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Monday, August 17, 2015

MediFeet Medical Health Shoe

MediFeet shoes range for diabetes
MediFeet is a brand that specializes in Health and Wellness footwear. People who requires special for care including diabetes, arthritic and other types of medical conditions. The MediFeet Diabetic footwear range feature a seamless interior construction that reduces the abrasion and helps in the prevention of skin breakdown and foot problems.

They have wide selection of shoes, that you can wear in style. Their footwear is highly comfortable, without the need of 'breaking-in' and yet durable tanks to the use of the highest quality material and their uncompromising quality control.

The MediFeet shoes for women size range from UK2, 3, 4,5,6,7,8,9
The Medifeet shoes for men size ranging from UK6,7,8,9,10,11

MediFeet Diabetic footwear range
The MediFeet medical health shoes come in many types so you can choose the style that you prefer. I have friends that love black shoes, these are great collection for them. They are highly comfortable footwear. 

MediFeet Walkabout shoes RM189
The MediFeet Walkabout Women shoes comes in many colors and these are comfortable as they are suitable for pregnant woman to wear too. Being mommy of two boys, during my pregnancy I can recall my feet expand, so I need to purchase bigger size shoes to wear. The MediFeet Walkabout Women shoes, this one is special as the front can expand, and the back of the shoes can use as slip on. You don't have to purchase another pair of shoes during pregnancy. 

The MediFeet is accepted American Podiatric Medical Association.

MediFeet Medical Health Shoes designed and recommended for :
  • Arthritis
  • Bunions
  • Spur/Heel Pain
  • Joint/ Spine Ache
  • Prolong Standing & Walking
  • Foot Fatigue
  • Maternity
  • Hospitality Indutry
  • Healthcare & Medical Segment

The MediFeet shoes with ReBounce Cushioning Insole

  • Specially formulated material and cellular structure laminated with Poron
  • ReBounce help gives extra long comfort during use and the feeling of 'walking on mattress'
  • Adapt to all foot shape and contour provide extra comfort.

When I step in the MediFeet shop, I saw many shoes for ladies. 
You'll be spoil with choice that available in the shop.

The concept of the shoes are functional-designed for people who demand style and beautiful craftsmanship but still want the Health and Wellness, this is what MediFeet famous for.

APMA Apporved
Water Resistant
Wide Toe Box
Power Arch Support
Directional Grooves
Active-Lite Midsole
Easy Clean
Butadiene Rubber
Molded EVA Insole
Microfibre Upper
The MediFeet shoes are great gift ideas for loved ones too. 
If you are looking for Value Buy for the MediFeet's shoes, it's available at their outlet.
Price range from RM159 to RM179.
Discount will be given is 10% to 50%.

MediFeet Men's Comfort shoes
They are many shoes range for women to choose from, but they are also for men, look at above photo for the Men's Comfort shoes. 

Each and everyone has different interest in shopping for shoes, now if you like to purchase shoes for health and wellness, you know where to shop.

I have been complaining about having feet pain the reason is I have bunion pain. 
I am glad to have find this MediFeet's Comfeet suitable for me as it has the wide toe box that are constructed using their Wide-Fit lasts, which is wide fitting that provides absolute comfort preventing pain and discomfort in the forefoot. 

I am eyeing on a few pairs of MediFeet shoes. 

Both of us (me and Miera) are wearing MediFeet's shoes.

It's important to find a pair of shoes that gives us long lasting comfortable, not only good for support our back and prolong standing and walking. Believe it or not, I still need to carry of my 4 years old son on and off when we go out. He's now 24kg, 

MediFeet Medical Health Shoe that you can wear in style.
photo credit to Ayu, the MediFeet shop that I visited was located in Shah Alam
The MEDIFEET HQ is located at 2-3, Block 1, Grond Floor, Worldwide Business Park,
Jalan Tinju 13/50, Section 13, 40675 Shah Alam.

You can also can visit their Facebook at or 
website at


  1. Hi Kylie, yes they are very comfortable.

  2. Comfortable shoes.... So blissful for our tired feet...

  3. Looks so comfort and their fashion quite up to date! Thanks for sharing dear! :D

  4. I got a pair of this too. A silver ballerina flat. Very comfy. Love it so much!

  5. Looks comfy... will recommend to friends

  6. i love i love their shoes. So comfortable and nice design too. There was so many people on that day when I visited them.

  7. thanks for this. Was looking for a place to buy arch support for my son .

  8. Looks super comfy! And the price are not that pricey for a pair of good shoes!

  9. Not exactly the trendies design, but it looks really comfy! This could be the perfect birthday present for my mum maybe <3

    Aliza Sara

  10. your comment bubbles very cute la. :)

    can i have one of these medifeet too? :P

  11. Thanks for the information. Good product comes with reasonable price...

  12. I should grab one pair for myself and my mum too. Thank you for sharing

  13. So many fashionable designs for the health and wellness shoes, planning to get something for my mom too.

  14. I read about this some other blogs. Knew this before, but seem the shoes are really expensive.

  15. Hey, it sure does looks comfy to me!

  16. My mum need comfort shoe also, will intro to her. Thanks for sharing, Sherry ^^

  17. Hmmm, maybe I could buy a pair when I start working though. I worked as a part time promoter before and my feet would hurt so bad before 4 hours is over. Wished I stumble across this earlier.

  18. Ah the designs are not bad! Good for our feet and also fashionable. Like the design you chose. So practical.


  19. Good shoes always look expensive to me >.< But there's a lot of benefit wearing medifeet health shoes!

  20. Medifeet is awesome, i can be free from knee pain after wearing it, can't believe a good pair of shoes make a huge difference

  21. The medical store will convey gadgets like props for individuals who have harmed their knees, or lower legs.


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