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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Goodie bag collection@Sunway Lagoon

There is no free t-shirt for this year Guardian Walkathon 2012, I saw some people wearing the Guardian Walkathon 2008 shirt. Anyway I manage purchased this loving pair of shirts for mother and son, sorry no size suitable for my dear. My dear is plus size XXL and there only have XL size. The shirt I am wearing only L size a bit tight as you can see, there's white colour but I prefer red!
What do you think of the red shirts for mother and son?
I need to put the goodie bags and bag, plus backpacks in biggest locker of Sunway Lagoon because it is so heavy! The locker rent cost RM30 and I can use it multiple time.
The sling bag I am carrying contains of clothes to change and towel. There's a backpack for shoes to change because we wearing the sports shoes to go for the walk and go play at water park we change to sandals.

After registered getting the numbers and pins for the walk, we also have wristband for the walkathon we head to Sunway Lagoon. Inside Sunway Lagoon we need to queue up for goodie bag collection. Yeah the ticket we purchased there's three splits one for meal, one for goodie bag, and one for lucky draw.
Do you see yourself in the picture above?
This drink is very nice it is Red Bull from Europe, the last time I purchased Red Bull in red can that's from Thailand. Thanks for the girls from Red Bull truck to give me this drink! My dear first time to drink it. This drink we get it at entrance of Sunway Lagoon at LG2 exit/entrance. Did you get yours?
I forgot to mention that there's no food and drink allow to bring in the Sunway Lagoon, so whatever drink and food you have better eat or drink it! There is sport check at the entrance.

Multipurpose locker and wristband@Sunway Lagoon

Oh yeah how's everyone doing? While some of my friends are busy attending the workshop now I am at home. Yesterday a fun day for family day out, not everyone in my family attended but we have such good fun. We went the Guardian Walkathon 2012 and we are early there so we are so excited queue to collect goodie bag and rent the Sunway Lagoon's locker for the walk!

My dear asked me to rent two lockers since we have three goodie bags, two backpacks plus my son backpack. Just three of us for this walk because my baby too young to follow so he stays home with sister-in-law.

We choose to use RM30 biggest multipurpose locker, the Sunway Lagoon staff told me it is the biggest. For another type would be RM15, there's RM5 locket but you can use it once! Once closed you need to purchase coin again to open the locker. The multipurpose locker I can use it open and closed for many times, no extra cost. Good for us because we need to keep the goodie bags inside and bags that contains clothes to change and shower later.

I am given the wristband to wear for the locker, so cool and just scan it at the center of locker and the locker will open itself.

Did you spot yourself in the picture? Well, we are far behind nevermind we are not in the race, we are here for family outing and there's no prize for the first!!

There's no need to bring hat along for this walk because there's free hat provided by Guadian! Look so many people wearing them, I did broung along my hat but kept in the locker. :D

It is up to you whether you want to use the locker or not, some people choose to carry all the way for 3KM walk!

Orange backpack you looking at is the Guardian walkathon 2012 goodie bag! Will upload more pics soon.

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