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Monday, March 19, 2012

Share your style

I am sure most people having a blog today; I find that most of my blogger friends like to share their style on blog. I like to share with you that there is Fashion Social Network that you can share your style with everyone that have same interest. You can share your favourite looks on what clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup you are wearing.

You can sign up for free as member, and then you can find who the Top 10 Editors' Picks This Week is. I have friends that love to share on what they love to wear daily, I am sure they have interest to check out the Fashion Social Network.

You are looking at above picture of me, it is not latest look of me. I just want to share this picture of me with my beautiful long hair. I don't have this length of hair anymore, I have shorter hair now after having my baby boy. I still have this pink flowery top and the sunglasses. I am wearing the purple ribbon necklace.

Do you know anyone that share the same interest in share their favourite look? If yes, let them know of this Fashion Social Network where they can share their looks and make friends there.

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