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Dress: Dressing Paula
Bag: XES Signature

The day I attended the XES Signature launched at Quill City Mall, the event was held at main concourse. It's big and beautiful, scroll down to see more pictures. 
Do you want to know what's under the white fabrics behind of me, read more to find out.

While waiting for the launch I walk around the concourse area to snap these photos of XES shoes and XES Signature bags.

Combining a keen sense of classical with a renewal fascination for the great Roman times, this season's top color and design trends in footwear reflect the spirit of the classic and the artistic, with Greece-inspired hues like dyed black and deep red talking centre stage. 

These are the color choices for upscale brand XES Signature's latest "Tales of Olympus" 2015 collection. 
XES, the trendy family shoes store, is giving one of the world's most ancient forms of footwear a modern makeover. With sandals being the prominent footwear in ancient Greece. XES has designed various modern sandals interlaced with delicate straps crossing the toes and wrapping the ankles, made with natural material ages beautifully and will encourage women to wrap in the beauty and simplicity of the Grecian fashion. 

There's pampering session at The Sompotan Spa, who wants her hand massage?
There's makeover session by Sense&Style Beauty Academy.

 Miera having the makeover session, I too took part in the makeover I am sitting not far away from her.
Check out my makeover, thanks to lovely makeup artist. 

Next there is shoes lace competition, yeah who will be the fastest to tie up the shoe laces?
Looking at Nannie and Miera both so busy with the competition. 
There are soft toys and RM5 vouchers awaiting winners.
Vera Soo above trying her best with bow and arrow!
Varies of XES Shoes on the board, but it's not easy to get the arrow in the target!
Ayu with bow and arrow next! It was fun, I tried it, is not easy at all. This game is so much fun that it's a long queue to wait for turn. I don't know if anyone win anything, as the person who can shoot the arrow in the shoes' hole win the shoe!
XES Mascot, so cute right? Between me and XES Mascot is Khai. 
Buffet line awaiting VIPs, guests, media, and bloggers. 

XES Mascot with all the XES products awaiting media, blogger and guest to explore. Which item will attracts them? 

Performance by Fitness First. 
Click on the video 1 to see the performance. 
What's the color of the XES Signature bag above? Do you think it's black or blue colour?
Don't need to guess, scroll down to find out what color and unique design of this bag.
It caught my attention, it does look spiky but it's not!
Spiky fruit in Malaysia, do you know which fruit it is? 

pretty Mico Pun in red dress with XES Shoes and XES Signature. 
XES Signature bag and shoes, ready to go... 

If you like black heels, this is beautiful stunning to wear it for dinner or party. 
The Grecian fashion, the inspiration came from the mythical Greek heroes
Happy 13th Anniversary to XES. Cake cutting ceremony using sword. 

"Tales of Olympus" launch also sees the unveiling of the XES Mascot in conjunction with XES celebrating its 13th Anniversary. XES Brand Ambassador Miss Mico Pun- winner of Miss XES Elegant 2014/2015 was also in attendance representing the women's spirit and silent confidence when donning the divine and modern footwear. 
A group photo with the VIPS on stage. 
Mr Simpson congratulated the team involved in producing the "Tales of Olympus" 2015 collection a success, including those who has been working tireless behind the scenes to make "Tales of Olympus" 2015 collection a success, including those involved, the sponsors of Fitness First Malaysia and Ethnic Sense, along with their strong supporter Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA). 

The "Tales of Olympus" 2015 collection launched showcased 12 design groups hailed with robust names such as Tales of Heart, Tales of Music, Tales of Enchantment, Tales of Belief and among others. 

Greek mythology, great ancient heroes have since lent their names to a far more modern style of footwear, giving inspiration to XES to emulate the gracefulness of the ancient fashion. From simple sandals to elaborate lace-up heels, simlar to Greek creations. XES's designs give women the power to turn heads and a confidence to make them feel like modern day beauties. 

The collection delivering a range that uses the best materials which exudes confidence from within, allowing the strong female audience to find the key to the most comfortable footwear, and the destiny to lock hearts with the perfect shoes. 
Also featured in this collection are casual, feminine and dressy ranges to cater for almost every type of need. XES has wide collection of handbags suited for the fashion-conscious as well as those that celebrates the laid-back ease of the day, that relishes the courageous spirit and enjoys the unhurried pace of embracing the little things.
"Tales of Olympus" borrows the past and lives in the future. 
The Grecian style will never be out of fashion, and it's paving the way for the future of fashion.

XES brand's esteemed sponsors:
  • Fitness First Malaysia
  • Luffy Buskers
  • Ethnic Sense
  • Sense & Style Beauty Academy
  • Occubite
  • Nelson's
  • The Sompotan Spa
  • BMS Organics
  • YFS Concept Store
  • Sakura Krsital
  • OxyOne
  • MaskSlim
  • Quill City Mall

Check out XES shoes official webpage at
To be come a fan on XES shoe Facebook please visit for latest updates and information.

For more pictures, you can check out what every gal want, click on the link to find out. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Last Saturday, I was invited to check out the SEMBONIA Liberty Art of Geometry collection at Times Square. It's been many years since I last step foot in Times Square. I spotted this Mini Cooper near the front entrance of Times Square. 
On the day we took part in the #seflie but first we need to count the birds on the car.
There's a form to fill in for that, it was only for last Saturday and Sunday.
Take a selfie an win the SEMOBIA #OOTD contest! #sembonia_style

This year SEMBONIA SPRING/SUMMER, who doesn't want to get their hands on the Liberty Art of Geometry collection which brings out the bold drama into cool nonchalance, this is the new purity in pattern!
SEMBONIA comes with innovative style of Geometry shape it's special as it also comes in floral and fauna which can at extra attraction. 

SEMBONIA outlet is available in Times Square.

SEMBONIA bag is original from Singapore. If price range RM399 onwards is designed and manufactured at Italy. If lower range price from RM109 to RM299 or 50% to 60% is locally made/ China/Vietnam. 

Cik Lily Putih is holding two of the SEMBONIA THE LIBERTY ART OF GEOMETRY.
It comes with matte red and bright yellow color suitable customize for matching with confident. 

Wilda who likes the floral of SEMBONIA
Wendy and Mommy Yana both loves polka dots, check them out with these beautiful SEMBONIA.
Polka dots you can never go out of fashion with them, it was famous years and it's still up to date. 
Mommy Yana with baby in pram, being mommy I know having one bag is never enough. 
I like these bags, it has many birds, reminds me of counting the birds on the Mini Cooper car. 
I am mommy of two boys, so you know there's bag I need to put many things. My friends know I need many bags and often having item namely baby wipes, tissue pack, wallet, phone, sanitary pads, phone charger. 

I am sure you agree that with a paring of pale pink and bright yellow draws out the season's cheerful joy. 
As beautiful statement pieces, this season's offerings deserve to be cherished and worn fashionably with pride. 

The variety choice of the bags, shoes and other accessories is a sure getting everyone attention to grab a bag or a pair of shoes. 

Its power-packed combo of angular geometrics and sculptures lines denotes a try standout quality. 
SEMBONIA THE LIBERTY ART OF GEOMETRY certainly highlight the style and appearance.

This is the group photo of bloggers in SEMBONIA outlet in Times Square.

The bags are suitable for office, casual, formal and dinner events. 

If you like to know more about SEMBONIA please visit
or it's Facebook

SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream and Pore Silky Balm

I received SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream and Pore Silky Balm (trial size)
SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream is the latest product it just in the market for 3 weeks.

SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream with five benefits in one touch, find out what's the benefits.
1. As a makeup and treatment for skin.
2. It protect your skin from harmful UV.
3. With whitening function up to five times.
4. It contains of SPF50 PA+/PA+++
5. Refresh and moisture your skin. 

It contains of 10 natural ingredients
1. Extract from Madonna Lily - it helps to minimize pores
2. Chamomile - anti inflammatory, antiseptic and help to heal skin's cell
3. Jasminum Officinale - Able to control acne
4. Narcissus - Anti aging
5. Freesia Refracta Extract - Skin conditioning
6. Aloe Vera - Suitable to use on sensitive skin
7. Jojoba - Control skin oiliness and able to heal acne
8. Squalene - Natural moisture for skin and helps to absorb Vitamin A to skin
9. Centella Asiatica - Wound healing
10. Lilium Candidum - Helps to maintain moisture skin

Above is the picture of me, first row will be before using the SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream.
Second row, you can it covers my dark circles very well. 
For me lasted more than three hours.
After opening the SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream, there is a puff on it.
Can open the side of it and remove the seal to use the BB Cushion with puff. 
It is simple and easy to use in this compact. 

How to use the SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream?
You can just use this alone on cleanse skin. 
Jut apply the amount of BB cream puff that from the T-zone, from the side out evenly to the entire face. I also reapply on lower eyelid to cover my dark eyes circle. Don't forget about your lower nose, you need to cover that part too. 

Tips: Regular washing of puff is required other wise it will affect the unformly double makeup.

Other than SyaLaa BB Cushion, there is SyaLaa Pore Silky Balm.
SyaLaa Pore Silky Balm you can see below picture, I receive it trial size.
This product can helps to control oil.
It can be used as primer makeup to make the makeup long lasting.
It helps covered pores and fine lines. 
                                           It gives skin feel smooth and soften the skin.

If you plan to use this, I would suggest you to use SyaLaa Pore Silky Balm then only follow by foundation or BB cream.
Before putting on makeup, take some SyaLaa Pore Silky Balm on the back of hand.
Slowly apply on the area that you prefer namely large pores area.
Don't forget that you still need to put on base makeup such as foundation, BB cream.
I was in a hurry and I get into my car, using the SyaLaa Pore Silky Balm and SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream. Instead of using finger, I find that using sponge with Pore Silky Palm is easier and faster. But I haven't find the right size sponge for it. 

Above photo after using the SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream then put on the makeup of lipstick, eyes shadows. 

After using the SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream, I feel my skin smooth and flawless. 
I like this BB Cream in compact, easy to bring anywhere in my handbag. 

This product is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. 

For a limited time now they are having online offer.
Price now is RM129.90 West Malaysia/ RM139.90 East Malaysia
It comes with special free gift (the refill of SyaLaa BB Cushion). 
SyaLaa Pouch
SyaLaa Pore Sikly Balm (trial size)
(While Stock Last)

You can find out more info on
Instagram: #syalaaempireofficial
Facebook: @syalaabeauty
contact number: 03-87141957 / 018239347 / 0182441506

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