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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Jessie Chung "There You Are" goes platinum! Gives up Offer as A-mei’s Guest Artist

speech by Princess of Rock Jessie Chung
Yesterday I wasn't not feeling well, because I know today is Princess of Rock Jessie Chung's There You Are goes Platinum. I am glad that I am feeling better today to attend and happy to share the good news with everyone that Princess of Rock Jessie Chung! Eight consecutive weeks on five music's International chart Jessie Chung's album There You Are is now certified platinum!

On Thursday afternoon, Future Entertainment & Music Group Australia held the “There You Are Platinum Award Press Conference” at SPAC in Shah Alam. Jessie Chung’s There You Are has stayed in the top ten of the international chart for eight consecutive weeks, an applaudable accomplishment. In addition, the album has been climbing at full speed up Baidu’s Music Chart, reaching the dizzy heights of 6th place as of December 30th.

There You Are has stayed in the top ten of the international chart for eight consecutive weeks. Jessie's album first debuted at number two, only two points behind chart leader Lady Gaga; in the second and third week, There You Are remained in the chart's top three. In the forth week it ranked sixth, in the fifth week it ranked eight, and in the sixth week it ranked tenth. In the seventh week, the album surged back up to eight, and stayed there in the eight month. Jessie Chung and Lady Gaga are the only female singers who have stayed in the top ten for eight consecutive months.

Upon its debut in China, "There You Are" successfully entered into Baidu's Music Chart, so far it has risen to 9th place.
A thousand fans had attended Jessie's launching show in Dongguan, Gunagzhou, China, Future Entertainment & Music Group Australia brought in the electrifying news: There You Are is now certified platinum!

Future Entertainment & Music Group Australia organized the "There You Are Platinum Award Press Conference" on last Thursday at SPAC Shah Alam to celebrate Princess of Rock Jessie Chung's eight consecutive week in the top ten of Taiwan's Five Music's International Chart and her first platinum certification.

speech by Chairman of the Recording Industry Association of Malaysia (RIM) and Managing Director of Warner Music Malaysia & Singapore Darren Choy

Chairman of the Recording Industry Association of Malaysia (RIM) and Managing Director of Warner Music Malaysia & Singapore Darren Choy praised, “Jessie’s previous album There You Are was really well-received and popular. This fact can be further established by the music videos in it, which has each garnered more than one million views on YouTube, this is an achievement that you rarely see. Moreover, her new album Be Strong has been going from strength to strength, so far its total views on YouTube has already surpassed one million in a short period, congratulations.”

speech by General Manager of Malaysia's physical record distributor PMP Entertainment, Mr. Wong
General Manager of Malaysia's physical record distributor PMP Entertainment, Mr. Wong expressed that Jessie Chung's certified platinum record is a rarity, a scarcely seen feat in this age where physical record sales are unpopular among the masses. In three months, There You Are's total sales exceeded more than 15,000 copies, this is something local artists of today have trouble achieving. Besides, the new album Be Strong, which has recently gone gold in Malaysia, has sold over 5,000 copies in a week; we are able thrilled by its results.

More photos of can be see at album of my Facebook page. Don't forget to follow Princess of Rock Jessie Chung's on instagram @jessiechung.official
Above video is the cake cutting ceremony on Princess of Rock Jessie Chung "There You Are" goes Platinum!

Jessie Lays Bare Her Reason for Singing

Upon receiving her first platinum certified album, Jessie Chung couldn’t help but express her joy and bare her soul to the conference attendees. Although successful in her business, she chose to carry on her music career to send positive messages to and help the emotionally wounded. While discussing about the victims who committed suicide due to cyber bullying, Jessie began to sob and divulged that she has always been despised by many due to her special identity. While in Canada, her insecurities even pushed her to a point where she almost committed suicide. Thankfully, on the day she decided to end her life, God saved her and gave her a chance to comprehend the meaning of her life, which is strengthening the weak so they can survive in a world of hate.

“I accepted this calling. I told God ‘Here I am’, which is why my album ‘There You Are’ came into existence.” As she finished her speech, Jessie Chung took a deep bow towards the crowd and expressed her gratitude to all the supporting media and fans as she shed more tears.

Gives up Guest Artist Slot at A-mei’s Concert

Since the announcement that Jessie will be the opening guest artist for the A-mei Utopia World Tour 2.0 (Utopia Carnival) in Genting Highlands in February 17th and 18th next year, Facebook became a heated battlefield between Jessie’s fans and haters who have nothing better to do. CEO of Jessie Chung’s record label Future Entertainment & Music Group Australia Gary Scallan, incensed about Jessie getting cyber bullied with personal attacks and slanderous comments, insisted to pull her out of the concert.

During the press conference, Gary Scallan sent a video to officially announce that Jessie Chung will no longer be A-mei’s opening guest artist. The reason is to protect Jessie from receiving more wounds from cyberbullies. Director of Symphony Musical House Brian Choot then added that the company has invested a large amount of effort and capital to reinvent Jessie Chung, and her accomplishments so far are looking quite good, she has garnered many fans around the world. What’s incomprehensible is that a small group of senseless trolls with no good intentions are still inciting trouble online.

Jessie Chung’s promotional agenda in Bangkok, Thailand was supposed to last for ten days, but because of A-mei’s concert, she shortened her stay to five days so she could return to Malaysia before the 17th; since she no longer has to open for A-mei, Jessie Chung will continue her promotional activities in Thailand.

CEO Wages War Against Cyberbullying

In his speech, Brian Choot said, “In reality, since Jessie Chung’s change in identity, she has endured a plethora of hurtful comments throughout the last ten years or so. We had always chose to remain silent, to ignore, to let those offenders slide, but the comments this time are smearing our artist’s reputation, so we’ve chosen to rise up from silence, we’ve decided to speak up.” He stated that Gary Scallan was infuriated when he was notified about the slanderous comments, and has announced a cease and desist order against them. Ignorant commenters have one week to delete all defamatory comments or risk facing legal charges from the company.

Brian Choot also took the opportunity to refute the accusations from many internet users that Jessie Chung had paid money to become A-mei’s opening guest artist. “For every performance, Jessie receives a paycheck of five to six figures, and last year she has opened a huge solo concert and many concerts and stage plays. Why does she need to pay her way to become a guest artist?” He also exhorts the online users who are spreading lies and accusing Jessie Chung of hiring netizens to defend her to be more fair and honorable.

In response to the accusations brought on by many internet trolls that Jessie has hired internet users to fend them off and counterattack, the fans present at the conference all stated that they defended Jessie on their own will without receiving a single penny. Brian Choot expressed that anyone who knows Jessie Chung will understand that the reason why she is promoting her album across the globe is to help others and call together a group of caring individuals who are concerned about others, because her lone strength is still limited.

I am having not one album but two albums in my car, 1st There You Are, 2nd Be Strong.
Many people had given up their life due to cyber bullying or depression. If someone is strong enough to bring you down, show them you are strong enough to get up. Let's not give up hope in life and listen to Jessie Chung's new album Be Strong
"You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it." - Princess of Rock Jessie Chung
L-R: General Manager of Malaysia's physical record distributor PMP Entertainment, Mr. Wong, Princess of Rock Jessie Chung, Chairman of the Recording Industry Association of Malaysia (RIM) and Managing Director of Warner Music Malaysia & Singapore Darren Choy.
Princess of Rock Jessie Chung the only Malaysian to hit two Top 2 Taiwan International charts in Five Music & i Radio. Jessie Chung's Best-selling album, There You Are.
interview session with Jessie Chung

Jessie Disappointed by Missed Opportunity

When asked about her feelings in an interview afterwards, Jessie said with a bit of regret, “I’ve always been a fan of A-mei, and when I heard that I was invited to be her guest artist I jumped with joy, but afterwards when my Australian company heard that I was only opening for her, instead of being her guest artist, they had a lot to say about it.” To make things worse, the internet soon erupted with a heap of baseless comments. To take care of and protect their artist, the company decided to withdraw her out of this particular performance.

In regard to the malicious comments online, Jessie Chung, who is optimistic by disposition, has seen through it all already. “The comments are of little importance to me, many of A-mei’s fans actually told me that they were excited about me opening for their star. The trolls who made a commotion were only a small portion, so I wouldn’t pay too much attention to them.”

Future Entertainment has made plans for Jessie to release and promote her album in Thailand, Taiwan, Hangzhou, Beijing, Guangzhou, Australia, Canada, and South Africa. After her world tour, she will return to Malaysia in December next year to perform to a crowd of five thousand people at her solo concert in Genting Highlands.

L-R:Beijing Shi Xing Wen Hua Managing Director Ong Peng Choo, Princess of Rock Jessie Chung
Jessie Chung is an International recording artiste Princess of Rock and actress from Malaysia. Next Stop in Jessie Chung's Be Strong tour will be on New Year's Eve at 8pm at Paradigm Mall in Kelana Jaya where she will be meeting her fans. Next day at 3pm, Jessie will celebrate the arrival of 2017 at Aeon Bukit Tinggi with her fans!

Here's a list down where you can meet Jessie Chung on her launching shows:
8 Jan 2017 3pm Sunway Putra Mall
13 Jan 2017 8pm Kluang Mall
14 Jan 2017 8pm Aeon Bukit Indah, JB
5 Feb 2017 3pm Boulevard, Kuching

wefie with lovely Princess of Rock Jessie Chung
Once again congratulations to Princess of Rock Jessie Chung's on "There You Are" goes Platinum!

 Do take note that there will be seven days notice given to the netizen who spread or commented lies or defamation on Jessie Chung, Future Entertainment & Music Group Australia had given local authority in Malaysia to make the report to Police if the comments are not being removed.

Le Pont Boulangeri Seri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

Congratulations to Le Pont Boulangeri opening it's second outlet at Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur on 10 December 2016. If you have followed my social media on Facebook, Instagram, Fan Page, and Twitter you'll know about it earlier. I was busy and now have the time to blog about this. Don't worry if you if cannot find the place because I used waze to reach there. I then parking at the private parking area to pay RM3 because there was no parking available on the day. I rounded the area couple of times, then only decided to go for the private parking to park the car.
 On the opening day, there was special offer to the guest, RM1 for each bread/pastry limited 5 bread/pastry for each person.
 Beautiful staircase you can see in the outlet, nice decorations on the day.
happy time hangout with bloggers
 The day we get to see coffee hand brew demonstration and also how dragon breath is make. My son and me also tried it and we like it. We can have dragon breath while eat strawberry ice cream.

 Hand Brew demo and then two bloggers were invited to try it on their own, they are not alone as being guide on how to hand brew.
creating the dragon breath strawberry ice cream
 The molecular gastronomy showcase, by the head of pastry: CHef de Pastisserie Soong Chee Hee.
 It was a fun day to see the guests to enjoy themselves, they get hands on to decorating the ginger cookies.
You can also follow their updates on
decorating of ginger cookies.
Once again congrats to Le Pont Boulangeri Sri Petaling.

【 Old Klang Road 】
Address: Lot 6, Jalan 1/137C, Batu 5, Jalan Kelang Lama, 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Operation Hour:
Bakery Section
8am - 12am (Daily)
Cafe Section
11am - 12am (Monday - Thursday)
11am - 2am (Friday)
8am - 2am (Saturday & Public Holiday Eve)
8am - 12am (Sunday & Public Holiday)
Contact Number: +603 7783 0900

【 Sri Petaling 】
Address: No. 19, Jalan Radin Bagus 9, Bandar Baru Seri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Operation Hour:
Bakery Section
8am - 12am (Daily)
Cafe Section
11am - 12am (Monday - Thursday)
11am - 2am (Friday)
8am - 2am (Saturday & Public Holiday Eve)
8am - 12am (Sunday & Public Holiday)

Contact Number: +603 9055 3833

Saturday, December 24, 2016

New Year Countdown Party @CITTA Mall

  Merry Christmas to dear readers and visitors. Where are you going to celebrate today? Talking of Christmas they will be a countdown soon for the New Year. What is your plan for this New Year's Eve? I attended the 16 Going on 17! Media Preview Night at CITTA Mall's Upcoming New Year Countdown Party. As we all know that 2016 came and went by so swiftly that some of us are still struggling to catch our breaths. Looking for fireworks display this year? No worry as you can plan to go CITTA Mall the annual fireworks display on New Years Eve will serve a reminder that despite all the hardships we've endured and obstacles we've faced, there are beautiful moments in life worth pausing for. And there's absolutely no reason why we can't go all out with a bang as we welcome 2017 with our arms high in the air!

Awaiting you on 31 December 2016 at CITTA Mall
The media sneak preview of what's to come for this New Year Countdown Party, themed "16 Going On 17!" Media and bloggers are treated to dinner and great time to chat and opportunity to mingle with local celebrities who will be performing on New Year's Eve, such as Dina Nadzir, Shawn Lee, and the band An Honest Mistake.
food by Mr. Dakgalbi
The media sneak preview night, we get to enjoy the food by Mr. Dakgalbi, and also the light and easy fare offered by another tenant in the mall, Flikers Diners.
Dina Nadzir with the mic, sharing her thoughts for the night
Baki Zainal
Good news to party goers who plan going to CITTA Mall on the 31st December, the festivities will start at 8pm, though performances will not begin til 9pm. It is advisable to go early based on the response from previous years to avoid the large traffic and to secure a better parking sports. There will be a mini-carnival will be set-up within the mall. There will be clowns, unicyclists and magicians prowling around the mall giving delightful surprises to all shoppers. Shoppers will be able to participate in the CITTA Challenge that is available from 30 December 2016 to 1 January 2017. There will be game stations set up and participants will required to complete all the stations before they are able to spin a wheel to win great prizes, including electronic appliances from Harvey Norman.

The main show will begin at 10.00pm, and this is where the headliners will be performing all the way through til midnight. The night will end with the fireworks display lighting up in the night sky. You can find more updates on the events and activities that will take place at CITTA Mall, check out their Facebook page at

Friday, December 23, 2016

Clinelle PURESwiss HYDRAcalm: Say “No” to synthetic Hyaluronic Acid!

Good day to my reader and visitors, it is Christmas eve what's your plan? I am just sitting home and updating my blog post. Everyone having a busy lifestyle or having a holiday plan this school holidays don't forget to take care our skin. Our skin is exposed to daily environmental challenges from UV rays, air pollution, pro-long used of air-conditioned and other damages that resulted in loss of hydration and caused various skin issues such as dry skin, fine lines, dull skin and etc. Hence, as much as all of us want to complete our daily skincare regimen, nothing is more important than having a good hydration range of products that continuously cares and protects all layers of our skin.

Only NATURAL HYALURONIC ACID keeps skin hydrated up to 72 hours. 
 This Christmas, I received a gift from Clinelle. The gift consists of two bottles of Clinelle products.
Clinelle has achieved another breakthrough, introducing PURESwiss HYDRAcalm range of skincare products that could lock in moisture up to 72 hours. It is formulated with powerful 3x HydraCalm action, having a total of 6 SKUs that effectively restores skin health and penetrates deeper into the skin for longer lasting hydration.

Natural Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
Penetrates deeper into skin to replenish & lock in moisture for 72 hours.
Pure Swiss Thermal Spring Water
A hydra booster that instantly hydrates & revitalizes skin that is also maintained at a level of pH5.5 for optimum skin health.
Bio-Calm Complex
Calms, restores and strengthens skin defense system.

This unique formulation has revolutionized the skincare frontier; using only Natural Hyaluronic Acid (HA) instead. It penetrates deeper into the skin, replenishes and locks in moisture up to 72 hours while it also maintains better skin health.

What is plant based Natural Hyaluronic Acid?
Natural Hyaluronic Acid is mainly derived from a plant called Cassia Augustifolia that contains high molecular polysaccharides to attract and bind water. It is a perfect alternative to provide intense hydration to every layer of the skin. Having said that, Natural Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is botanical and therefore it is not harmful to the skin for long term use. In fact, it helps to restructure the skin barrier, forming a natural protective layer on skin to prevent moisture loss.
 Clinelle PURESwiss HYDRAcalm lotion, this is a light texture and water-like hydrating lotion. I like this bottle as you can see the tip of the bottle has the closure. It is formulated with powerful 3x HydraCalm action.
How to use?
You can pour on your palm or use cotton. Then gently pat onto skin until fully absorbed.

PureSwiss HydraCalm Lotion (For All Skin Types) Size: 150ml RCP: RM56.90
* Nourish, refine & plump up skin
* Refine the pores
* Improve the absorption of subsequent skincare products
* Lightweight, deeply refresh and smoothen your skin

PureSwiss HydraCalm Sleeping Mask (For All Skin Types) Size: 60ml RCP: RM75.90
* Provides optimum hydration & brightening effects through the night
* Leaves skin rejuvenated & refreshed the next day
* Water droplets formed on skin to provide instant hydration
* Texture is non sticky and easily absorbed by skin. *Effectively hydrate every level of skin, leaving it moisturized, smooth and radiant the next day.
How to use? Apply adequate amount onto face & neck before bed time. Leave it overnight then rinse thoroughly with water the next morning.

Ella’s favourite – Natural & long lasting hydration!
It is a big concern for Ella having dry skin as she is always busy in her acting and singing career. Besides, wearing full makeup for long hours and exposing herself to harmful UV rays make her skin even more sensitive and dehydrated. Hence, she is very particular in her skincare selection, especially products for skin hydration. Ella believes that only healthy products could maintain her healthy skin. She loves natural plant based skincare products as she trusts that natural ingredients are safe and nourishing to the skin.
Ella is confident that the new matches her skincare requirement as she has always enjoyed using the natural, pure, and safe yet effective products. The products make a great distinction with other hydration skincare in the market as it uses only natural hyaluronic acid derived from plants, added with Bio-calm Complex and Pure Swiss Thermal Spring Water. It repairs natural skin barrier, restores moisture balance and penetrates deep into every layer of skin for long lasting hydration up to 72 hours.

As the ambassador for Clinelle, Ella is proud to introduce her favourite skincare regime to all Malaysian. She takes pride in her role and she is happy to share her experience with those people that she cares .

Shima Anuar – NEW face of CLINELLE

Clinelle has also appointed Shima Anuar, a young and uprising Malaysia artiste as its new brand ambassador. Gifted with a fresh, radiant and charming look, twenty-five years old Shima will be appearing in a range of Clinelle advertising campaign.

photo credit to Facebook Clinelle

Born on 8th April 1991, Shima Anuar made her debut as an actress in 2011 in the drama Klik. She also starred in film and telefilm namely Sumpahan Kum Kum, Highland Tower and Member Superstar Balik Raya. Shima Anuar has proven herself as a distinguished and talented actress, playing diverse characters in drama and film. In 2013, she was nominated as the Top 5 Pelakon Harapan Wanita in Festival Filem Malaysia. Since then, she has continuously appeared in many film and drama including the recently very popular Astro Ria drama, Sha & Shah.

Shima Anuar is the ideal person to express Clinelle’s brand philosophy and natural beauty. Her sparkling personality, unprecedented talent and commitment to her work exemplify the
modern day women. Shima Anuar said : “Clinelle cares for my skin throughout my busy schedule. The latest Clinelle range is by far my favorite products as they keep my skin hydrated longer, looking soft and supple all the time.”

Together with her natural beauty, Shima can’t wait to connect with consumers and sharing her personal experience using Clinelle products. Clinelle is absolutely proud to work with a dedicated young woman who continuously strives to find the highest performance level she can, overcoming new challenges and discovering new ways to innovate in her field.

In keeping with all Clinelle Skincare products commitment, the Clinelle has been dermatologically tested for its tolerance. The efficacy of the product has been proven and the product contains No Paraben and is therefore suitable for all skin types. All Clinelle products are also formulated with 6 secrets to happy skin which excludes potential harmful ingredients: No artificial colouring, No artificial fragrances, No lanolin, No mineral oil, No SD-alcohol and No comedogenic ingredients. Fundamentally, all Clinelle products work effectively through an integrated Envinix™ system to free skin from rapid environmental aggressions with RX3 Action, to Repair, Refine and Reshield skin for optimized skin health and clearly visible and long term results is formulated and manufactured in France with natural ingredients that deliver a new level of efficacy and safety.
If you have interest to shop these as gifts or for yourself, it is available at AEON Wellness / Supermarket, Caring, Guardian, Watsons & selected independent pharmacies nationwide.

Join the Facebook page or Clinelle website at, or follow them on WeChat at “ClinelleMalaysia”, to keep abreast of Clinelle’s latest news and events.

About Esthetics International Group Berhad (EIG)
Clinelle is owned and distributed by EIG Pharma Asia Sdn. Bhd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Esthetics International Group Berhad (EIG). Listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad since March 2004, EIG is one of the market leaders in the beauty and wellness industry in ASEAN, Hong Kong and Indonesia, with over 31 years of industry experience. EIG has regional offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand with the headquarters located in Selangor, Malaysia.

The Group’s strengths lie in its strong market reputation, wide range of quality international products and services, excellence in education and training, its extensive distribution network distribution across ASEAN and HK, and loyal customer base.

Monday, December 19, 2016


The LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort Police costume character joining the kids in the ward in a sing and dance activity.
 LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort and LEGO® Malaysia teamed up to bring its awesome brand of fun and play to children in the pediatric ward in Hospital Sultan Ismail, Johor. The kids of the palliative care unit at the pediatric ward – a special unit for kids suffering from serious illnesses – were treated to awesome, fun-filled LEGO® activities that were meant to stimulate their imaginations through play. These kids, who are not allowed to go home during the holiday seasons, received the ultimate holiday treat, as they were treated to building and colouring activities, singing and dancing performances and a special appearance by LEGO® Police costume character. 

Starting the visit with the LEGO® building activity, the children were challenged to a speed building activity where they were all given a LEGO® Christmas Set. The first five kids whom completed the activity won LEGO® sets and LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort merchandise. Following the building activity, the children got to express their imagination through the colouring activity. Aside from the building and colouring activities, the children had fun decorating their very own jelly based on their creativity using healthy fruits. Both LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort and LEGO® Malaysia worked hand-in-hand to sponsor various LEGO® sets and LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort merchandise for the kids’ play area for them to continue building their imagination. The day was ended with various goodies, sponsored by LEGO® Malaysia and LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort, were handed to all the children to enjoy.

Casper Bonavent, Director of Operations, LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort (left) sharing a light moment with a young boy in the ward while gifting him a LEGO® gift set.
  “At LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort, we believe deeply that every kid deserves the right to play, and grow through play. This holiday season we wanted the children to have a great time and fully explore their imaginations through play even though they are unable to spend the holidays at home. We wanted them to forget their illness and just be kids once again, with no worries about treatment and pain. We felt compelled to bring the fun to them,” said Young Pil-Kim, General Manager (Interim) at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort.

“We’re proud to have done this with like-minded partners in LEGO® Malaysia. Some say there is kind of a healing quality in laughter. Beyond the smiles and laughter that the kids experienced here today, it is our sincere hope that the awesome fun and games today brings them closer to their family and their imaginations. They could not visit us in LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort so we brought LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort to them. It is after all the Merlin Magic Wand’s spirit,” Young concluded.

 More photos can be seen at my Facebook Fan page album, click on the link to view.
Dr. Mahendra Raj, Director of Health and Safety, LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort (4th from right) and Casper Bonavent, Director of Operations, LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort (5th from right) capturing a moment with the Model Citizens and 30 kids from the pediatric ward of Hospital Sultan Ismail.

Vinda Deluxe ‘Stay Strong Malaysia' Campaign

Good day to all my readers and visitors. Today is the first day of UPSR exam, all the best to boys and gals who are having the examinati...