at the Carrefour.

They are not many people at Post Office Carrefour today.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

end Year Giveaway by zaa tyraa and aisyhah

I like to join giveaway and I am hoping to win this end year Giveaway by zaa tyraa and aisyhah.

If you like to know more of this giveaway just click above banner.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Recycle magazine to wrap

I am happy to say that I have managed to gather the Christmas giveaway winners, I am going to recycle the magazine to wrap them.

It is a long day today, bring my son to school orientation then bring to see dentist and in the afternoon we head to Mutiara Damansara for the first time. It is a long day but we are happy that we manage to dine in IKEA for dinner. We wanted to dine for tea break but it is full house.

I received email that I have won passes to watch Parental Guidance, I love comedy movie. The last I saw with my dear will be The Watch.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Top Referral of Christmas Giveaway

I almost forgot to update the info of who is the top referral of Christmas Giveaway. It is Wana wazm, her blog is the Top Referral.

Now I am still waiting two winners of Christmas Giveaway winners, they are
Maisarah Musa and Miss NR.

If you know them, please let them know. I have emailed them too, still waiting their reply.

Once I gather all info of winners I can mail the prize together.

Thank you.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ho Ho Ho.. Christmas Giveaway Winners!!

I am sure you are excited to find out who are the lucky winners of Christmas Giveaway. I have gained 151 GFC followers on this blog and my giveaway attracted eight participants!

First picture above from left you see I have list down the names of participants. Only participants who has done the steps complete are counted. The second picture is the Five Winners of the Christmas Giveawy, the 1st Prize goes to Wana wazm
2nd Prize goes to Maisarah Musa
3rd Prize goes to Prince n princess mum
4th Prize goes to Miss NR
5th Prize goes to Farah Lulu

Dear winners you should get my email by today, kindly reply my email with your name, address and contact number. :D

Congratulations to winners, don't worry if you didn't win this Christmas giveaway. I may have other giveaway in future, stick around in my blog to my find out. :D

Please give me a week or two for postage delivery using Registered Post. :D

Thank you my eldest son for helping me to choose the winners, yeah you can see picture above of him in Santa costume. :D

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Giveaway@Name Sherry

I wanted to have a blog anniversary in October but look at how time fly. Now I am having this Christmas giveaway instead of Blog Anniversary.

--------Christmas Giveaway by Name Sherry-----
1st Prize
Kiss Me top from Kissmi
preloved Stage nail colour 12 Astounding from Sherry Rambling
Pink Hello Kitty shoes stud from isherrygo
Blue bracelet from iluvcontest
ettusois BB mineral cream SPF30. PA++ from what every gal want

2nd Prize
Cute top from my mom's best
preloved Blue nail polish from sherry shopping
Blue Hello Kitty shoes stud from name sherry
Pink bracelet from Jewelry By S

3rd Prize
Angel Hello Kitty shoes stud from Love and Thoughts
Bracelet from Another Contest
Preloved Blue nail polish from

4th Prize
Orange bracelet from who luv cosmetics
Preloved orange Bloop nail polish from TH Corner
Hello Kitty shoes stud from My Kid Shopping

5th Prize
Red Hello Kitty shoes stud from Also Mommy
Brown bracelet from Wishing Her
Preloved Stage nail colour 18 Drama from wan 2 swap

It is easy this Christmas Giveaway, be GFC Follower of this blog.
Blog this giveaway with picture and Prizes detail link to this post.
Make the blog post giveaway as sticky post for three days!
*You may copy above to your blog with links stated in Prize. Do make sure the links are in the posts. Or else your blog post entry not counted*
Your blog need to be at least six months old to take part this giveaway to be fair with other blogger.

Christmas Giveaway open to International.
Giveaway ends on 24 December 2012 at 12midnight Malaysia time.

Leave your comment in this way:
GFC Follower:
From which country:
Blog post link:

I shall not be responsible for the lost or damage of the parcel after I mail them at Post Office.

Participants that valid for this Christmas Giveaway
1. mi$$ chocolate
2.Maisarah Musa
3. Fara Lulu ^^
4. wana wazm
5. prince n princess mum
6. Princess Yvonne
7. MeRy
8. Miss NR
9. are you next?
if you don't see your name because you have not complete all steps

Sunday, December 23, 2012

MIVVA Beauty Box in Malaysia!

I am sure you are excited to know about the beauty box. Yes now there is MIVVA Beauty Box in Malaysia. I am sure ladies you know there's beauty box available in other country namely Singapore. Now in Malaysia there's MIVVA Beauty Box, I am sure you are excited just like me. is the fast becoming Malaysia's hottest Online Beauty Portal and this month they're launching their debut MIVVA Beauty Box.

How much is a box of MIVVA Beauty Box? For only RM38 per month, you get 5-6 exciting beauty products and this Christmas, they've also packed in little surprises!

As boxes are limited, they are only open to members (from 7th Dec onwards) and I was lucky enough to be selected to share the Invitation Code with my readers!

Don't just read here, hop over to and key in the Invitation Code: 'DiscoverMIVVA'

Please use my referral link and help me claim my free MIVVA Box!
I want to receive MIVVA Box because it is beauty products for every woman. I can't wait to try these beauty products. :D

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Movie review: The Hobbit: An unexpected journey

Last night we head to MBO, Subang Parade to watch 2D The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I am happy to use the movie tickets that I won to watch it. The staff is very friendly and help me through finding the suitable seats for three of us. He told me Hall 7 still have seats and I can use the movie tickets to watch it in 2D. The movie starts in minutes after I purchased a ticket for my son.

Hall 7 in MBO Subang Parade, the seating in middle so there is not side seats on the left and the right. I chosen the middle seats and good choice I must say we enjoy the movie. There are animals like wolves, rabbits, rats, birds, eagles, and a dragon.

I will share with you the part where my son used his both hands to cover his hands. It would the part where the Hobbit trapped down below the cave, there is one creature that keeps saying precious! You never forget the face of the creature it is just like in LOTR! The creature loves the ring very much, he loses the ring. The Hobbit grabs the ring that the creatures loses while dragging the Goblin. Now I remembered the name of the creature it is called Gollum!

It is an adventure journey for the Hobbit in this movie and everyone known the dragon still a life in the end of movie. Bear in mind that this movie is 169 minutes, so you know it is more than 2 hours movie. We know there is part two of the Hobbit because the staff opened the exit door!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Free movie passes watch Life of Pi

If you love to watch Life of Pi with your loved one, you can can now take this chance to win free movie passes to see Life of Pi. It is wonderful giveaway to share with my followers of my blog. Click above link to take part now.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Shiny accessories

What can you think of when comes to shiny accessories? Above is my picture on my shiny accessories, I like the shiny beads shoes so comfortable! I like the shiny necklace, it matches most of my clothes.

The shiny red cap which reminds of me Christmas party I attended, it looked 99% the same! The shiny shoes you looking it is flat shoes but very uncomfortable I just trying out for fun at Padini outlet.

Anyway today the courier man never show up, he called me on Saturday morning that he wants to come but I told him it is not convenient. So he told me he will comes by today but never show up. :(

Later in the evening I will visit my dear again hopefully there's parking space available. This morning I went no parking and I need to park at new wing of hospital and used their link bridge by foot to take the lift to 4th floor.

Okay folks.. my baby just wake from sarong.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Education fair in Midvalley

How's everyone today? My brother-in-law's family were here this morning to visit us plus we head to education fair in Midvalley. It is good time for them to explore what my niece going to study for her future. So many college and university to choose from, yeah we are getting many brochures from them. Not only that if you provide them info on the slip, they give you a recycle bag on the spot. Yeah the recycle bag with their college or university name on it.

I saw many people with have happy faces getting the bags and brochures in hand. Parents with their children asking more detail of the courses they are interested. I spend some time in the education fair to explore what is courses are available there. I see there is hair salon course available!

What I love about the education fair not just they provide the education advice and information, I also like the free pen they provided in the bag. :D

I noticed some students came along with their friends to see courses that interest them. It will be great for them to hang out together if they have interest to study the same course. I was told that if you don't have idea on what courses to take, you can start by take up a foundation course then after foundation you can choose the courses which interest you. I am not sure if the foundation helped, how about you?

Friday, December 14, 2012

Top referral gets mystery prize

If you haven't take part in Christmas giveaway, what are you waiting for? I have mystery prize for top referral of Christmas giveaway!

I am happy to see that the lucky 60,000 Total Pageviews of Sherry Rambling has received the $200 cash voucher from me. I posted it using Pos Express, it is good voucher to use purchase the branded sports items or shoes.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Anyone up for Christmas giveaway?

Hey guys how are you doing? We are in the mist of going out for lunch, well you know when it comes to waiting. :D

Are you interested for Christmas Giveaway? Let me know if you are interested by commenting in this post saying Yes.

Yeah my photos cannot upload anymore because it is fully used up the space. I have been sitting here for two hours deleting pictures of Picasa Album. It sure bring back many memories of things I have done and capture. :D

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Suicide Fly in my hot coffee!

Do you like hot coffee or hot tea? I like to take a cup of hot coffee in the day. It is sad news to share my coffee is ruined by the fly. Yeah the fly flew inside my hot coffee and suicide. It is sad story of a fly and I need to make a new coffee to drink. The fly maybe attract to aroma of the coffee?

I always take a look in my cup before I take a sip. There's time where a dead fly in my cup and I almost swallow it. It is unpleasant feeling that I bet you wouldn't want to try!

Other than fly, they will be ants too. I don't know why ants and flies like to drown themselves in water or coffee.

I like to ask my reader, is there any chance above mention ever happen to you?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Photos delete from Picasa Album

I have deleted over 200 pictures from Picasa Album, I started blogging since year 2008. With many blogs in hand there is limit in using of photos. So you know I cannot upload pictures many because the space is limited for me now. I still need to delete photos from Picasa Album. It would take time to do that, I need to go through all the photos.

Most photos are the same and some photos are useless because the contest has ended long time ago so the banner photos just taking up my space.

It is Monday and I didn't have a good start, since yesterday afternoon I started diarhea and today I drove to clinic to see doctor. I have slight fever and need to keep away from milk product and oily food. I want to go nearby clinic which is another section of my home but it is difficult to find parking so I ended up going to nearest hospital.

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