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Friday, June 7, 2013

Sea dragon costume for my son

I done baby octopus costume for my toddler, I never forget about my eldest boy. The sea dragon costume with more work to do than the baby octopus costume. I didn't know what to make for ocean mania costume then I remembered we have the sea dragon hat. I was like why not make a dragon suit to make it. Indeed after few tried and I never give up sewing it with my hands. Needles poking fingers, you will know the pain if you have get poke by one before. I mean sew by hand not by sewing machine.

If you are heading to Paradigm Mall today, you will find my boy there. I didn't expect that both baby octopus costume and sea dragon costume got selected as one of the eight finalists in Paradigm Mall this afternoon.

Hopefully my little one is able to go, I don't know if he can perform on stage since recovering. Sea dragon will be there today but he's still thinking what he wants to do.


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