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Thursday, September 10, 2020

9.9 Super Shopping Day; over 12 million items sold in the first hour on 9 September

Shopee, Malaysia’s number 1 e-commerce platform, concludes its most successful 9.9 Super Shopping Day. Powered by Shopee’s robust ecosystem, 9.9 Super Shopping Day delivered super entertainment and shopping deals for users and supercharged economic recovery for sellers and brand partners, with over 12 million items sold in the first hour on 9 September.

Ian Ho, Regional Managing Director of Shopee said, “We are heartened by the strong support that consumers, sellers, and brands have shown towards 9.9 Super Shopping Day. We had a simple and clear goal for our signature annual shopping event this year - that was to help our communities emerge stronger from the effects of a global pandemic. This includes supercharging recovery for our sellers and brand partners while creating a super shopping experience for our users. We are delighted by another year of record-breaking performance, which reflects our commitment to grow together with the people and businesses we serve.”

Shopee delivers on its three commitments for 9.9 Super Shopping Day across the region 9.9 Super Shopping Day acted as a springboard for economic recovery as sellers and brand partners in the region maximised their visibility and sales on Shopee. Participating brands and sellers enjoyed strong sales growth, with 700,000 items sold in a single minute at the peak of 9 September.

Shopee’s strong ecosystem ensured buying and selling remained seamless even as shopping activity peaked during 9.9 Super Shopping Day. Sellers and brand partners leveraged Shopee’s integrated logistics network to fulfil their orders, while users enjoyed seamless transactions with a wide array of payment options on Shopee, including its mobile wallet ShopeePay.

Shopee also offered a super collection of entertainment throughout 9.9 Super Shopping Day. Users enjoyed all-day fun and earned special rewards with Shopee’s supersized range of in-app games, with 250 million water requests on the crowd favourite game, Shopee Farm. 


Users actively tuned in to Shopee Live to connect with celebrities, sellers, and brands during the 9.9 Super Shopping Day period. The number of hours spent watching Shopee Live streams increased by 3 times compared to an average day, highlighted by countdown and marathon streams on 9 September that celebrated 9.9 Super Shopping Day with users across the region. Shopee Live also gave users new ways to discover and shop the latest trends, with 2.5 times more items purchased during live streams in this period compared to an average day.

Highlights of 9.9 Super Shopping Day in Malaysia

9.9 Super Shopping Day was also a major success in Malaysia. Home & Living was one of the most popular product categories on 9 September as Malaysians turned to Shopee to spruce up their household.

Malaysians from all walks of life made the most of 9.9 Super Shopping Day to meet their shopping needs, in line with the increasing importance of online shopping in the new normal. In particular, men were actively shopping for smartphones while laundry detergents were a hot favourite among women. Various baby-related products including diapers, wet wipes and children face masks were a hit among users aged 18 to 34. As for users aged 35 to 50, they mostly shopped for household products such as home storage solutions like shelves, racks, and organiser boxes as well as cleaning supplies like detergents, dishwashing liquid and sponges. Meanwhile, users of all ages regardless of gender and race were seen to be purchasing MILO, proving to be Malaysian’s all-time favourite chocolate malt drink.

Mobile and electronic brands, retailers and sellers on Shopee Malaysia all recorded strong performance on 9 September. A testament to the robust demand, the newly-launched POCO X3 NFC (6GB + 128GB) saw a sell-out of 1,000 units within the first 2 minutes of the sale, at 12.02am.

Ho closed: “9.9 Super Shopping Day kickstarts the year-end shopping season and this year, it also marks the start of our efforts to pave the future of e-commerce amid the new normal. We promise to work even harder with the end goal of providing consumers with a delightful experience on Shopee, even as we propel sellers and brand partners to new heights in the coming months.”

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Be A Nestle Top Spender @PG MALL

Everyone has got busy lifestyle, we are currently on the RMCO situation, many of my friends are reluctant to go out for shopping as they prefer to shop online. With Internet access today it's easy for us to shop online without going out as once out we got to find parking and it would take more than 30 minutes for shopping as we got to queue to pay at the counter. I am less going out to shopping mall now as I prefer online shopping which is more convenient and delivery to my door step. 
If you love online shopping you also knows that there are deals that we couldn't find outside but exclusively online especially their offer, promotion sales and others. With many e-commerce available now, we can check thoroughly for the e-commerce website. PG Mall is my favourite online e-commerce when it comes to online shopping. Usually I would check on the beverage products, Milo has been our favourite brand since childhood. Do you know that Milo has new design? The new designed of Milo as you can see the photo below. 
Sharing is caring, don't forget to check out the Milo Active Go Limited Edition Vintage Tin 1950, currently having the promotion now with purchase if 3x1.7kg it comes with free 2x Maggi Pazzta* 1 x Maggi Sambal Tunis 30g. *Flavour will be selected randomly.

By the way do you know that PG Mall is having contest, Be A Nestle Top Spender, get RM8 OFF with minimum spend of RM80 on Nestle products get FREE SHIPPING. Not just that with very purchase with get Free Maggi Sambal Tumis. 

Be A Nestle Top Spender, you are eligible to be the weekly 16 winner and win RM50 Grab + PG Mall voucher or becoming Monthly 3 Winner and win RM100 Grab + PG Mall voucher. The contest ends on 31 August 2020, for more info click on the link above.

Don't just read here if you have interest to know more, do visit the PG Mall. 
#PGMall #Nestle #NestleTopSpender #Onlineshopping #Shoponline

Saturday, August 15, 2020


Today, realme Malaysia collaborated with Shopee on a giveaway showing their appreciation towards fans, in conjunction with realme being No.1 BEST-SELLING WEARABLE BRAND on Shopee (Jan-June 2020). realme is known as the tech-trendsetter brand in creating creative designs and innovative products for its users. Malaysians will stand a chance to win themselves a unit of realme Band or realme Watch starting from today until 19th August 2020. 


“Here at realme Malaysia, we would like to thank our fans for their continuous support since the beginning when realme set its foot in Malaysia. We are glad that Malaysian fans love and appreciate the products we’ve invented to improve their lifestyle and experiences. We hope that our fans will love the giveaway that we have collaborated with Shopee today. We will continue our Dare to Leap spirit in giving fans more innovation products in the future, so stay tuned for more,” said Tiffany Teh, Brand Manager of realme Malaysia.

To join the giveaway, all they have to do is follow Shopee's Official Facebook Page, comment with the reasons they love the realme Band and Watch as well as sharing the post. For more details on the post or giveaway, kindly check out this link

realme Watch and realme Band are equipped with Real-time Heart Rate Monitor as well as Intelligent Sports Tracker to encourage users for a healthier lifestyle. The realme Watch comes with a 1.4" Large

Color Touchscreen that can display up to six important key data which are time, date, weather, steps, heart rate and calories.

As for the realme Band, it has a 0.96” Large Color Screen displaying a wide range of more than 65,000 colours. It comes with three stylish and colourful straps options where users are able to match with their fashion’s lifestyle.

To find out more about our events and promotions, do follow us on our Facebook page as well as Instagram at @realmemalaysia.

About realme

realme is a technology brand that specializes in providing a high-quality smartphone with Dare to Leap experience. The brand was officially established on May 4, 2018, by its founder Sky Li, together with a bunch of young people with rich experiences in the smartphone industry. realme is committed to offering powerful performance, stylish design, sincere services and exploring all the possibilities of smartphones.

As per Counterpoint in Q3 of 2019, realme achieved its highest growth rate in Q3 and is now Top 7. We are also recognised as the World’s Fastest-Growing Smartphone Brand in 2019. Recently, realme has hit the mark of 17 million users globally with a record-breaking additional seven million people in the last 90 days alone.

This brand has expanded globally to over 20 markets, such as China, India, Southeast Asia, Europe, Russia, Pakistan and Africa including Egypt.


Wednesday, August 12, 2020

ElderloveMissi offers assisted living services, private/ home nursing service

Caring for elderly is not an easy task, I recalled my mom told me that my grandmother had been send to nursing home by uncle because she needed more care and attention, indeed it is not an easy task. My late grandmother passed away few years back, she was a diabetic and she was blind. I missed my grandmother, I visited her before at the nursing home. Talking of caring for elderly, I come across this place that caring for elderly. ElderloveMissi’s presence, experience, expertise and services offered Demonstrate ElderloveMissi’s expert knowledge, skills and approach that differentiates them over other similar elder care providers (ElderloveMissi is a one-stop solution for elderly care including private nursing/caregiver, care, rehabilitation centre/nursing home, home care, and have been caring for senior folks since 2015).


It is also a platform leveraging on both website and mobile app, to provide one-stop elder care home nursing services (private nursing care) for the benefit of busy families, who require dedicated care and attention for their aged parents. 

Google play:

Families can obtain a full range of elderly care services from highly trained, dedicated and professional nurses/caregivers right at their doorstep. The services available includes home nursing, private nursing, caregiver, physiotherapy, acupuncture & “dui na” services. All nurses are national registered nurses, while physiotherapists and acupuncturists are also certified. Additionally, Medical Specialists provide specialized training to these professional caregivers to ensure quality and service standards are maintained. Services are currently available across most cities in Peninsular Malaysia. 

There are three centres of ElderloveMiss and expanding to more places soon:
Sungai Long Center: No. 11, Jalan Budiman, Budiman Business Park, Bandar Sungai Long, 43000 Kajang, Selangor. 
Puchong Jaya Center: Unit SS-G-23, SS-G-23A & SS-G-25, Ground Floor, Skypod Square, Persiaran Puchong Jaya Selatan, 47100 Puchong Jaya, Selangor 
Pinggiran Subang: 16 & 18, Jalan U3/6 (BK), Bandar Pinggiran Subang, Pusat Perniagaan Subang, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.
The Care Centre Facilities: 
Elderly friendly environment – minimizes risks of fall. 
Good ventilation & adequate air conditioning. 
Sufficient illumination and sunlight for healthy bones. 
Ample bed space and spacious room, no overcrowding for comfort and privacy. 
Strategically placed emergency call bells. 
Availability of medical facilities.

About ElderloveMissi
With a mission to provide a lifestyle that is healthy, well-rounded and fulfilling to elderly folk, ElderloveMissi offers assisted living services, private/ home nursing services, nursing home services, rehabilitation services and many more. The professionally trained staff work alongside specialised doctors, certified nurses and physiotherapists to ensure the wellbeing of the elderly in their care in all aspects – body, mind and soul, ensuring that they spend their golden years filled with joy. 
If you like to know more about the ElderloveMissi please visit their 

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Family Protection Kit for every family

Family Protection Kit (This is a hamper consisting of 5 different items).
You can buy this family protection kit for your family or loved ones.
Family Protection Kit is selling at RM156.00 , now it’s only RM129.00!

There 5 different items of Family Protection Kit are as following:
1. Premium Medical Face Mask: 10 pieces Earloop Mask, made in Malaysia. It is Latex free and Protection complied to ASTM level .
2. Nano Silver Multipurpose Cleaner (NSMC) 500ml :It is specially formulated to be Non-foaming, 
Non-skin irritating and Environmentally friendly! NSMC effectively removes germs. 
It can be used on hands and body, furniture, clothes, fabrics, carpets, air conditioner filters, walls and floors.
3. Airless Pump 15ml (one time use) X2   : NSMC can be poured into this Airless Pump Bottle. 
Travel friendly, you can take it with you on short or long trips.
4. Diffuser : The NSCM can be used in humidifiers and air coolers. 
Convenient and handy, just one touch to turn it on.
5. Eucalyptus Oil   : Eucalyptus Oil can be added into the diffuser together with NSMC
Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil * Silence a cough * Clear your chest * Keep the bugs away * Disinfect wounds * Breath Easy * Sooth Cold Sore

 Family Protection Kit is selling at RM156.00 , now it’s only RM129.00! 
Yes you read it correctly, visit this link to shop now.

When you are thinking to shop something nice for family and loved ones. Christmas is coming soon, if you have not purchase any gift can shop for this now. As Christmas just weeks away, you don't have to wait to give loved ones a nice gift. This could be a nice gift as it is affordable with only RM129, which consists of 5 items.

An interesting product to share with you is the Nano Silver Multipurpose Cleaner, first time using this and I also added this in the water which I used to mop floors at home.
Nano Silver Multipurpose Cleaner (NSMC) is specially formulated to be Non-foaming, 
Non-skin irritating and Environmentally friendly!
NSMC effectively removes germs. It can be used on hands and body, furniture, clothes, fabrics, 
carpets, air conditioner filters, walls and floors. 
NSMC will stick on all types of surfaces for days to eliminate germs if it is not washed away!
NSMC does not contain alcohol and does not irritate eyes and sensitive skin.
Suitable for everyone: from working adults to elderly

NSMC can be poured into this Airless Pump Bottle. 
Travel friendly, you can take it with you on short or long trips.

The NSCM can be used in humidifiers and air coolers. Convenient and handy, just one touch to turn it on. 

Sharing is caring, you can find many other products which is available on my e-commerce page
Just click on the link above.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Options for When You Need Money

Emergencies happen. If you don’t have the cash available in your emergency fund, you may be wondering what you can do to cover the cost. Fortunately, you have options. Here are a few to consider.

Take Out a Loan

One of the most common options for people in need of money is a personal loan. Bank loans typically have great rates and terms (especially if you have excellent credit), but the approval process can take a while. If you need money quickly, you can consider other types of loans such as peer-to-peer lending or short term loans Mississippi.

Tap into Your Home’s Equity

If you own your home and have built up some equity in it, you may be able to tap into to pay for what you need with a home equity loan or line of credit. While these provide excellent options, there is one important thing to keep in mind. Both of these options use your home as collateral. If you default on your payments, you risk losing your house.

Ask a Family Member or Friend

Another option to consider is to ask a family member or friend for help. Asking someone you know for money can be hard, and some people may not feel comfortable lending. You can, however, offer to draw up a contract and have the document notarized, so your family member or friend knows that you will pay them back (or they have recourse if you don’t). You can include information like payment terms, when payments will be made, and if you’ll be paying interest on what you borrow.
Finding yourself in financial need can be scary, but understanding your options can help make things easier. If you do choose to borrow, make sure that you understand the cost of your loan and compare your options before you sign.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

#StayAtHome RMCO Menu with Organic Pasta Five Ways from Alce Nero

You’ve discovered your talent for whipping up healthy, tasty and surprisingly affordable meals during the Movement Control Order (MCO). Now that we are in the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) period you need to up your game with new recipes that level up the taste, presentation and healthiness factor. You need to cook dishes that you have not photographed and posted to Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok!

Alce Nero, the leading organic brand in Italy, has got you covered with five simple yet stunning recipes using their pastas. All the recipes use pantry staples. If you do not have some ingredients, simply substitute with what you do have. While pasta is the main ingredient in each recipe, the flavours, textures and look are varied.



How about a change from tomato-based pastas? Try this no-cream carbonara. All you need is Alce Nero pasta, eggs, cheese, mushrooms and beef or turkey bacon. Don’t have bacon? Substitute with minced beef or chicken. Don’t have parmesan cheese? Use mozzarella, cheddar, or cream cheese.

In just 30 minutes you can twirl up a café-quality carbonara meal for four.


Chicken soup is perfect for the RMCO phase as we recover as a nation because it is an immunity booster, and a feel good food. Good chicken soup is a simple one pot wonder that needs a lot of chicken and time. Add Alce Nero organic macaroni to savour more of the hearty soup, and increase the health benefits. Be prepared for kids and adults asking for more of this scrumptious soup!



Just four ingredients and 25 minutes to create this sublime dinner. Cook Alce Nero organic penne, alternate layers of pasta, Alce Nero pasta sauce, eggplant(or any vegetable available) and cheese in an oven proof dish, topping it with more cheese. Bake for 20 minutes or until cheese is melted. And it is done. So simple, so tasty and so Instagrammable.


A stir-fried tomato-based fusilli that is perfect for vegetarians or for when you want something light, and quick. You will definitely get your five portions of vegetables with this healthy and delicious Asian-inspired organic Alce Nero pasta meal. Works with any vegetables that you have in your fridge. For a prettier presentation use a selection of colourful vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, capsicum, corn or cucumbers.



Venturing out with family again during the RMCO but perhaps you still prefer a homecooked picnic salad? This tuna pasta salad uses organic Alce Nero penne to provide a nutritionally balanced meal with a mix of crunchy and smooth textures. Easy to prepare, and delicious hot or cold. Add Asian flavours with lemon grass, spring onion, cili padi or even sesame oil.

Get the full recipes at or visit Alce Nero social media page at and to add more organic healthfulness to your RMCO menu playlist. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Tag @alceneromy when you post dishes created using any Alce Nero products to be in the running for a special hamper! Follow for more recipes and monthly contest.

About Alce Nero
Alce Nero was established in the 1970’s, when two cooperatives of young Italian farmers decided to pioneer the organic revolution, producing wholesome food while respecting the environment. Alce Nero combines old farming methods with the most advanced research on
health and the environment. The techniques have evolved, but our seal of quality is still based on the simple ingredients that Alce Nero was created from: love of food, respect for the environment, and banning of synthetic chemical substances.

Today, Alce Nero is the No 1 organic brand in Italy. Our producers are involved in all stages of manufacture, allowing us to enforce respect of our principles throughout the production process and accurately trace our food to its origins. Thus, we can guarantee high quality, 100% organic, authentically Italian products brought straight from our fields to your plate. Alce Nero is famed for its organic certifications by the most stringent certification bodies from European Union and Japan.
In Malaysia, Alce Nero carries a fine range of organic pasta, extra virgin olive oil, pasta sauces, jam and honey. For more information please visit

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

ECO Shop is now exclusively on Shopee. Enjoy products for only RM2.10

The much-loved ECO Shop is now exclusively on Shopee.
Fondly known as the “RM2.10 shop in my neighbourhood”, the homegrown brand has opened a store on the e-commerce platform where over 700 products are priced at RM2.10!

Malaysians can shop for their favourite items and household necessities from toiletries, gardening tools, jewellery, home decor, kids and baby care, kitchen and dining, pet supplies, stationery sets, travel accessories and more. What’s more, we hear that ECO Shop will continue to add more products on a weekly basis.

Home Improvement, Kitchen and Dining and Sports and Games

ECO Shop was established in June 2003 and today has over 138 outlets all around Malaysia. Expanding its presence to the online world allows its customers to shop safely from home without having to head out unnecessarily. The move to go online has also garnered encouraging results, just by looking at the listings, which goes to show that ECO Shop has grown into a lovable brand among Malaysians.

Dato Sri’ Lee Kar Whatt, Founder of ECO Shop said “ECO Shop is committed to providing customers with affordable and quality products. By expanding our business to Shopee, we can now ensure that more Malaysians are able to enjoy what we have to offer even if there is no ECO Shop outlet near their home. By launching our shop on Shopee, we will also provide ECO Shop’s loyal customers with greater convenience.”

Lee added, “In conjunction with our store launch, we will be having a Spend &Win Contest on 24 July 2020 where all customers stand to be one of 20 winners to win up to RM1000 worth of ECO Shop vouchers. There will also be in-store promotions that customers can enjoy for greater savings.”

To find out more on what ECO Shopee Malaysia has to offer on Shopee, head over to their store now at or search “Eco Shop Malaysia” on the Shopee App. Don’t forget to mark your calendars so you don’t miss out on a chance to win ECO Shop vouchers!

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Honey With Sunshine Gift Box boost immunity

 With daily busy lifestyle, we are back on new norm lifestyle that we got to wear mask, bring hand sanitizer, wet wipes, tissue and social distancing. We can never forget to take care of ourselves. Lets reward ourselves with the Honey With Sunshine gift box, it's affordable just RM70.
Click on the link above to purchase. This gift box consists of following:
- 3 x Mini Honey (40g) - IMMUNITY

1. Jungle's Eye (40g) - Best Delicious Honey
Fresh Honey from Longan Flower Nectar
• Benefits: Helps skin complexion, wound healing, anti-bacterial, boost immunity

2. Yellow Love (40g) - Best Seller Honey
Fresh Honey from Linden Tree Nectar
• Benefits: improve eyesight, cooling effect and antioxidant

3. Pink Lady (40g) - New New New
Fresh Honey from Cotton Flower Nectar
• Benefits: Boost stamina, High antioxidant

Yeah lets look closely again in what this gift box has
- 1 x Wooden Stirrer
- 1 x Ultra Hygiene Honey Soap (Pick Royal White or Jungle's Eye) - HYGIENE
- 1 x Mini Beautea - ANTI-OXIDANTS
- 1 x Customize Msg (Just top up RM5 only!)
Christmas just weeks away, if you are thinking to shop for gifts that below RM80, this is just perfect its only RM70 and you get the whole goodness of honey products for yourself or loved ones even for family or friends. 

 Honey with Sunshine is a Limited Edition Gift Box contains 3 different types of honey, a wooden honey stirrer, and an ultra Hygiene Honey Soap. 

All honey-based products are good to boost your immunity system. Yeah stay safe and stay healthy, this is a nice gift to consider.

You can customise the message on the box to someone we love as a gift. Perfect for all occasions.

Increase your immunity system with 1 spoon of honey every day. The package comes with 3 special honey for 3 benefits for the skin, eye and stamina. Get delicious types of honey with high antioxidant. This product is from Jungle House, Jungle House promotes all honey-based products. 

Don't just read here, head on to my e-commerce page to view other products too, click on the link above if you have interest to see it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Everyone has got busy lifestyle and now the new norm of lifestyle, we got to be more caution and practice of social distancing, wearing a mask, bring along wet wipes and hand sanitizer. Today, I am sharing with you about home care products the Earth Corporation (EC) of Japan, a world leader in home care and household insecticide products, is introducing its world class products to Malaysia.

Nobuhito Hosaka, Managing Director of Earth Home Products (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of EC said: “For a start, we are unveiling six home care and insect control products in Malaysia. Many of these are top sellers in Japan and in the countries that Earth Corporation products have been available. One of our flagship products is an alcohol-free fabric deodorizer spray made from essential oils, which eliminate more than 99% of bacteria and viruses, and repel mites.”

“We observed the anxieties over the pandemic as well as health concerns over insect borne diseases like dengue, creating a demand for our range of household necessities. These products help make the home environment a safer and healthier place for their families.”

“Coupled with an affordable pricing strategy, we are confident our products will be well received in Malaysia,” he added.

Earth Corporation has been established for 128 years since 1892 and is Japan’s leading manufacturer of household pest control products, insect repellants, oral hygiene, bath additives, air fresheners and deodorizers, as well as household gardening supplies and pet products.

The company has been developing and supplying consumers with quality products for more than a century, enhancing hygiene and comforts of daily living. Its R&D facilities are state-of-the-art and develops over 100 new products annually, always striving to stay one step ahead in the market.

Hosaka said: “A large variety of our products are market leaders in the respective countries they are marketed in. In Japan, our household pest control products make up more than a 50% market share (2018 figures) of the domestic market. This reflects the trust and confidence of the discerning Japanese consumers in the numerous products that we have introduced over the years.”

The six products which are retailing now at leading supermarkets in Malaysia are marketed under different brand names. They are:

1. NATUCAIR Fabric Spray
A fabric spray that is made using Natural Essential Oils. It removes odours, eliminates more than 99% of bacteria and viruses, repels mites and is 100% alcohol free.
Comes in 3 Variants – Relaxing Purple, Sparkling Yellow and Pink Blossom.
Recommended Retail Price (RRP): RM 12.90

2. NATUCAIR Mosquito Repellent Air Freshener Gel
A natural non-toxic air freshener that repels mosquitoes too.
Comes in 3 Variants – Relaxing Purple, Lively Green and Pink Blossom.
Recommended Retail Price (RRP): RM 13.90

3. ARS Hoy Hoy Trap-A-Roach
Japan’s No 1 Cockroach trap with insecticide-free attractant bait made of cockroach’s favourite food. Its ultra-strong wavy glue trap can hold up to 15kg in weight. The house-shaped trap is specially designed to suit cockroaches’ habits and hides away unpleasant sights of cockroaches caught on the glue.
Recommended Retail Price (RRP): RM 5.60

4. ARS White Cap Natural Cockroach Bait
100% natural ingredients. The bait is formulated based on the cockroach’s favourite food and boric acid, a naturally derived active ingredient. It is capable of eliminating a whole colony of cockroaches and effective up to six months.
Recommended Retail Price (RRP): RM 11.90

5. ARS Rat Glue Trap
The bestselling rat glue trap in Thailand! The sticky glue is ultra-strong and odourless. Includes durable waterproof plastic trays in two sizes (one big tray and two small trays).
Recommended Retail Price (RRP): RM 10.90

6. EARTH Air-Con Cleaner Spray
Simple, easy-to-use and effective! Simply point and spray. Earth Air Con Cleaner spray has a powerful jet trigger nozzle for effective cleaning and helps to suppress mold and fungus growth in between the cooling fins. It cleans, eliminates bacteria and viruses as well as deodorises with a green tea leaf extract smell.
 Recommended Retail Price (RRP): RM 24.90

 By the way there's contest going on which you can take part to win, the contest started from 11 July to 31 July 2020. Exciting as you stand the chance to win exciting prizes.Check out the banner above.

About Earth Corporation:
Established in 1892 in Japan, Earth Corporation (EC) has been enhancing consumers lives for over 100 years. It strives to become a comprehensive manufacturer of daily necessities by delivering comfort to consumer’s living through products that are one step ahead. Produced using world class manufacturing processes and safety standards, Earth Corporation’s innovative products are exported to over 55 countries in the world. Its state-of-the-art R&D facilities develops over 100 new products annually.

The corporate philosophy “Act For Life” reflects its aim to be closely in tune with consumers, delivering quality products and services for the safety and comfort of all, whilst always “act to live” in harmony with the Earth.

9.9 Super Shopping Day; over 12 million items sold in the first hour on 9 September

Shopee, Malaysia’s number 1 e-commerce platform, concludes its most successful 9.9 Super Shopping Day. Powered by Shopee’s robust ecosystem...