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Sunday, January 8, 2017


A sachet of Milagro Coffee Palawati
 Wake up and smell the coffee, that's what every coffee lovers likes. How about you? I am always easy feeling tired and glad to share with you the goodness of this coffee. After taking this coffee, I didn't feel so tired easily, my hand and legs didn't feel any numbness.
It's Friday and what's your plan for this weekend? It has been a busy for me as my kids started back to school. Today I am going to share with you about this Milagro Coffee Palawati- 7 in 1 premixed coffee which is made of finest premixed Arabica coffee bean with delicate flavor and aromatic sensation blended with strong-bitter flavor of Robusta coffee.

 Main ingredient of Milagro Coffee has the Patawali extract. The saintific name is Tinospora Crispa. Patawali is a plant, it is famous in traditional uses for high blood pressure, diabetes, to treat cholera, hypertension, stem for treatment of fever, jaundice, wounds, intestinal worms and skin infections. The Patawali also help treats toothache and stomachache, cough, asthma and pleurisy. Patawali can be found at South East Asia - China, India, Indonesia, Filippine and Malaysia.

 Milagro Coffee Patawali helps to treat and control the diabetes, high blood pressure, joint paints, anti-oxidant, asthma and malaria fever. Just see below for the testimonials.

Above is photo of a diabetes patient, the before and after of the wound healing.

 After taking this drink I feel energetic all day long and most important it gives positive effect to my body.
It's not just coffee it's coffee that comes with nutritious and also high quality.
 A research has been conducted and treated the diabetes patients using the in the Milagro Coffee Patawali by the researcher from UiTM (Universiti Teknologi Mara) Puncak Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. They find it helpful and the reading on diabetes in blood has lowered after taking drinking the Milagro Coffee for a month.The Milagro Coffee contains of natural insulin.The scientific name of Patawali is Tinospora Crispa.

Anyone having numb feeling on hands or legs, can try this Milagro Coffee Palawati. Sometimes I have numb feeling on my hands. This coffee not just nutritious but also helps in high anti-oxidant, strengthen nerves and immune system of body, gives back the body energy right away. Because I love to drink coffee, I limit myself to drink just two glasses of coffee a day.

I like this drink as it is not too sweet or very bitter. There's strong bitterness and smooth creamer with bit sweetness just the way I like. My mom has diabetes, she also like to drink Milagro Coffee. My mom likes to drink coffee and we know that diabetes cannot drink just any coffee. I am glad that this coffee, she likes it and taste is just nice for her and she love the aroma of the coffee too.

Nutritional information: 
Serving Size: 21.0 g
Energy: 147.63cal
Protein: 0.57g
Carbohydrate: 19.32g
Fat: 0.21 g
Net Weight: 20x 21g.
Patawali Extract Premix Coffee
 A box of Milagro Coffee Patawali contains of 20 sachets selling at RM55 a box. 

By the way there's a contest going on that you can take part:
1. All you need to do is purchase a box of Milagro Coffee Patawali. 
2. Make an entry of a blog post must have the words "Milagro Coffee"
3. Make a video of you having the Milagro Coffee minute a minute, not more than three minutes. Then upload to Facebook. 
4. Participants with most like and share will be the chosen as the winners of the contest. 

1st Prize: Cash RM1500 + a box of Milagro Coffee +  Mug

2nd Prize: Cash RM1000 + a box of Milagro Coffee +  Mug
3rd Prize: Cash RM500 + a box Milagro Coffee +  Mug
Consolation Prize: 
RM250 + a box of Milagro Coffee
Ingredients of the Milagro Coffee Patawali has Arabica and Robusta Instant Coffee, Patawali Herbs, Rock Salt, Maltodexterine, Ginger, Black Pepper, Sugar and Non Dairy Creamer. The product is made in Malaysia. On side of the box has the stamped on manufactured and expiry date of the product.

Don't just read here, if you have interest to purchase a box for yourself or loved ones you can email to or or Twitter @milagro_coffee
instagram milagro_coffee


  1. I am not a coffee lover but I am still impressed with this 7-in-1 coffee. Will read more about it and maybe get it for my mom.

  2. Hi Em, my mom too coffee lover and she likes this coffee.

  3. looks so goodddd with so much benefits. not a fan of coffee, but i'll let my friends who does love coffee :D

  4. hi Aliza, that's great that you can share this info with friends that loves coffee with its benefits :D

  5. I'm obviously not a coffee nor tea fan but im pretty sure the information you've shared will benefit someone. Stay spreading the good word out there..

  6. Wow I've never heard of this coffee but those medicinal effects are compelling! Thanks so much for sharing.


  7. wow... this coffee look like something I need.. already getting kebas kebas in my hand and leg sometimes

  8. Waaa too bad I stop coffee intake already! But this looks like a really good brand coffee and healthy too =D

  9. Seems like a "Miracle" coffee! This is awesome and I would love to try :)

  10. i think this is the first time im hearing off coffee that has healing abilities....

  11. Coffee with medical benefits sounds brilliant. Can get caffeine kick and also be healthier. Bravo!

  12. Since I don't drink coffee, I can't try this but will recommend to friends.

  13. Didn't know about this coffee until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  14. Wah the prizes are so lucrative, all the best to the contestants.

  15. Wow! I like coffee! Will try this! ;) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  16. I'm tea person, but when reading this blog post, will try this soon due to it's good for the health!


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