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Monday, May 18, 2015


Yesterday my son and I attended the BLOGGER BBQ POOLSIDE PARTY organized by Dr Sidney Kan at a condominium in Kota Damansara. 

On my way to Kota Damansara in the afternoon the rain started but it didn't stop us from going to the fun gathering moments with fellow bloggers. Many famous bloggers attended the party namely Merryn, Kelly, Bro Framestone, Nannie, Ayu, Kylie, Leona, Pui San, Izzati, Kolin, Miriam, Maha, Jessica Yong, Elana, Sin Yee, Dee, Nazlan, Jenny Ma and Jane many more. 

Here's my arrival photo, credit to Miriam. Nannie is the PA of Dr Sidney. Nannie, Miriam, Izzah, Marou and Shamiera are the volunteers on the day.  

Photo credit to Miriam, nice photo of blogger get together session. 
I am hiding, can you spot me? hehe... 

The beautiful pool awaiting us to explore, well it's going to be my son that gets into the swimming pool. Look at the swimming pool there are many balloons on the other side of it. 

Many activities on the day, children gets to make jewelry for themselves or even make for their mommy. Thanks to Kelvin Gems and Elegant Jewelry Studio, I can see kids with their lovely jewelry in the end of session. Each of them are unique in their way, just to name a few I saw Leona, Merryn and Jane kiddo's jewelry making result. It's bonding time when you can see your child making a piece jewelry for you or for themselves. It's so sweet heart if boys are willing to make them for their mommy.
 Besides children jewelry session, there's another session for mommy and kiddos too. Who doesn't like face art or body art. Thanks to Fannie Face Art, she's patiently creating each creative face art or body art to adult and children.

We are given a number during the queue so that we can know how long it take its going to be our turn to have our face art.
Check out each face art and body art, photos of Elana, Rane's daughter, Leona, Miera and me.
I am loving each creative art by Fannie. How about you? 

While waiting for Bakarlah BBQ for preparing and starting the BBQ, you can either go for the activities in the hall.
Photo credit to Jenny Ma
Photo credit to Jane

I am sure you are hungry when you seeing these delicious seafood, all thanks to GST Group Seafood Supply for the supply of fresh seafood, prawns, "ikan kembong", Saba Mackerel, lambs, chicken. 
Bakarlah BBQ are the one providing crews and their BBQ equipment for the party.
Photo credit to Miera

Don't forget there are cakes from Eastin Hotel, yummylicious cakes that you can't have enough of it.

We can also go outside for the Zung -Ninja Photographer to photo session, look at Syafiera, she's having her moments. 

There is a few photo shots taken by Zung The Ninja Photographer so this one we need to remain calm. 

For more info of Zung The Ninja Photographer, click on the link to read his write up.

thanks to Leona for this pic, photographer was explaining to me how to adjust myself for the photo he wants to take. I learn some tips from him, how to smile and chin up, look up. 

My son trying to pose as hulk before this photo shoot. 

Best friends moment of Becky and Elana, priceless. 

Not just kids enjoying themselves, you can see mommy blogger Kylie with her kids. Strong mommy I say, she can hold two kids at one time. 
Now you see more balloons in the swimming pool, blogger's kids having fun in the pool, red and black color balloons are sponsored from #NYSteakShack

Photo credit to Kelly 
Pretty bloggers in row from left Miera, Kelly, Jessica, Mary Jane, Miriam and Rebecca, with a dozen of balloons sponsored by BalloonBuzz from USJ Taipan. 

Photo credit to Elana 
From left is Rebecca, Elana, my son and me.

Nice to know everyone though we have not taken photos all together.
It's a fun party for everyone, especially for my son, though he's having exam this week. It's important to balance in life that he can do something that he enjoys too like playing in the swimming pool with parenting blogger's kids. Thanks Nannie too for doing the head counts for this party! 

Thanks to sponsors NY Steak Shack for the food vouchers and Hei Sushi for the cash vouchers, and Shills for the foot mask. 

It's a nice gathering night for all bloggers that attended the 


  1. Great to be able to party with all of you~ Haha.. aiya not that famous compared to you dear. See you soon.


  2. Nice party there. I did not manage to get my face painted :(

  3. Bestnya buat BBG dekat tepi Kolam Renang... Masa lapar boleh masuk dalam kolam... Dah kenyang pun boleh masuk dalam kolam lagi... Jangan terminum air dalam kolam sudahlah... ;)

  4. Hi Muhamad anuar Marsib, ya picnic dekat kolam, ada yang enjoy tengok orang dewasa dengan budak berenang. :D

  5. Nice events got nice foods and look very fun sherry :)

  6. Hi Shannie, yeah it's fun Sunday blogger BBQ poolside party.


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