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Monday, April 7, 2014

Parking New Wing or Old Wing One Utama Shopping Mall

How often do you go to One Utama Shopping Mall? I'm always lost in the mall, I don't mean always but usually I do if I'm alone or with my son. It usually happened in the night after the movie at TGV Cinema. I saw the shutters near shop will closed. Which means only lift can be used, so there was time my son told me that we went the wrong floor for the parking I parked.

During the Guardian Makeover, I knew that the beauty event in Old Wing somehow I parked at New Wing. It's a good exercise to walk from New Wing to Old Wing 1 Utama if you know where to go. I asked the mall security guard at Basement 1 where I parked near the Caring shop.

Anyway I always used the signboard in the mall, to find the cinema.

Sometimes I miss the turn to go the traffic light to One Utama, I goes further to near Ikea side to turn into One Utama where there's car parking level to goes up. I am not sure what's floor should I be parking if I am going to TGV Cinema, do you?


  1. If you're going to TGV for late-night movie, best place to park is the old wing. Go up the ramp, then turn into the floor right before the rooftop level. The cinema is right at the corner when you turn into get the parking ticket. :D
    Been going to 1U since small and I'm basically a walking directory of the place lol

  2. LauraLeia, thanks so much for this info.

  3. It's been more than 2 years i haven't been to One Utama already :(

  4. old wings before rooftop level, Level 3, orange colour pillars PP13/14/15


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