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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Taste Quality at Jaya Grocer’s Taste New Zealand Food Fair!

It's Wednesday and it's raining, soon I be out to wait for my son's at school. Sharing good news with you the inimitable and highly sought after Taste New Zealand Food Fair is back with quality, honest products comprising a delectable selection of new artisanal treats, guilt-free chocolates, premium New Zealand apples and kiwifruits from a clean and sustainable environment for every Malaysian home.

Organized by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), Taste New Zealand will be held at all 19 Jaya Grocer outlets nationwide from 3rd May to 21st May, promising something for everyone. Malaysians can look forward to over 150 New Zealand products at the fair, with 30 new exclusive products featured.

Additionally, Customer who spend RM50 in a single receipt at Jaya Grocer Taste New Zealand will also be able redeem an exclusive 60th Anniversary themed shopping bag and enter a lucky draw contest. The grand prize winner will win RM888 worth of New Zealand products.

“Malaysians consistently seek high quality New Zealand dairy products, from healthy and tasty milk powder and cheese to yoghurt and ice cream. This demand continues to grow as Malaysians become increasingly conscious and mindful of what they consume,” says Matt Ritchie, New Zealand Trade Commissioner to Malaysia and Brunei.

“New Zealand food and beverages are also safe and sustainably-produced. Our natural environment, climate and clean air are ideal for almost every kind of production, from horticulture to seafood and farming,” he added.

Kanthan K, Head of Merchandising Department said, “As Malaysia’s Fresh Neighbourhood Grocer, we take pride in carrying quality, premium products for every Malaysian’s daily convenience and needs. Jaya Grocer is glad to collaborate with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to feature an exciting range of both new and readily available products at the New Zealand Food Fair that are equivalently delicious, nutritious and meeting health requirements.”

 Some of the items that consumers can look forward to purchasing at the fair:  
‘Grow Young Together’ with Anlene
Renowned for producing some of the best tasting dairy the world has to offer, consumers can look forward to delicious products from New Zealand's leading dairy brands, Fonterra, with Anlene Heart-PlusTM. Launched March 2017, Anlene Heart-PlusTM is the only high calcium milk in Malaysia with the dual action formula that supports greater mobility (MoveMaxTM) and heart health (HeartMaxTM).

The MoveMaxTM formulation contains important nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, and Vitamins B, C, D & E to help care for bones, joints and muscles, while the HeartMaxTM formulation contains Omega 3 (DHA + EPA), plant sterol, potassium, Vitamin B12 and folic acid that enables optimal cholesterol levels, blood pressures and blood sugar levels.
Anlene seeks to trigger conversations about ageing, debunking the myth that it should restrict mobility and lifestyle choices. With the right nutrition, people can continue to live as young as they feel inside.

All Natural New Zealand Ice-cream & Yoghurt
The Collective Dairy
Founded by two chefs with entrepreneurial minds, Angus Allan and Ofer Shenhav, The Collective is New Zealand’s leading gourmet yogurt brand, thriving on creating an extraordinary yoghurt with an unbeatable taste. The Collective takes pride in its all-natural, vegetarian, gluten-free goodness which guarantees no added nasties. With catchy names like Pink Lemonade, Sassy Strawberry & Fig n’ Ginger, the probiotic yoghurt brand steers away from the corporately packaged world and focuses on being fun, slightly edgy and undeniable approachable by individuals of all age ranges.

Taste quality and natural goodness with New Zealand apples
Blessed to grow in a land of pure water and fertile land, New Zealand apples are renowned for their unbeatable taste and will do more than keep the doctor away.

Luv’ya Fruit grows apples in their own orchards right in the sunny, temperate region at the top of New Zealand’s South Island. Known for being mildly sweet and with a subtle pear essence, the Ambrosia apples have crisp, fine-grained flesh that remain white even when sliced. As the name ‘Ambrosia’ means “Food of the Gods’, customers will attest to it’s out-of-the-world juiciness.

Rockit™ Apple Snacks have also recently returned to popular Malaysian retailers. Rockit™ is the world’s first specially bred miniature ‘high quality’ apple, positioned as a health snack and has a delicious sweet flavour, bright red colour and a juicy, crisp crunch.

Top quality chocolates and biscuits
Founded in 1896 by James Henry Whittaker, New Zealand’s primary chocolate brand, Whittaker’s sources for top quality, hand-harvested cocoa from Ghana and

Madagascar – the two homes of the world’s finest beans. These beans are then batch roasted and made into fine grade chocolate, thus differentiating them from other competitors who often purchase cocoa liquor rather than roasting their own beans.

Dark chocolate indulgers can look forward to two of Whittaker’s’ new artisanal varieties. The Fijian Ginger and Kerikeri Mandarin is a rich 62% dark chocolate infused with mandarin from the famed citrus growers of New Zealand’s Keri keri, paired with luscious, crystalized ginger hand is cultivated in the islands of the world’s finest ginger producer, Fiji.

There will also be limited edition Sharebags – Whittaker’s Tweats comprises of 12 mini slabs of creamy milk chocolate with popping candy, specifically moulded in the shapes of some of our favourite New Zealand native creatures such as the Kiwi and Moa bird, the forest-dwelling Morepork owl, the lizard-resembling Tuatara, owl-parrot Kakapo and a Penguin! These delectable Whittaker’s mini chocolate slabs are made using 33% cocoa.

New Zealand’s No. 1 Biscuit brand has also finally set food in Malaysia. Griffin’s, New Zealand’s favourite biscuit bakers have been delighting Kiwi families for more than 150 years. They are armed with its heritage of expertly baking biscuits with top quality ingredients and utmost craft and care. Malaysians can now experience its delicious biscuits made with real New Zealand milk and milk chocolate.

With over 150 products featured at Taste New Zealand, experience and taste quality at all 19 Jaya Grocer outlets from 3rd – 21st May 2017.
Let's follow New Zealand Food on Facebook at to learn more about New Zealand food.

Happy Birthday Butterflies X Jerlynn'L

 Excited as I have registered for the Butterfly Birthday Butterflies x Jerlynn'L, I received an email from Tammy that I have been selected to attend the private party with 50 butterflies. The party is held at 3pm at Hello Deer, Damansara Uptown. This is the Butterfly Project Malaysia's 4th birthday, it's good to spend time with lovely butterflies bloggers at the event.
speech by Tammy founder of Butterfly Project Malaysia
wefie with Tammy
 Thanks to Tammy for organizing this fun birthday party and we have so much fun. I have do-it-myself some decoration on my flowery top. It's yellow theme and you can scroll to see many beautiful dresses and even a beast with yellow eyelashes.
photo credit Eros
 Jerlynn'L is inspired from a male Chidori bird, which spends a big part of its life away from the family in search of a safe place to build the family nest. The father bird would give his life to raise his family and protect them from predators. And just like the story, the Jerlynn'L was created by a fatehr to protect and provide daily care products for its precious children. The products are safe for children and adults to use, it's Paraben free.
photo credit Eros, everyone paying attention to emcee  and Jerlynn's founder Chin Yee.
Exciting as everyone waited the moment where we can share our unboxing live to Facebook.
What's in the Jerlynn'L box that we have are as following: 
  1. Signature Body Wash 500ml x 1
  2. Signature Hair Wash 500ml x 1
  3. Daily Moisture Lotion 100ml x 1
  4. Hair Conditioner & Detangles 100ml x 1
  5. Aroma Stone Sachet x 1
  6. Bug No More x 1  
  7. Face Moisture x 1
Bug No More is in Red color, that's nice repellent I used to chase bug away! The bottle packaging is easy travel size, one of the top selling product of Jerlynn'L, it contains natural extract from Citronella, Spearmint, Basil, Lavender and Rosemary to help preventing bug or insect bites. Unlike other mosquito repellent with strong smell and thick texture, some people didn't like the smell of that. Bug No More comes with natural lemongrass fragrance and non-sticky to skin with effect lasts for 3 hours. It also contains Allantoin which acts as anti-irritant agents, at the same time smoothen the skin and promote would healing. However it's not suitable to spray on open wound!

wefie with Kathy and Choy Peng
The products are user friendly and it has three colors, Blue, Green and Red. Do scroll down to read more. I love the smell of the products!
Happy birthday to Butterfly Project Malaysia X Jerlynn'L
Such a wonderful event that bring 50 butterflies together.
Thanks Eros for these wonderful photos - wefie with Jane and Kathy

My children have tried the products of Jerlynn'L and they loved it, you can click on the link to visit. It was last year that we have tried the products and happy to repurchase after using because the products are suitable for them and didn't irritate their skin.
Thanks to Betty for the wefie photo together with butterflies

photo credit to Eros

Say no more so much to see and so much to do there, that we can't have enough of it. Yummy food and desserts corner that you wanna have more!
photo credit to Eros
Yummy corner of desserts that everyone would like to take bite. I like the yummy chocolate cake and cute cookie.
Among the best dress are Rawlin as Beast, and Beauty is Grace.
 Lots of beautiful photo taken by Eros Si from, do visit his blog when you have the time. If you like to see more photos taken by Eros, do visit the album page of The Butterfly Project Malaysia.

10 winners of best dress #jerlynnlmy #butterflymsia photo credit to Eros
I would like to thank Tammy of Butterfly Project Malaysia for inviting me to the event of 4th Butterfly Birthday Party X Jerlynn'L.

Jerlynn's is suitable for all age group, it is a product for a complete family, soft enough for the babies and rich enough for the adults.They have got Signature Collection which protects you and your family from head to toe. The Signature Collection is one of a kind as it contains 4x more Ceramide III than any other products in the market. Ceramide III helps to attract and retain moisture in the skin and improve skin elasticity. Nevertheless, the Signature Collection comprises of 2 body wash, 2 hair wash, 1 body lotion, 1 hair conditioner and 1 special care product. There are 3 clear colors to guide children on the usage: Blue for body use; Green for hair use, and Red for red alert, which need adult's supervision when using.

Just to share info with you as soon to be Mother's Day, I am sure you be looking for gift ideas on what to present mommy. Why not check out their Mother's Day Limited Edition Gift Set and get Free membership and personalized photo album! You can make this Mother's Day special for your mom. The Mother's Day Limited Edition Gift Set includes:
  1. Signature Body Wash 500ml x 1
  2. Signature Hair Wash 500ml x 1
  3. Daily Moisture Lotion 100ml x 1
  4. Hair Conditioner & Detangles 100ml x 1
  5. Aroma Stone Sachet x 1
  6. Sugar Can x 1
  7. Bread case x 1
  8. Scraf x 1
I am sure everyone would like to shop within their budget. How about budget below RM300?
Now at RM228 instead of RM715, available from 25th April to 14 May 2016 at
Jerlynn'L Mid Valley Megamall and Jerlynn'L SkyAvenue Mall, Genting.
Special to my readers, use this unique code - JerlynnL17 
Using this code you can enjoy 20% off with purchase of any normal price items and experience Hand Paraffin Treatment (worth RM107) by showing unique code (JerlynnL17) to the personal care consultant at Jerlynn'L outlet.
You can also visit Jerlynn'L website/Facebook for updates:

CRUNCH SushiVid Influencer Workshop

It was last Saturday that I took time to attend the CRUNCH SushiVid Influencer Workshop, thanks to my dear for able to fetch son from tuition. The workshop was held at The Bee, Publika.

CRUNCH SushiVid Influencer Workshop is a gathering of social media content creators of all sizes with the mission to share how to create quality content and grow their channel through sponsorships. The workshop full of sponsorship opportunities with brands such as Hermo, b.liv, Havaianas, Lazada, MILO NUTRIP UP, BLU, JBL, and ZICO Coconut Water, Monster Energy, and Tag Booth.

SushiVid is an influencer marketplace that connects brands to social media influencers. With over 500 content creators, SushiVid helps brands scale and simplify the process of launching and managing an influencer campaign.

I like the Crunch workshop as this is where gathering of social media content creators of all sizes in helping young content creators create more quality content and grow their channel through sponsorships. I also learn on how to create content and find suitable brands.

Present at the workshop, MDEC's VP of Creative Content and Technologies Hasnul Hadi Samsudin said that its focus has always been about growing Malaysia's digital economy and the new media space. "We would like to support and create a complete New Media community that will learn and leverage on each other, and hope they utilise platforms like SushiVid to fuel their growth together, "said Hasnul.
Mr. Roberto Mata, Head of Online Marketing, Lazada, and Foong Yuh Wen SushiV chief executive officer
SushiVid chief executive office Foong Yuh Wen said SushiVid's vision is to enable to those who want to become a content creator, become a successful one. Foong said SushiVid successfully paid out RM293,000 to long-tail influencers in the span of 10 months. She's also announced SushiVid's future plans that includes new blogger integration and the introduction of a monthly pricing plan for brands wanting to engage in influencer marketing.
Hasnul Hadi Samsudin and IdeaRiverRun Sdn Bhd.

 At the workshop, seasoned content creators including comedian YouTubers Vikneswaran Veerasundar (Vikarworld), Adam Shamil, and Taneshh shared on their experience working with brands, and creative process in creating fun and interesting content while maintaining authenticity.
YouTubers Joelle Chong, Vikneswaran Veerasundar (Vikarworld), Adam Shamil, and Taneshh

Tan Sri Vincent Lee - Prominant figure in the advertisement and media industry, he is also Group Executive Chairman of Foetus International Sdn Bhd and IdeaRiverRun Sdn Bhd which houses several creative, and advertising agencies and digital media companies. He is also the Honorary Life President of 4As Malaysia.

Roberto Mata - Mata is the Head of Marketing of Lazada since 2015 and has been leading Lazada's effective online marketing efforts in making sure they remain the #1 E-commerce in Malaysia.

Vikneswaran Veerasundar (Vikarworld) - Comedian YouTuber who has done many contents that went viral. One of his sponsored content for MYCYBERSALE2016 went viral and gained five times the average views. He won the Best MYCYBERSALE YouTube video award.

Adam Shamil - 22 year old Comedian YouTuber from Sabah who started his YouTube channel back in March 2016. His YouTube channel is growing at an exponential rate. He now has over 23,000 subscribers as is one of the fastest growing YouTuber in Malaysia. 

Taneshh - Local comedic YouTuber who is a part of a popular online series, Meeting with Machas. Although he has the least amount of subscribers in the bunch. Taneshh is the best representative of all young and hungry content creators who are doing what they love for people who love their videos. Numbers don't matter but we believe Taneshh is one to look out for the near future.

BLU smartphones
Such a fun workshop that I gets to hands on the BLU smartphones and the JBL products. Good to see everyone is enjoying themselves at the workshop. We make new friends and get to meet with influencers and bloggers that long time no see.

Cool JBL headphone and BLU smartphones
Thanks SushiVid for having me at the event, I have fabulous fun day and learning and gained more knowledge on how to find suitable brands and create content for my blogs.There's lucky draw at the workshop and six lucky winners walk away with BLU DIAMOND M Smartphone. I am also one of the lucky draw winners of b.liv, watched the video to find out what I have won.
Lucky winner of b.liv skincare products, watch youtube to see what I have won.
Mr Roberto Mata and me
ABOUT Sponsors

Tagbooth is a boutique photo booth provider based out of USJ with multiple different attractive packages to choose from.
The type of booth provided at CRUNCH by SushiVid are known as PhotoBox. You can also print instagram photos on the spot.
Find out more at:

For this event, SushiVid worked with Havaianas to give to our influencers discount vouchers for a pair of Havaianas, keychains, 10 pairs of havaianas flip flops and floats to be won.
You can purchase Havaianas at the One Thread store Telawi Bangsar, Pavilion KL, and KLCC

BLU -  DIAMOND M Mobile phone
The DIAMOND M combines the use of special metallic paint along with electrolyzed technology to achieve a high end looking smartphone.
DIAMOND M based on the MediaTek 6580 platform that offers 1.3GHz Quad Core processing speed and 512MB of RAM.
The DIAMOND M utilizes state of the art technology with its high resolution display which showcases its 5” visual clarity
For more information you can go to

JBL Grip 100

Twistlock™ Patented Design - Ergonomically designed ear tips comfortably twist and lock into your ear creating a fit that has been tested and proven by action sport athletes to never fall out.

Sweatproof and designed with strain reliefs and durable materials, JBL Grip is an earphone that holds up in the action sport lifestyle.
JBL Grip ear tips are made with Flexsoft™, an ultra soft material that will never hurt even during long sessions.

Turnin’ Beauty in a Click
Hermo is Malaysia’s leading beauty online beauty retailer since 2012. Thousands of people around Malaysia use Hermo to discover beauty products at great prices, trying out the most trendy ways to be gorgeous, and to share their beauty tips in the journey.
Hermo partners with the brand owners and distributors to carry out brand flagship store in Hermo. By providing 100% original assurance,

healthy poress, healthy skin
b.liv is the leading brand in pores management solution. Originated from a cosmeceutical (cosmetics + pharmaceuticals) brand, b.liv products are formulated in line with salon-based solutions. b.liv is the only skin care brand in the over-the-counter market to have undergone trials and testing in more than 200 professional skin care centers prior to placement in the retails market.

Enriched with high calcium and source of protein, it brings out the great MILO® taste loved by Malaysians.
Best consumed chilled where you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. Grab a bottle today!
MILO® NUTRI UP™ is now available at your nearest petrol marts and convenience stores such as Petronas.

ZICO® Coconut Water
ZICO® is pure, Premium Coconut Water™ hand harvested from coconuts in Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. With a balanced blend of electrolytes from Mother Nature, including potassium, ZICO Premium Coconut water is a refreshing way to stay hydrated and treat your body well.
You keep bragging about potassium. What’s so great about potassium? So many things! It’s an electrolyte (one of five that naturally occur in coconut water, including magnesium, sodium, calcium, and phosphorus) that helps promote hydration and is needed for muscle contraction and function. One bottle of ZICO contains as much potassium as a banana.

Monster Energy
Monster Energy is an energy drink distributed by Coca-Cola Malaysia.  The regular flavor comes in a black can with a green, torn M shaped logo. The company is also known for
supporting many extreme sports events such as UFC, BMX, Motocross, Speedway, skateboarding and snowboarding, as well as eSports.

with mom bloggers, Shermyn, Jane, and Kathy

ABOUT SushiVid
SushiVid is an influencer marketplace that connects brands to social media influencers. With over 500 content creators, SushiVid helps brands scale and simplify the process of launching and managing an influencer campaign by providing YouTube analytics to gauge the effectiveness of a campaign
The platform also provides social media content creators with a platform where they can easily find suitable brands that they would like to create content.
SushiVid has created over 100 campaigns in one year and has collaborated with brands such as Digi, Lazada, Shopee, 11Street, Bonia, Lelong, Watsons, TP-LINK, Panasonic, DBS Bank, Uniqlo, Hermo, b.liv, Havaianas, Shopback, Propsocial, and much more.
SushiVid is also a graduate of the MaGIC Accelerator programme and DBS Hotspot Pre-Accelerator in Singapore in 2016 and also the Official Initiative Partner for MDEC’s #MYCYBERSALE 2016. SushiVid is also a recipient of the Cradle Grant CIP500.
SushiVid past Campaigns:

Let's find out more about the SushiVid, can also visit their Facebook, click the link to find out. #SushiVidCRUNCH


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