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Saturday, August 22, 2009

How to get rid of credit cards sales man?

Well recently I found a way to get rid of credit cards sales man or sales lady. I am sure when you are at the shopping mall, you are often asking to sign up for free credit cards. There is no free credit cards, there is always terms and conditions on them.

A way to get rid of credit card sales man is telling them that you are not working. No working meaning no income so how can you pay your credit card?

Some credit cards sales man is pusher, they will keep coming to you even if you are having a meal in the restaurant. They are so daring that they even sat down with you while you are having your meal. Has this ever happened to you? It did happen while I was having a meal with my classmate.

Do you know how much they are earning for each credit card signed up?

They are so desperate to have someone sign up for their credit card, they will offer you the free gift. It comes in a range of toys, blanket, cup, bottle, etc.

Food Porn!

I do not know what the food above in the picture is called. They have got prawns on them. It is yummy with the dip of chilli sauce. The sauce is not spicy at all, there is sweetness in it. I love these delicious snacks in the afternoon. It cost 50 cents a piece, the lady was lazy to cut it.

Funny thing after having this I need to go toilet for big project for several times. Yeah I think I went for at least seven times. I do not have stomachache just feeling like I must go.

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