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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Behind-The-Scenes Tour at Resorts World Genting

Last Saturday morning, son and I were invited for the Ice Age Adventure , in the afternoon for the Behind The Scenes Tour in Resorts World Genting, click on the link for the Ice Age Adventure. Who likes Sid the sloth? Check out my post for the details.

The "Behind-The-Scenes Tour" is now the latest hype at Resorts World Genting. I have look forward to know about this for sometimes, I am glad I get the chance to see it. The "Behind-The-Scenes" Tour has begun its inception since 1 May 2014 has been ongoing till date. My last vacation in Theme Park, Genting Highland with my parents were year 1998.

What started off to be a month tour had eventually become a monthly routine due to great response from the participants. The 2 hour 45 minutes tour that happens every weekend offers participants valuable insights into the resort daily operation starting off with a visit to the Visitor's Galleria showcasing where the resort first began. 

The 30 minutes showcase will take you from history to whats new at the resort. Some of the exciting news would be the latest development at the resort and also the all new Twentieth Century Fox World. 

It's a wonderful journey of discovery of the resort's founder.

Above the speaker was explaining on the The Handover - Moving Forward.

 Everyone is paying attention to know more about the founder.
We get to see the model of the Resorts World Genting, how I miss the outdoor theme park never forget the good memories I was riding the roller coaster with my dad.

Before the next stop to visit the Genting Internatonal Showroom, above is group picture with fellow bloggers. 

 The Genting International Showroom where, we know of their technical experts in management of the back stage.
The person in charge has explains and show us of the management of back stage, lighting, and sound control involved during a show or event.

This will serve as an eye opener for everyone even the to the participants who are looking forward to learn something hands-on. 

My son had a good time on stage with his friends.

Another activity awaiting us was the First World Hotel's laundry, the hotel with over 6,000 rooms has the largest hotel laundry in Malaysia.

We have the first-hand view and knowledge on how the hotel manages all its dirty lines. 

We get to witness on how the clothes are all ironed with a special machine. It is indeed a rare occasion. 

The "Behind-The-Scenes" Tour, end on a high note with an interactive and enjoyable programme on "how to make sushi maki and cupcakes" in a See, Do. & Eat workshop.

Everyone anxious to know of how sushi maki is being made

Mommy blogger and children too are busy making decorating the cupcakes.

Presenting you cupcake I have decorate. 

It is fun workshop for everyone to make these simple dishes. 

If you have interest to join the "Behind-The-Scenes" Tour, you can register for the tour at First World Theme Park Wristband Tagging Counter located at the First World Plaza or registration counter at Vision City Video Games Park (next to post office). 
Tour priced at RM20 per person and starts at 2.15pm. 
Pre-booking is recommended by email to three days in advance 
or call 03-6101 1118 ext.55678 to avoid disappointment.

Goodie bags will also be given to every participant.
For more info please visit

Cool Ice Age Adventure limited edition premiums

Above is my goodie being blogger on the event. 

Do you have plan for this up coming school holiday?
Don't forget to check out the Ice Age Adventure that son and I joined last Saturday. Click on the link to read more and see more.

If you are eager to grab some cool Ice Age Adventure limited edition premiums, the Ice Age Adventure will be on going until 26 October 2014, so best participate this opportunity. 

Join in the fun and get award this September with all the new Ice Age Adventure. Genting Rewards Card members will be given 10% discount. 

Official sponsors for this event includes Nestle Ice Crams as the official ice cream, Genting Rewards as the official loyalty card and official TV is Panasonic.

For more info, you can also visit
or call them at
03-6101 1118

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