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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Participants of December 2013 giveaway

Here's info on participants of December 2013 giveaway. Do check your numbers because I am using it for

  1. AlohaMolly 0-1
  2. Syuhadah Salleh 2-22
  3. Ena Amir 23-43
  4. Fara lulu 44-84

I check the stats traffic sources of my blog I don't see any Top Referral for this giveaway so there's none. I mean I don't see any traffic sources that coming from my participants blogs.

Winner of December 2013, will be announce on Sunday. Stay tune!

In the mean time, don't forget my mom's best giveaway ends soon.

Good luck!

Currently having 219 GFC followers.

By the way, if you have instagram, do follow me on sherrygo. In future I may have giveaway there.

Reminder two giveaways ends tonight

Are you done shopping for New Year? The first day of school is 2nd Jan, so I am sure son needs to sleep early next week. I need to purchase one more pair of white shoes for son. I bought a pair last week it cost RM20.

My friend told me she shopping in Parkson. She purchase RM400 and received two school bags for free. I didn't have interest to shop in Parkson as I am shopping on budget so I check price before I purchase. She bought a pair of Ben 10 white shoes for RM23.++.

Today done a quick shopping for son uniform, just purchase a new white uniform for him RM17. The school badge I told the gal to remove the school badge of old uniform to sew on new set of school uniform. Just one uniform is enough because another three more in home town. We'll get that when we back in Jan. There are two more pairs at home.

By the way the two giveaways on this blog ending tonight. I am sure you don't want to miss it out.

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