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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Heavy rain caused drain flood to road USJ

First time in our live that we experienced drain flood to the road at nearby LRT USJ, as you know the construction area with many roadside dividers. Guess what? All the divider some of it floated to the middle of the road. My dear has to slowly drive through the road because of the drain water non stop coming out of the drain. It was heavy rain in the evening around 6.30pm.

We just had our dinner from F4 restaurant in USJ. We didn't know that going through that road towards the Giant USJ, MYDIN MALL and SUMMIT USJ MALL can be so challenging. I'm glad that flood water didn't get into my dear's car or his car's engine.

My son thought he saw chili in the water, he kept saying look aunt there's chili in the water. My sister-in-law told my dear to reverse the car but we have no where to go, we are in between the high rise water. The lorry in front of us is not moving due to traffic light, so we need to wait our turn.

Check out the video 1 and video 2 of my instagram to see. My dear was worry he's going to run over any divider which will cause serious damage to the car.

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