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Sunday, January 15, 2017

One Be Strong Launching Show After Another Jessie Chung Expresses Love Through Talk Show

Jessie Chung at Paradigm Mall.
As a part of her Be Strong World Tour, Princess of Rock Jessie Chung performs all through the night to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. Within 19 hours, Jessie performed at three different venues, attracting more than 3,000 fans and crowding up every location. Besides performing some of her most popular songs, she also entertained the crowd by talk show.
Jessie Chung showed up in a black jacket at Paradigm Mall
 On December 31st, Jessie Chung showed up in a black jacket at Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya. After a few songs, she chose a lucky one to help her remove her jacket, which attracted screams from the other fans. Without her jacket, Jessie’s well-endowed figure could be clearly seen. On a whim, she began to talk to the crowd about love and optimism.

“When you get home, be sure to tell your husband or wife, ‘I love you’,” said Jessie Chung from her heart while performing “Love is Coming Home”. “Your home, is the warmest place on earth. Without you, however, your home would not be complete, so please let love come home.”
Jessie Chung at Bukit Tinggi
Once the Kelana Jaya show is completed, Jessie Chung rushed to SPAC in Shah Alam to perform and countdown to the New Year. This time, Jessie wore a punk-style black top on stage, while singing and dancing to the accompaniment of a live band, all the way until midnight. The next day at noon, Jessie immediately hurried to Bukit Tinggi, Klang to complete her marathon performance run.

Jessie wore a punk-style black top on stage
Jessie Chung’s security team was quite remarkable; besides being protected by her bodyguards, 7 police officers followed her whenever she went. Many fans attempted to dash forward for autographs and photos, but most of them were blocked by the officers and bodyguards. For this, the organizer have expressed their apology, and they hope that the fans can understand.

Subsequent performances in Jessie Chung’s Be Strong World Tour will be on January 6th, Friday at 8 pm at AEON Kepong Metro Prima and on January 7th, Saturday at 8:00 pm at Sunway Putra Mall in K.L.

Jessie Chung with one of her fans, her fan kissed her on cheek.

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