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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


 Being a mommy of two boys, they are 5 years old and 10 years old. I know the important of taking care of my kids and also need to take care of myself too. I seldom go to beauty center, therefore I know the important to take care of my skin. 

 Datuk Aznil Nawawi a better known as Aznil Nawawi, he is a TV host and a local Celebrity in Malaysia. I saw him on TV show when I was young. Datuk Aznil Nawawi is 54 years old and I am sure you like to know what's his secret of having the youthful looking skin. I am happy to find out that he has got this skin care range of ANELL BY AZNIL NAWAWI. With these products I can experience the skincare experienced of Celebrity Datuk Aznil Nawawi.

 We now know his secret of using the products, the range of ANELL BY AZNIL NAWAWI. This range of skin care product is suitable for those who seek to renew and balance the skin. Being a busy stay at home mom, with busy tasks and in and out of the house to fetch my sons also to tuition center. I know it's important to care for my skin before its too late. It's best time to start this now, for better looking skin.
 There are four products of ANELL BY AZNIL NAWAWI.
- Deep Cleaner 
-Balancing Toner
- Age Defying day cream
- Intense Repair night cream

 Here is step by step on how to use the ANELL BY AZNIL NAWAWI skincare 
Step 1 : ANELL BY AZNIL NAWAWI Deep Cleanser
 Just two pump is I need for usage of this product. On the other hand is wet and lather it you will find there is foam. Apply on face and neck, avoid sensitive area like lips and eyes.
  Do circular/massaga movement around the face and neck area with both hands then wash it off with water. The deep cleansing product after use my skin feel clean.

 Step 2 using the ANELL BY AZNIL NAWAWI Balancing Toner, which use to balance and tone.
 Just two to three pumps on the facial cotton, then spread it over the face and neck. Avoid using this product on the eyes and lips area and sensitive area. After use, I saw there is stained on the facial cotton. I am loving this bottle because I can see the effectiveness right away. Everyday we are out in the sun and daily chores, who knows how much dirt and pollution our skin has in contact with.
Step 3 Age Defying day cream
 Step 3 using the AGE DEFYING day cream

I applied this by dotting four dots on my face, you didn't see one dot on my face. Then spread over the face and neck with fingers. Use this everyday for day time to protect my skin from UV ray.

 This is the 4th step of skin care steps, we don't want to forget to take care of our skin in the night. Repeat 1st and 2nd step the do the 4th step by applying the Intense Repair cream.

Step 4 is using the ANELL BY AZNIL NAWAWI Intense Repair night cream. 
Step 4 Intense Repair night cream

 This small bottle can renew and balance the skin tone. Above photo is show you the texture of the cream. 

 I applied four dots on my face and a dot on my neck. Then spread it with my fingers around my face and neck. This helps the cream to absorb into skin epidermis. Suitable to wear in the night before bed time. It helps to treat skin and encourage the skin cells to renew over the night.

The product is suitable for me, everyone has got different skincare, you can check with them if it's suitable for your skin type or not. 

 The ANELL BY AZNIL NAWAWI has the approved by KKM, proudly made in Malaysia and is suitable for man and woman. Thinking of gift for loved ones, why not give them a product that they can feel the personal celebrity experience.

We could now achieve the youthful looking skin by following the easy 4 steps consistently. 

For more details of the products you can follow the updates, and purchase online at
Facebook: Anell Official
Instagram: anell_official 

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