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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Journey to the West by Stephen Chow

I am sure you know of this movie Journey to the West 2013, have you watched this movie? I watched it and I found the part in cave is very boring, they talks alot.

Shu Qi is very pretty in the movie from start to end of the movie. I saw familar faces in this movie, the Teacher from CJ7! He's the moster fish in Journey to the West eat and killed many fisherman and villagers plus children. There is giant sting ray in the movie! A giant wild hog that's hard to kill and needs help from the Monkey King.

They are many blood spilling in this movie, well one of them would be the fake blood. The guy wearing the fake blood gadget on his body and it goes mulfunction!

The Monkey King is very aggressive towards the end of movie. He's killed many people and wants revenge.

I would say this movie is suitable for PG13.

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