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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Vinda Deluxe ‘Stay Strong Malaysia' Campaign

Good day to all my readers and visitors. Today is the first day of UPSR exam, all the best to boys and gals who are having the examination. Also good luck to my son who is having his first Chinese papers exam. Speaking of exam, I also give my son Vinda Deluxe tissue to bring to school. It's daily basis that he needs to bring tissues to school as he can use for after meal use and other convenience.

Sharing is caring, Vinda Deluxe continues to celebrate strength in various forms with the unveiling of “Stay Strong, Malaysia: Bersama Kita Bersihkan Tanahair Kita” campaign, held in conjunction with Malaysia Day at Sunway Pyramid from 14-17 September. Working with Malaysian cartoonist Zunar, the event spotlights a first-of-its-kind largest comic artwork drawn on Vinda Deluxe tissues, reflecting the rise of a ‘new’ Malaysia and Malaysians’ strong passion for a bright future. This innovative use of tissue highlights the Extra Strong feature of Vinda Deluxe tissues. 

“Vinda Deluxe is synonymous with strength, and this latest effort underscores our ongoing promise to Stay Strong For You through every situation and circumstance. In the past we celebrated strength in relationships with Malaysia’s first tissue wedding gown, created exclusively for a real-life couple’s special day. Today, in solidarity with all Malaysians, we are excited to bring strength to life in another form, through the “Stay Strong, Malaysia: Bersama Kita Bersihkan Tanahair Kita” campaign. Zunar’s creation demonstrates the strength of Vinda Deluxe tissues while calling for Malaysians to stand firm in their dream of making a positive change. His unique perspective to the campaign also reflects our brand promise, that Vinda Deluxe will Stay Strong for You, just as Malaysians stay strong for one another,” said Evelyn Chan, Marketing Director, Vinda Group Southeast Asia.

A cartoonist who has been drawing editorial cartoons for over 20 years and known among many as an advocate for truth and transparency in the country, Zunar’s original creation is hand-drawn on Vinda Deluxe tissues measuring 16 feet by eight feet, making it the nation’s largest comic art on tissue.

“Malaysia is going through an unprecedented chapter in our nation’s history; we stood strong and played our part, but what comes next? We have achieved a ‘new’ Malaysia but it’s now time for Malaysians to look deep inside and think about what else needs to be done. My artwork reflects the urgent need for us to tackle the root of our problems, cutting them off if necessary, so that we can grow new shoots that are strong and positive. I hope this campaign serves as an inspiration for all Malaysians to uproot all our bad habits so we can remain strong and united, and create a country that is cleaner and better for all,” said Zunar.

Speaking on his experience drawing on Vinda Deluxe tissues, Zunar said, “I was truly surprised that a tissue could be this strong, but Vinda Deluxe certainly lives up to its promise. Together, we have played a small part in celebrating Malaysia’s strength and resilience, and it’s a privilege to work with a like-minded partner like Vinda Deluxe. This is my first major piece of work for public exhibition since the dawn of our new Malaysia and it’s a great way to celebrate Malaysia Day!”

The Vinda Deluxe “Stay Strong, Malaysia: Bersama Kita Bersihkan Tanahair Kita” event, only at Sunway Pyramid, (Central Avenue, LG2) from 14 - 17 September 2018.
Vinda Deluxe Tissues are available as Facial Tissue (box and soft packs), Pocket Hanky and Toilet Paper, in scented and unscented variants, from RM6.00 to RM33.80.

For more information on Vinda Deluxe Tissues and the campaign, visit or follow the Vinda Malaysia Facebook page,

About Vinda Group
From its humble beginnings in 1985, Vinda Group is now one of the largest companies for hygiene products in Asia, and employs nearly 10,000 employees. Sales are conducted under many strong tissue and personal care brands such as Vinda, Drypers, TENA, Dr P, Libresse, VIA, Tempo, Tork , Libero and Sealer. Vinda has its headquarters in Hong Kong and is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 3331.HK).

About Vinda Deluxe
Vinda Deluxe is a sub-brand under Vinda in Malaysia. The Vinda Deluxe range of tissue is extra strong, extra soft and extra absorbent thanks to its signature Knitted Fibre Technology. Tested in a variety of ways, Vinda Deluxe remains strong even while wet, and is made using premium imported 100% virgin wood pulp.

4 Strategies for Keeping Your Pets Safe Outdoors

Allowing your pet outdoors can give it the exercise it needs and the chance to explore. However, from parasitic insects to feline leukemia virus, many dangers are present as well. From dogs and cats to farm animals that require time to graze and socialize, each may face different hazards when you allow them to roam your property. To lower the risk of injury or illness, there are several actions you can take while giving your pet the freedom it desires.
1.    Get Your Pet Microchipped

Microchipping your dog or cat can give it the best chances of getting home to you if it should wander too far and become lost. These tiny chips, which are injected under your pet’s skin, are scannable and allow any vet or shelter to identify your dog or cat if it is not wearing any collar or identification tags. The chip number carries your name, phone number, and other important information. Some shelters pair the microchip with a wearable tag that lets people know your pet is chipped and not a stray animal.

When you adopt a pet, some shelters offer chipping as part of the adoption fee. Your pet will not be aware of the chip once it is injected, and it causes no pain or discomfort, even for toy breeds.
2.    Use a Flea and Tick Treatment

Fleas, ticks, and mosquitos can cause a miserable infestation in your pet that can lead to long-term illnesses and even death. Once your pet picks up fleas and ticks and brings them into your home, their eggs can hide in carpets and bedding for months until they hatch and spread throughout your home. Using a pest treatment program can prevent these parasitic insects from hurting your pets or invading your home.

Advances in veterinary technology offer you many different choices when it comes to protecting your pet from biting insects. Collars, dips, shampoos, and even pills are available to repel fleas and ticks. While some come with the risk of mild side effects, most animals can tolerate them. You can ask your vet which type of treatment is the best choice for your individual pet.

 3.    Limit Contact With Strange Animals

If you allow your pet outdoors or take it with you on hikes or errands, it is a good idea to keep it under your control and supervision at all times to prevent contact with strange animals. Strays, wandering animals from nearby neighborhoods, and wild animals can all cause injury to your pet. Even leashed dogs might carry ear mites or fleas, so limiting your pet’s contact with strange animals can reduce the chances of transfer.

Limiting contact with other dogs can be especially important for a puppy who has not has its full course of immunizations. Contact can increase the chances of contracting parvoviral syndrome, which causes vomiting, diarrhea, a loss of appetite, and eventually death. While puppies can overcome parvo, they may develop distemper afterward, which causes high fever and coughing. There is no cure for this illness, and dogs that develop it usually have to be euthanized.
4.    Immunize Your Horse

Letting your horse out to graze can expose it to contagious and deadly diseases, such as equine distemper, which is also known as strangles, or tetanus, which can be picked up in pastures and grazing fields. Immunizing your horse can protect them as they enjoy the company of other horses, and you can visit VPD for horse vaccines and other products that can keep your horse safe and healthy.

Your pets face certain risks when you allow them outdoors to explore. However, with a little preventative care and knowledge, they can enjoy all the freedom that comes with visiting places beyond your backyard.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Anlene On-The-Go

It's September and it's close to year end soon. Yeah my eldest son is going to have his UPSR exam this month. Busy parenting didn't stop me from taking care of myself. We go to take care of ourselves first before taking care of others. 

Just took sometime off to go by LRT to KL Sentral for this RM1 offer and went window shopping at the mall. Yeah it's a totally worth it, just RM1 and can get an Anlene UHT milk and a 7Days chocolate croissant. It's only available at selected LRT/KTM stations.
With busy mom life as stay at home mom, there's never ending house chores and being a mom. Never forget that breakfast is the King. 

Sharing is caring do you know that Anlene UHT milk is packed with Collagen, Protein and HIgh Calcium which you can easily consume on the go.

Only pay RM1 and gets Anlene UHT Milk and a 4 Days croissant.
 If you have been following my social media on Instagram and Facebook you'll know of this too. I have share them online on where to grab them and when's the last stop for the Anlene Roving Truck too.

Anlene UHT Milk has got two flavour, they are Vanilla and Chocolate. Which is your favourite? I like them both and never feel bored of consuming them. With all its nutrition it's what we need for our bones and joints!
Got my favourite Anlene UHT Milk
It's important to take care of ourselves and I love this type of Anlene-On-The-Go, Anlene UHT milk as its ready-to-drink pack with 50% more nutrient, gets you on the go with more collagen and at the same time to care for our bones, joints & muscles! Stay active, Stay agile!
Stacy Anam the Malaysia's Dancing Queen, look how high she jumped!
Malaysia's Dancing Queen Stacy Anam, she was at Bukit Bintang the other day.  She have a jump that day that can be captured on Led Billboard. How amazing is that? It's important to live a happy healthy lifestyle, stay active, stay agile!
Anlene-On-The-Go, Anlene UHT milk as its ready-to-drink pack with 50% more nutrient, gets you on the go with more collagen and at the same time to care for our bones, joints & muscles!

Yea I am happy mom, happy kids yeah we have happy active lifestyle together.

If you like to know more about Anlene please visit and website

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Nippon Paint Sayangi Malaysiaku {Create-It-Yourself} CIY Workshop

Beautiful Creation by Ben Firdaus using Nippon Paint
 Good day to all my readers and visitors. Today sharing with you that I have recently attended Nippon Paint Sayangi Malaysiaku Create-It-Yourself (CIY) Workshop with Ben Firdaus Interior Designer. Everyone has got a busy lifestyle, especially parents I am sure everyone parent would like to create a safe indoor environments for their loved ones especially children. Sharing with you today on what I have learned at the workshop. Everyone one of us is given a wooden plate to create our own masterpiece.There's an apron for everyone to put it on to prevent getting the paint on ourselves especially our clothing. Scroll down to view the what's on the table before we get start to create our masterpiece.

This is a fun workshop as we have the hands on experienced to create our own masterpiece.
tools of Nippon Pants that we are going for the CIY
 At the workshop, Ben Firdaus has explained and show us step by step of creating the beautiful masterpiece which had the colors of yellow, red, blue and white. There's need of use the Washi Tape as first step to create the designed that we want, I would say is the colours that we want to colours on the wooden plate. It's been a long time I didn't try on painting the last time was 16 years back when house was under renovation. The Nippon Paint range that we are using at the workshop is one of the Nippon Paint Child Wellness Range consists of 3 unique technologies catering to child's stages of growth.

Before we get start for the Create-It-Yourself workshop, each of us has the wooden plate which is empty. The painting that we are using is Nippon Paint,  There's Nippon Paint Hydro Primer and Nippon Paint Hydro. Nippon Paint Hydro Primer is used to prevents wood from rotting, and suitable for metal used to prevent it from rusting. Nippon Paint Hydro Primer and Nippon Paint Hydro it has low VOCs.

 Ben Firdaus is friendly and helpful giving us lots of tips on using the Nippon Paint products.
I am sure you would like to see what if use these panting for your children's room? Don't forget to watch the Calit, Si Cilik Calit! It's on every Tuesday, it just started on 4 September 2018 at 9.50pm on TV3. It's about 3 Nippon Rangers that help parent with children's who needs to have a room makeover. Children has many idea and imagination, it can be a nice creative wall for their bedroom.
Using the Nippon Paint Hydro Primer, Washi Tape , and Synthetic Paint Brush
 The wooden plate which is empty, I have created the pattern with the Washi Tape and the area I used the Nippon Paint Hydro Primer. Hydro Primer is used to prevents wood from rotting, it has low VOCs. First layer of paint is using the Nippon Paint Hydro Primer, wait it dry for 15 minutes then can proceed with second layer of it. But due to timing we only done one layer paint for it. We then used the color we wanted to use and paint on the Hydro Primer that we earlier painted.
Sharing a short video I made for this fun Nippon Paint Sayangi Malaysiaku CIY Workshop, click on the link for the Youtube link.

Remember the tape that I have put on the plate? Well after the Hydro Primer have dried, we can proceed with another color to put on the designs. I have used all the Nippon Paint Hydro colours which I have mentioned above on this masterpiece. Flowers you see on the plate is the last step to do. We have got a fun utensil that's 'Bunga Raya' that make beautiful print on the plate, we need to use sponge on it but first got to soak it in the paint and try it on papers first then only onto the plate. My friends says my masterpiece looks like shield, what do you think?
my masterpiece creation, do you like it?

It's fun with the Nippon Paint Sayangi Malaysiaku CIY Workshop, the paints have no smell at all. I am sure you know that most paint have very strong smell but this doesn't have any smell. It's can be use to create safe indoor environments with the Nippon Pint Child Wellness Range. Complete coating solutions for child's safety and wellbeing.

Indeed a fun Nippon Paint Sayangi Malaysiaku CIY Workshop that we had. 
Thank you Nippon Paint Malaysia for having me. 

For more information on Nippon Paint Malaysia:
Toll free no: 1-800-88-2663

Saturday, September 8, 2018

3 Ways to Socialize a Child Outside of the Home

For many families, a toddler's social skills develop naturally through attending daycare and through socializing with siblings. However, this is not the case for every family. In single-child homes where a parent is responsible for their care at all times, children need a different way to build social skills. This can be a challenge for stay-at-home mothers and fathers, especially if they don't have friends with children of a similar age.

Attending Mommy & Me Events

Mommy & me events are very popular among stay at home mothers. These events range from dance and Yoga classes to fun trips and workshops. While the focus is on involving children in positive, healthy activities with their parents, it also gives toddlers a chance to communicate with other children their age. There are also a wide variety of programs for stay at home fathers, too!

Enrolling in Preschool

Enrolling toddlers in preschool is a great way to prepare them for Kindergarten. Children must learn how to socialize and conduct themselves properly among other students before attending school so that they can focus on learning. A Redmond preschool will help to achieve positive behavioral interactions among toddlers, ensuring that each child learns how to have fun, make friends, and learn exciting new things.

Regular Trips to the Park

The local park is a wonderful place for parents and toddlers to make new friends. As the children meet one another and play, parents can begin to identify their toddlers' strongest relationships. The friends' parents can then be met, opening the opportunity for other play dates in the future. The park is a healthy place to get daily exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and soak up the sunshine, as well!
As children approach schooling age, it becomes vital that they learn how to correctly interact with their peers. Even when children don't have siblings or attend daycare, there are still many ways to offer socialization to them in a safe, healthy, and fun way.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

BOH launches NegaraUmmph TV

photo credit to Facebook: BOH Tea
Happy Monday to everyone, time fly it's 3rd September today. What you on Malaysia's 61st National Day?

In conjunction with Malaysia's 61st National Day, BOH Plantations Sdn Bhd (BOH) has launched their online TV channel called NegaraUmmph TV, a nationwide movement that aims to bring together Malaysians from all works of life to sing their hearts out for Malaysia.

The 24-hour e-channel which will go live at 12.00am on National Day aims to showcase Malaysians singing the national anthem 'Negaraku' in happier and more prideful ways.

NegaraUmmph TV was borned to uplift the spirit of togetherness, putting aside each other's differences to celebrate the sense of belonging to this nation. This is why this National Day, BOH is calling all Malaysians together to unleash that thumping 'Ummph!'.

Malaysians who took part in the movement visited the website to submit their own version of the national anthem 'Negaraku'. Don't just read here if you missed out to view the NegaraUmmph TV, you can still visit their website to view the participants of

Energizer® Brand Refresh Launch @Sunway Pyramid

Energizer® Brand Refresh Launch f eaturing  from left to right:  Mr  Tan Suang Jak, Channel Director for Modern Trade,  Energizer® Ho...