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Friday, March 22, 2013

Ah Boys to Men 2 *comedy PG13

Have you watched the movie Ah Boys to Men 1? If yes you will know what the movie is about. Last night I redeemed the movie passes to watch the movie Ah Boys to Men 2 with my son and dear. We have not seen the Ah Boys to Men 1.

It is Basic Military Training (BMT) where parents are concern about their children. In this movie we found out that the trainee didn't wash their uniform for a week, they let their mom's do the cleaning for them. Imagine how sticky you are if you are wearing the same uniform for a week.

Ip Man's girlfriend broke up with him and found another boyfriend. Ip Man is madly in love with his girlfriend, he wants to know who is the guy she is with. With help of his friend they made a fake video and upload to youtube. It is funny, you will laugh when you know how they made the video. They have got an Ipad to use but it ended up in the toilet! :(

Ip Man wants to revenge on his girlfriend's new boyfriend, they gathered shits and added on chili and wasabi inside! Yeah you will not like it but the scene of the couple in the car park inside their car, they get thrown with load of shits.

I find this movie funny where the Sargeant goes to each camp at night trying to steal the men's guns. One of the Sargeants got kicked out of the camp! Other than that, you will find it funny when the trainee pulled the grenade but he throwing out the pin instead of grenade!

This is an action plus comedy movie, language spoken in Mandarin with mix of Malay and English. I saw grandparents bring their grandchildren about age 4 year old for the movie.

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