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Friday, August 5, 2022

Mala Hotpot Mini

Mala Hotpot Mini

Hotpot is the sort of meal that is now popular (trending) in Malaysia's food service (F&B) sector. There has been a boom of international brands entering the local market with franchise or licencing business systems in the hotpot industry, which has been expanding quickly lately. This is due to the distinctive culture of the Malaysian community, which is multiracial and amenable to eating cuisine from other countries.

With hotpot as its main dish, this circumstance has given Mala Mini Hotpot a great opportunity to explore the potential that have been present by establishing a food service operation that is conducted under licencing.

We prepare "MALA" at Mala Mini Hotpot, a sort of authentic traditional Chinese dish.

[Brand Basic Information]

Brand: Mala Mini Hotpot

Business Model: Branch + Licensing

Outlet Type: Premium & Express


Premium Outlet : Minimum area 2000sqft

Premises: Mall/stand alone shoplot


Express Outlet : Minimum area 450sqft

Premises: Food Court/Kiosk in mall & Outdoor/Kiosk On The Move




A set of catering management firms known as Mala Mini Hotpot focuses on the development and research of food and beverage products as well as restaurant chains.

Strategically situated at the Equine Park Trade Center in Selangor, Malaysia, is where the company's headquarters are. It has a cutting-edge logistics centre and a central kitchen. The knowledgeable staff at Mala Mini Hotpot, led by our chairman Y.A.M Tengku Sulaiman Shah Al Haj Ibni Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Al Haj Y.A.M TENGKU LAKSAMANA SELANGOR, consistently innovates and moves forward to support efforts to create a scientific management system that is compatible with the company's corporate culture.

The Origin And Development Of Mala Mini Hotpot

In today's world, when we think about excellent meals, our minds typically begin to picture hotpot. On the list of mouthwatering foods, a lot of different hotpot brands can be found, some of which even come in pretty high.

Mala Mini Hotpot's popularised version of the Mala recipe has a distinct past. It is reported that a sizable number of boatmen operated at the Chaotienmen dock in Chongqing and the Jialing river pier in Sinchuan at the end of the Ming Dynasty and the beginning of the Qing Dynasty. They construct a blend of several chilies and herbal spices that can warm the body because it is cold and gloomy outside. Then they include a variety of additional foods, including

At Mala Mini Hotpot, to ensure the guaranteed quality we use flower pepper from Gansu, chili from Guizhou and compound butter from Qinghai, Xianjiang as well as dozens of spices from Yunan.

Mala Mini Hotpot is a brand created under the impulse of people's need for tasty food. It has recreated and upgraded a hotpot that has been a cultural heritage for centuries with modern management and branding methods to provide a better shopping experience for customers.

Mala Mini Hotpot's Secret To Stay Sustainable

People's lifestyles and buying habits have changed significantly in recent years. The population is increasingly choosing to prepare food in an easy, quick, and efficient manner. It is not unexpected that hotpot dishes, which have unique traits in the food and beverage business and use a cheap but nourishing spending pattern, have become a significant component of well-liked dishes, especially among the younger generation.

The food and beverage business has been significantly impacted by the epidemic that occurred in 2020, much like the impending "end of days." Due to the extraordinary calamity, many eateries have seen a decline in business performance and have been thrown out of business.

Mala Mini Hotpot, however, has been able to look at the catastrophe favourably. With the most recent model, known as "Asset Light Business," we began operating our business. Better known as, Atupun (Asset Light Business Model). Asset Light Business primarily employs four things:

  • Low and reasonable capital - The aim is for many young entrepreneurs to be able to join Mala mini Hotpot

  • Fast Return on Capital (ROI) – This is a very important element in business, because speed (ROI) can reduce or completely cover the risk of loss.

  • High profits – Not just to get sales, but prioritize profits by lowering operating costs and raw material costs.

  • Wide Space for Development - Technical operations that are easy to handle without the need for skilled personnel and (SOP) Standard Operating Procedures that are uniform make it easy to duplicate the system

A business operation method that can be seen from the point of view of increasing the sales volume clearly and can be calculated (Numbers) and the success of each branch which is welcomed with the speed of the increase of branches and the introduction of the brand through social media (story) which is matched with the combination of Asset Light Business Model will make Mala Mini Hotpot as a business based (Sexy Business Model).

Exploring the Halal Market

In Malaysia, there is a lot of competition for the non-Muslim market in the hotpot industry. It currently occupies a Red Ocean market. Therefore, every brand should consider the importance of exploring new markets. The biggest chance for Mala Mini Hotpot to get out of this dilemma is to investigate the local Halal market. This is due to the fact that the Muslim market currently makes up 70% of Malaysia's population, placing this possibility at the level of a blue ocean that is ideal for exploration. As a result, Mala Mini Hotpot's branding approach meets "spiritual requirements" in addition to meeting financial needs. This may provide customers a sense of "reliability" and "assured" satisfaction.

Focus on Self Media Marketing

The dissemination of information through new media is currently in an explosive condition, even registering an unprecedented speed, in line with the development of the internet and new media. The public's attention has been drawn to the restaurant operators' message thanks to how unusual this feature is and how rapidly, widely, and successfully it has spread. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the "internet celebrity (KOL)" strategy. In order to express the idea and power of the brand to customers, develop in-depth communication with them outside the influence of "internet celebrities," create the brand's personality, and win their hearts and minds, Mala Mini Hotpo constantly seeks out and employs the most effective methods.

MALA MINI HOTPOT FoodRepublic Pavilion (Perdana Branch)

Since opening its flagship location at FOOD REPUBLIC @ PAVILLION, Bukit Bintang, a month ago, MALA MINI HOTPOT has gained the respect of its patrons and had a very positive response, particularly from returning customers.


MALATANG - In Sichuan, Chengdu, Chongqing, and Xinjiang, MALATANG, a street meal, is particularly well-liked. It comes from Leshan in the province of Sichuan. The term "Ma-La-Tang" denotes the need to add a lot of pepper and chilli powder to the dish in order to make it "spicy and numb." It was created from Sichuan cuisine, which symbolises the distinctive local culture. The idea of "fast, tasty, and cheap" has made Malatang popular among people from all walks of life.

MALA CHUAN CHUAN - A traditional dish from Chongqing and Sichuan is called MALA CHUAN CHUAN. It is not only one of the most well-liked traditional cuisines in the neighbourhood, but it also exemplifies popular food culture. Chuan Chuan is produced at Mala Mini Hotpot using the young generation's modern style, the "Walking Cup," which can be consumed anywhere.

Because the food items are jabbed on a spoon before being dropped into the hot pot to be cooked, the dish is known as "Mala Chuan Chuan." This dish has spread and gained popularity all throughout China thanks to its special appeal and distinguishing features.

MALA HOTPOT comes with a range of premium fresh culinary ingredients, a mouthwatering original mala aroma, and a hot Hotpot serve that is highly addicting. Other high-quality components are dipped in Mala soup before cooking so that it can be served and enjoyed in public events.

Mala Mini Hotpot is delighted to invite anyone to join its partnership programme with the potential to make large profits in the future. Mala Mini Hotpot is very glad to present this lucrative business opportunity with (USP) Unique Selling Proposition to you.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Antabax and R.E.A.L Kids Partner to Reduce the Spread of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Yay! Antabax Care Kits including for REAL Kids Ara Damansara students.

While Hand, Foot and Mouth Diseases (HFMD) is on the downtrend in Malaysia with 106,477 cases reported as of 18 June 2022, it is still an approximately 39 fold increase compared to the 2,710 cases1 reported for the same period last year, according to the latest report by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) is a very contagious common illness which typically affects children below 5 years of age, although adults and older children can also be infected. 

A student of REAL Kids Bandar Makhota Cheras practicing good hygiene habits with her Antabax Care Kit.

HFMD is highly transmissible, and childcare settings are the most common places for HFMD to be contracted because of toilet training, diaper changes, and the fact that children often put their hands into their mouths.

What can we as parents do to keep the little ones safer?

To accompany Malaysian parents in combating HFMD, Antabax, Malaysia's leading Halal anti-bacterial personal care brand is partnering with R.E.A.L Kids, the country’s largest owner-operated kindergarten chain with 45 centres and 3,600 students nationwide by equipping students, teachers and staff with Antabax care kits for on-the-go personal hygiene, and creative education materials to raise understanding of the dos and don’ts of HFMD. 

Students at REAL Kids TTDI are delighted with their Antabax Care Kits.

“As a leading brand in hygiene and sanitation solution for consumers, Antabax is committed to providing regular education and continuous access to strengthen healthy and hygenic habits, and together creating a healthier and cleaner community. Good personal care, good hygiene especially hand hygiene may help prevent the spread of HFMD. Through Antabax product solutions, we trust that parents and teachers play an important role in teaching children to wash or sanitise their hands frequently before and after eating, as well as before and after going to the toilet, after group activities or touching suspect surfaces, and avoid sharing or touching other children, sharing water bottles, food or toys2. Provide your child with their own sanitiser and show them how to use it, and when to use it too! Clean hands keep us safe,” says Chua Su Fee, Marketing Manager from Antabax. She further remarked that this activity is only the beginning of Antabax’s long-term commitment to continuously contribute and bring a positive impact on Malaysian families.

Speaking on the partnership with Antabax, Ng Ming-yan, Operations Manager at R.E.A.L Kids says, “We are glad to partner with Antabax once again, as the brand continues to educate and raise awareness on infectious diseases that affect children in a creative and timely manner. We would also remind parents to reinforce good hygiene behavior at home, and to wipe down their little ones’ belongings to reduce the spread. Always remind your child to keep their hands away from their mouth, and if they are unwell do not send them to school but take them to a clinic or hospital for diagnosis3.”

Antabax will be sharing educational materials and tips on reducing the spread of HFMD, which will be distributed to all R.E.A.L Kids students nationwide. Content includes creative discussion and activities sheets for students developed by teachers and caregivers on reducing the risk of HFMD. The brand continues its role as an enabler to encourage parents, students and teachers to get back in action by emphasizing good personal hygiene practices, which is in-line with its #BaxInAction theme.

The brand will be contributing its products including antibacterial sanitizer spray, bar soap and antibacterial wipes which able to kill 99.9% of germs and give parents peace of mind about their child’s hygiene.

A promotional voucher that can be used on Antabax products purchase is provided to support parents in making their next Antabax purchase. For more information on Antabax, please visit or follow us on Facebook and on Instagram

About Antabax

Antabax, established in 2004, is a leading Malaysian anti-bacterial personal care brand. Specially formulated with Derma Protect Technology, its products contain Micro Moisture Serum with skin vitamins, leaving skin smoother and healthier while keeping one protected from infection causing germs. The products are dermatologically tested, in which the range includes shower cream, hand soap, bar soap, hand sanitizer and cleansing wipes in a series of contemporary fragrances to suit every mood.

The award-winning halal certified brand is also known for its commitment and care towards building more active and hygienic communities. Fuelled by innovation, Antabax’s vision is to make quality health and hygiene products within the reach of all, building good habits that will last a lifetime.

Over the past years, Antabax has worked closely with the Ministry of Health and private education institutions on hygiene related campaigns. Antabax has hosted campaigns, believed to be among the largest public-private hand hygiene campaigns ever taken in the

nation with the purpose of reducing hand-borne communicable diseases and preparing the nation ahead of possible epidemics.

Antabax is also recognized and acknowledged among consumers and the industry, receiving a slew of awards and accolades, such as The BrandLaureate, The Star Outstanding Business Award, Sin Chew Business Excellence Award, Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Award, Watsons HWB Awards, among others.

About REAL Kids

REAL Kids is Malaysia's largest owner-operated preschool network with 45 centres across the country. For 35 years we have provided affordable quality preschool education to more than 15,000 children. With multi award-winning programmes and well-trained teachers, we are dedicated to the vocation of moulding children to be intelligent, multi-lingual, happy and confident. REAL Kids is recognised as Malaysia's best preschool in the Parenthood Parents' Choice Awards for years in a row.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Anytime Fitness Launches AF Connect

Anytime Fitness launches a new digital platform, AF Connect. This domain features personalized 

coaching that provides the best fitness, nutrition, and recovery guidance accessible any time, 

anywhere. The newest digital platform launched this April 1.


AF Connect features curated workouts with global fitness brand, Les Mills, as well as blogs 

and entries about keeping a fit and healthy lifestyle beyond the physical aspect. Users can also 

expect a wide array of content, including healthy, easy-to-do recipes, exclusive perks and discounts 

for active members, member testimonials, and other lifestyle content such as mental health, 

COVID protocols, and the like.


Anytime Fitness Asia COO for Core Market Ryan Cheal shares his insight for AF Connect, 

“The past two years have been challenging with COVID-19, and we have witnessed that leading 

a healthy lifestyle is very important. Anytime Fitness has 34 gyms nationwide and we open 

new gyms every month. For the last seven years, we have been bringing Anytime Fitness to 

our communities. Now we want to make health and fitness more accessible by launching our 

online platforms. Our members can get the best education on nutrition, recovery, mental health, 

and workout at the gym, at home, at work and at the local park, with the world’s number 1 in 

group exercise Les Mills on demand. Not only will this platform be for free for our members, 

but we also want to give everyone a 7-day free trial. We want to continue to improve the health 

and fitness of the Filipino people.” 


Aside from AF Connect, other digital platforms include the Anytime Fitness PH website, 

a user-friendly tool that features Find My Gym, free day passes, and online sign-ups. 

The AF app is also available to all active members where they can book their gym visit, 

customize workouts, and speak to their personal trainers, 24-7.


AF Connect launched this April 1st, with a free 7-day trial open to everyone. 

Claim your free trial here:

Monday, June 20, 2022

What do petrol heads buy online?

What do petrol heads buy online?

Most of us are aware of the expansion that the local e-commerce landscape has been going through of late. For example, the number of Malaysian rural and community businesses participating as Shopee Marketplace sellers has increased 7.5-fold since January 2020 till March 2022.

Meanwhile, more and more Malaysian shoppers are purchasing items online for products that they would usually look for in a physical shop. This includes, among other things, car and motorcycle parts and accessories.

So, what exactly do petrol heads mostly spend online?

Here’s a glimpse into the top selling items from January 2022 till April 2022 on Auto Mall, a one-stop centre on Shopee for automotive products, knowledge, deals and more.

Auto Mall product

No. of units sold from Jan 2022 - Apr 2022

Car tissue box holder


Car and motor engine oil




Motorcycle tyres




Car tissue box holder - Sales recorded increased by over 3 times in April 2022 compared to when Auto Mall was introduced in November 2021

Spills on the seat or breadcrumbs on the car mat can sometimes happen if you’re not too careful. It is no surprise then that tissue boxes are a common sight in our cars. 

For practicality, many drivers have been purchasing car tissue box holders on Shopee. These holders make car interiors look neater and more organised. Over 79,000 units of the product have been sold on Auto Mall from January 2022 to April 2022.

Engine Oil - More than 69,000 units sold on Auto Mall from January 2022 to April 2022

An essential part in keeping an engine running at peak performance is a high-quality engine oil that has good cleaning power. Riders and drivers have been turning to Shopee for their engine protection needs, with a wide variety of engine oil brands and types available on offer.

Batteries - Over 26,000 units of batteries were sold on Auto Mall from January till April this year

Not many things are more frustrating than failing to start your car or motorcycle due to a flat battery when you’re rushing off for work. Shopee users are doing their best to not be caught in that situation by purchasing premium, long lasting batteries on the platform. 

Motorcycle tyres - Over 19,000 motorcycle tyres sold on Auto Mall from January till April this year

Something rather big and bulky such as tyres have usually been bought at physical tyre shops. However, the increased popularity of e-commerce has shifted consumer preferences, leading many Malaysians to prefer the convenience and ease of purchasing motorcycle tyres via the click of a few buttons.

Maxxis and Corsa are examples of popular brands, with silicone wax also highly sought by those particularly keen on keeping their tyres and rims shiny on the road.

Motorcycles - Sales recorded increased by more than double in April 2022 compared to November 2021

Beyond just parts and accessories, motorcycles have also been frequently purchased. Having a motorcycle is handy when it comes to making those short trips nearby and navigating tight city streets. More than 900 units of motorcycles were sold on Auto Mall in the first four months of 2022.

Popular motorcycle brands on Shopee include Yamaha, Modenas, Honda and Vespa. Users have the option of buying motorcycles in cash or by paying the booking fee, then paying the rest of the amount via a loan. 

On Auto Mall, on top of products from trusted car and motorcycle brands and exclusive deals and vouchers, Shopee users can find various resourceful information such as tips on tyre care, latest fuel prices and blog articles on automotive topics.

Speaking on how Auto Mall has propelled their business, BateriHub stated, “Previously, we were more focused on offline retail outlets before the Covid-19 outbreak. When we started out on Shopee in late 2020, we had achieved over RM1 million sales in one year. Recently, after joining Auto Mall, our exposure improved greatly. The number of visitors to our store has increased by 25 percent in a month. Being in Auto Mall, we get to feature our products to more specific groups of potential buyers that share a similar interest in automotive goods.”

Guan Hoe Penang, who operates the Yamaha Official Store on Shopee, was able to diversify their business channels through the platform. “In the first year, we were able to hit above the RM500,000 mark, selling motorcycles, motor oils, spare parts and riding gear. Since the start of 2022, we joined Auto Mall, which helped boost our monthly sales by 30 percent. On top of assisting us in achieving higher store traffic, Auto Mall also enables us to have a dedicated site to showcase our best deals,” it said.

About Shopee

Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia & Taiwan. Shopee promotes an inclusive and sustainable digital ecosystem by enabling businesses to digitalise and grow their online presence, helping more people access and benefit from digital services, and uplifting local communities.


Shopee offers an easy, secure, and engaging experience that is enjoyed by millions of people daily. Shopee is also a key contributor to the region’s digital economy with a firm commitment to helping homegrown brands and entrepreneurs succeed in e-commerce.


Shopee is part of Sea Limited (NYSE: SE), a leading global consumer internet company. Sea’s mission is to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology through its three core businesses: Shopee, Garena and SeaMoney.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Guardian launches Health of the Nation Survey

True to its reputation as the leading community health expert in Malaysia, Guardian is conducting a month-long ‘Health of the Nation’ online survey that will begin on 28 April 2022 with a special ‘Health of the Nation’ event held at the Blue Atrium of Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya


Angela Teo, Head of Marketing, Guardian Malaysia and Brunei said:

“Guardian has embarked on this survey to understand the current health of the nation and with the results from the survey, Guardian will be able to use the findings to support our customers with relevant health activities and health information that our customers want and need,” she added.

“We encourage all Malaysians to take part in our Guardian ‘Health of the Nation’ survey which can be accessed through all our social media and digital platforms including Guardian IG and FaceBook pages,” Angela said. 


“This Guardian Atrium event which will be held from 28 April to 1 May 2022, will feature 24 participating brands with many special promotions such as gifts-with-purchase for everyone and special gifts for customers who participate in the online survey at the Atrium event.

“So please head on down to the Blue Atrium at Sunway Pyramid this weekend where there will be special health activities too apart from the special promotions from the 24 participating brands. 


 “Those who participate in the atrium games, activities, or complete the survey at the atrium will receive a redemption card to redeem a mystery gift at the cashier counter with any purchase. Customers who purchase RM120 from our skincare range will get a FREE Japanese Bowl Set while stocks last. And customers who download our Guardian mobile app on their phone will get a Guardian RM5 coupon too,” Angela concluded.

There are basketball challenge and speed challenge at the Blue Atrium, Sunway Pyramid.

Squeeze thru challenge too available, it's fun as you get to know if you can squee thru or not. 

Sharing is caring, yeah those who purchase RM120 from the skincare range will get a FREE Japanese Bowl Set while stocks last. And customers who download the Guardian mobile app on their phone will get a Guardian RM5 coupon at the event.

Answer & Win Prizes worth up to RM20,000! 28 April 2022 to 31 May 2022, scan the code to know more.

Haven't plan your weekend, you can start planning as starting from 28 April 2022 with a special ‘Health of the Nation’ event held at the Blue Atrium of Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya. There are special promotions available which I have share on the video in this post.


Scan this QR Code to link to the survey.

Facebook: @Guardianmy

Instagram: @Guardianmy

YouTube: @Guardian MY



About Guardian Malaysia

Guardian Malaysia started as a 200-sqft pharmaceutical retail outlet catering to the expatriate community 55 years ago. Today, it is the leading pharmacy, health and beauty retail chain in the country, with more than 500 stores nationwide, providing an unrivalled variety of pharmaceutical, health and beauty products. Each year, our stores serve more than 30 million customers across the country.


Friday, April 8, 2022

Equipped Yourself With In-Depth Digital Knowledge To Be The 21st Country Trainer

The International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) and Ascella Consulting Sdn Bhd are pleased to announce their collaboration to conduct a comprehensive virtual three-day intensive training program that maximises online classroom engagement, energy, and motivation. 


This course arose from the need that educators and presenters felt when the pandemic made us embrace the “New Normal”. We couldn't organise seminars and events in person anymore, and we rapidly discovered that what worked in the real world didn't translate well in the virtual world.

Offered to all lecturers, educators, speakers, presenters, and trainers alike, the training will provide comprehensive coaching on planning, designing, and conducting virtual classrooms. Learners will be taught a variety of methods and introduced to a wide range of tools to make their online lessons more engaging and improve students’ learning experience. This includes setting up your virtual professional classroom or studio from the comfort of your home. 

“The advancement of technology has made the learning environment better than ever. By knowing how to appropriately design your virtual lessons, teaching digitally shouldn’t be a fuss,” says Muhammad Shawal, one of IUMW lecturers who went through the in depth training earlier this year.

Throughout the programme, using accelerated learning techniques, participants will learn how to use technology planning, content modification, online engagement, and smooth virtual transition conducted by the digital experts at IUMW and Ascella Consulting. IUMW and Ascella Consulting intend to take the lead in enhancing the digital skills of the trainers and educators of the 21st century.

The training for Virtual Learning Design and Delivery will be held for three days and followed by three separate group sessions. Variety of dates and price packages are available. For more information, please visit our website or contact us at

About IUMW & Ascella Consulting Sdn Bhd

Owned by 2 prestigious universities, the International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) was established based on a mutual partnership between the University of Malaya (UM) & the

University of Wales, UK in 2013.

Ascella Consulting supports individuals and organisations to achieve their goals through a combination of consulting, training and coaching.

Both Ascella and IUMW are registered HRDF Training Providers.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Reasons Senior Living Communities Improve Older Adults' Lives

The older adults in our community need extensive care and help. However, it's hard to provide them with the ultimate care most of the time. You may choose to hire a nurse or persuade them to go to a nursing home to socialize with more people and get medical attention when they need it. Some of the reasons why the elderly may prefer living in a nursing home include:

Social Life And Companionship

At an old age, most people can barely work, and therefore, they are left with the option of staying at home on their own. Older adults may get lonely, especially if their spouse has passed on. Younger family members may spend most of their time at work, and helping their parents or grandparents may be challenging. Also, in homes for the elderly communities, they get a social life where they can talk and laugh all day with their mates.


 An elderly staying on their own may not be a good option, especially in unsafe places. Older people can hardly run or defend themselves. Nursing homes have become a better option for the sake of their safety. Safety hazards may also include falling or getting injured with no one to help them in the house.

Availability Of Nurses And Doctors

In Jacksonville Florida assisted living  homes, doctors and nurses are assigned to nurses. Whenever a medical emergency occurs, the elderly get immediate attention and care. While at home, the ambulance may be delayed, or the person may not be in a position to make an emergency call.


It gets to a point where the elderly can barely walk or even feed without help. It becomes difficult to leave such a person at home. Nurses help them feed, clean, and offer emotional and mental support to their patients. Most nursing homes have the proper environment where the old can enjoy their free time. They also feel secure around people and get the necessary medical attention when needed.

Monday, March 21, 2022


An unflinching commitment to ensure customer satisfaction by providing quality products at great value and the ability to pivot the business to adapt to swift changing and challenging market environment are among the reasons why Guardian Malaysia was voted the Number One Retailer by Malaysian consumers at the recent 2021 Putra Brand Awards. 


Soren Lauridsen, Chief Executive Officer of Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd said;

“This incredible win and honour is due to the excellent teamwork and the very hard work put in by everyone at Guardian Malaysia including our business partners.

“The fact that we won the coveted Platinum Award (Retail Category) during an exceptionally challenging year such as 2021, where the Covid pandemic was still raging, complete with lockdowns and movement control, make this win especially sweet and meaningful.”

“It is also a reward for the effort that we have put in, and to focus intensely on customer satisfaction by giving great value to help customers get through a difficult time. We are very happy our efforts have not gone unnoticed. To be voted by Malaysians to be the top retailer beating a field of renowned brands is indeed a great honour,” he added. 

As a gesture to thank all Malaysians who voted, Guardian has organised a ‘Thank You Sale’ beginning 1 March until 27 March 2022.

“I would like to thank all our customers for their trust, support and for voting for us. It has always been Guardian’s mission to help our customers live a healthy and beautiful life – every day. And we are glad that our customers understand our mission. 

“This ‘Thank You Sale’ that we have organised will have over 700 health and beauty products on offer on a Buy 1 Free 1 basis and will also feature a Shop & Win contest with RM300,000 worth of prizes to be won by more than 10,000 winners. There are five OGAWA iMelody Massage Chairs, 20 Tag Heuer Aquaracer watches to be won among others. All our customers need to do is to spend a minimum of RM30 to get a contest card and QR code to upload a photo or scan of their receipt to enter,” Soren said.

“Needless to say, we have also intensified our efforts to ensure we continue to give our best to our customers by introducing the latest technology for better consumer experiences. For example, we recently launched our new Guardian Mobile Application with more exciting features, 24/7 convenience and app-exclusive offers,” Soren added.

Besides that, Guardian Malaysia also launched a new Live Health Smart campaign, an initiative to help their customers live more healthily, smartly through greater product knowledge and access to professional advice from Guardian pharmacists.

As part of the campaign, Guardian rolled out an educational series to arm customers with knowledge on how to prevent and handle prevalent illnesses such as diabetes, heart health, skin health and general health. In addition, more brands and wider product choices will be made available to ensure customers have greater healthy choices.

“After all we have a reputation and legacy of being a trusted community health expert and winner of Malaysia’s Favourite Store to uphold. Now we have to raise the bar of the standard of service and value we offer, Soren concluded.

The Putra Brand Awards is the most prestigious brand recognition award by the marketing and communications industry of Malaysia. It is a brand award endorsed by MATRADE and is the ONLY award chosen by the people.

This year, more than 11,000 respondents from consumers across Peninsular and East Malaysia participated in the consumer preference survey by an independent research company to determine their favourite brands across 24 different product and services categories. In each category, a Platinum, Gold, Silver and/or Bronze will be awarded to the People’s most preferred brands.



Mala Hotpot Mini

Mala Hotpot Mini H otpot is the sort of meal that is now popular (trending) in Malaysia's food service (F&B) sector. There has been ...