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Friday, July 3, 2020

Back to school 15 July 2020

growing up fast, this photo was taken when he was below 12 years old.
It's month of July 2020, soon my son will be back to school on 15 July 2020. He has tried out the school uniform and he still can fit them. However he has not try out the school shoes, I think he can still fit in them as few months back I have bought a few pair shoes which is one or two size bigger for him. He will be getting ready hand sanitizer, extra face mask to school in case one mask is filled with sweat he got to change it with another. Of course the standard operating procedure of school to follow. I also will be giving him wipes in case he needs to use to wipe something.

Social distancing to practice of course in the school, he shared the video of school for me to see that they are practice one way walking in and out of the school.

I am sure of how is the SOP of his little brother for primary school that's his turn to back to school on 22 July 2020. It's going to be same that we be providing him the hand sanitizer, wipes, and extra face mask to bring to school. He already know of the importance of social distancing. He got a personalized mask, but he will not be using that for schooling.

Besides back to school soon, it's maybe month of August that the boys got to go back to tuition centre as waiting the tuition centre to confirm and let us know about it. As for now they are both online tuition at home, I have problem with Ipad access to Google classroom so I didn't use that anymore. My laptop is 15 years old and has got a few times auto shut down by itself, my son is using it for attending online school class Google Meet. Ipad can us for Zoom meeting, for tuition and other online class school.

The month of July indeed a special month, it's also my hubby birthday. Some of my friends already started their plan on vacation in Malaysia and some of them already started visiting places in Malaysia. As for us, we just keep calm and stay home not planning for any vacation at the moment.

Photo above my son wearing the personalized t-shirt made in 2015, click on the link to read about it.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Waist and thigh trainer plus size

Christmas just few weeks away and my friends have got their plan on the special dates. They are looking for shapewear that is plus size, sharing is caring I found the website choice of waist and thigh trainer plus size. The website is user friendly and easy to browse, the plus size shapewear from size of S up to 6XL. My friends have got active lifestyle, perhaps they would like to check out the website to match an active wear.

My friend is no long breastfeeding her child as her baby is now almost 2 years old. She wanted to purchase shapewear but doesn't know where to get start. I think she might be interested to check out the website as they have offer many types of shapewear for woman of all sizes.

Shopping for gifts on this coming Christmas and didn't know what to shop. How about the best waist trainer? They have many choices and I feel many woman would like to own a shapewear of their own. The shapewear for woman that can gives you confident in wearing dresses and other outfit.

Every woman would like to wear a shapewear that is comfortable and easy to wear. So many shapewear to choose from, it would be nice to shop one that is within budget and we can check out what's their best seller and special offer on the website. It is suitable to be worn under clothes and it's important to purchase the correct size. Talking about the size, they have the size chart to for reference. Personally, I would prefer a shapewear that I can easily use when I goes to restroom.

The shapewear also can be used while having workout at home or at gym. Don't just read here, you may check out the website of Shapellx to see it for yourself. Just click on the above links to find out more information. I like their website as they have provide the infomation on how to care for the shapewear. I know most of my friends would like to know after purchase a shapewear, how to wash them.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Shopping for dresses online: formal dresses, casual dresses etc

During the CMCO, internet access is important for everyone as we depends on it to check on the latest news online. Recently my friends told me that they been shopping online as they now seldom visit the physical fashion stores. Sharing is caring, as online shopping is convenient now, I spotted the website has this beautiful sun flower elegant layered dress. So pretty dresses to see there and my sister-in-law told me that this dress is nice to wear during Chinese New Year and other special occasions too. My sister-in-law told me that this website has got pretty nice designs of the dresses.
 Most people are shopping online now as goods are deliver to their door step. With Internet access it's convenient for everyone to shop online. My friends are looking for fashion online stores, sharing is caring, I like the fashion dresses on the website. The website is user friendly and easy to browse.
Many of my friends are back to work, some of them are allowed to wear casual dresses to work so they are also looking for casual dresses and they need to to find long formal dresses for special occasions too, I checked the website it's also selling formal dresses online.

There's plus size clothing available on the website, can check out their website for the measurement by checking each item size chart and they have many choice on casual dresses.

Good news to my friends and readers who are shopping for online fashion, can visit the website for various type of dresses like sun flower elegant layered dress, formal dresses online and casual dresses. I like their stylish designs and I also check out their popular style of dresses from time to time. For more information about the website can just click above link to visit.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Communities in Need in the Klang Valley Turn to #AyamWithYou Community Pantries

While times are tough due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Malaysians are pulling together to support communities with kindness and trust, giving old methods such as communal food pantries an innovative spin.

The #AyamWithYou Food Pantry initiative, by Ayam Brand™ and 13 charity homes nationwide is helping charities, empowering them to help surrounding communities that are in need.

For example in the Anjung Singgah homeless shelter in Jalan Lekiu is leading the way for surrounding communities by managing the #AyamWithYou pantry in this area.

“We were concerned for the well-being of some families here especially during Ramadan and for Raya. We don’t have much, but they had less. We have been part of the Ayam Brand™ Community Care campaign in the past. This year Ayam Brand™ again provided our organisation with two months’ supply of their products for our residents, and suggested the food pantry or gerobok rezeki as a solution for the community. They have provided a weatherproof pantry and a separate stock of products that we can bless the community with,” said Anjung Singgah Yayasan Kebajikan Negara, operations officer, Encik Amir Rudin Bin Abdul Rahman.

The weatherproof pantry is set up outside the shelter so that social distancing is observed. It is open to the public round-the-clock. Staff and residents update the community about the food pantry through community groups on social media and messaging apps, and they top up the Ayam Brand™ products daily.

“We sent out messages by WhatsApp and Facebook that the food pantry items are free for those who need, while those who want to contribute can add dry foods, snacks, stationery, cleaning products and other essential items. The residents relish the responsibility of managing the food pantry and keeping it well-stocked. They get to practice kindness and generosity,” Encik Amir Rudin said.

Response to the initiative has been overwhelming with the daily allocation of Ayam Brand™ products such as tuna, baked beans, processed peas, canned pineapples and coconut milk snapped up quickly, and other essentials being added, with strong support from the community.

“Surprises have turned up at the food pantry including fresh vegetables, dates, baby formula, diapers and Raya cookies! We can feel the #KitaJagaKita closeness. The #AyamWithYou food pantry project has made this Raya very special by building stronger bonds of kindness, trust and support in our community, allowing us to contribute actively well-being,” he added.

Through its long-running Corporate Social Responsibility programmes Ayam Brand™ has contributed more than 2 million healthy meals for charity, providing nutritious food to more than 21,800 people from 524 charity organisations and NGOs over the past 12 years.

This year the brand has supported Covid-19 front liners at Hospital Sungai Buloh, 13 charity homes, the #AyamWithYou food pantry initiative, and the Anjung Singgah Kuala Lumpur Homeless Transit centre, with plans to support more organisations and communities.

“Covid-19 drastically changed our plans for the 13th annual Ayam Brand™ Community Care Campaign, but we see the positive impact of the #AyamWithYou Food Pantry initiative. It changes the narrative for our charity home partners, from being recipients to being contributors and donors in their respective communities. The community here has embraced the food pantry concept of ‘take what you need, leave what you can’ creating a virtuous cycle that is sustaining the initiative” said Ayam Brand Malaysia’s Marketing Manager, Nathan Deverre.

Ayam Brand™ staff have helped spread the word on the food pantry so that more can benefit or contribute, and started the ball rolling by being among the first to contribute non-food items to the pantry.

“Starting with our families and friends we sent out a list of necessities for the pantry. Those who could dropped off essential items at the pantry. The community are so willing and eager to help. They have shared the location of the pantry with those in need as well. All of us can help within our means,” said an Ayam Brand™ team member who lives in the area.

The #AyamWithYou food pantry is located Anjung Singgah, Lot 28-32 Jalan Hang Lekiu, 50100 Kuala Lumpur and at Pertubuhan Kebajikan Kasih Nurul Hasanah No 1, Jalan Pimping Kanan, Ukay Heights 68000 Ampang Selangor.

Be part of the movement to receive or to give essentials.

Find out more about the #AyamWithYou food pantry initiative, visit

About Ayam Brand
Ayam Brand, a household name in Malaysia and Asia for 128 years, is famed for its wide range of quality and healthy canned food that are preservative free and contain no added MSG. Ayam Brand products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities that meet the highest international standards with worldwide-recognized certifications (HACCP, ISO 9001) and are certified ‘Halal’. Since 2013, Ayam Brand has been ranked in the Top 10 of Malaysia’s most chosen FMCG brands, according to the Kantar Worldpanel’s Brand Footprint Study.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

3 Types of Insurance You Might Not Know You Need

When looking at insurance companies in Fort Myers FL, you may be overwhelmed at the number of policies that are available. While you likely understand that house, health and auto insurance are necessities, there may be other types that are less known that you still need. If you are in the market for new insurance policies, consider these that you may not have thought of: Renter's insurance, life insurance and boat insurance.

Renter's Insurance

If you rent a home or live in an apartment, you may breathe a sigh of relief that you do not have to cover the insurance costs for your dwelling. However, it is a good idea to have renter's insurance for the contents of your place. This type of insurance is usually relatively inexpensive compared to home insurance but can be extremely helpful if a flood or fire happens at your place of residence.

Life Insurance

If you are young and healthy, you may not feel the need for life insurance. You may consider it something that only old people need. However, it is important that your family members are taken care of in case anything ever happens to you. You never know when an accident might happen, and it is important that your family is able to take care of themselves after your untimely death. Some people even view this type of policy as a retirement investment if they, fortunately, do not have to use it for its intended purpose.

Boat Insurance

If you have a boat for recreation, you may have never thought of having it insured. However, something could happen to it and leave you still paying off a boat that you no longer have. Insurance can give you peace of mind about not losing this expensive piece of property.
When deciding what type of insurance you and your family needs, it is important that you consider all the types available.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Yunnan Baiyao Toothpaste

Stay at home and we need to care for our oral hygiene too. Sharing is caring this a chinese herbal toothpaste and it was the most popular toothpaste brand in China. Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste it's available on shelf in all Caring Pharmacy in Malaysia.

The ingredients: Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate, Water, Sorbitol, Glycerin, DSilicon Dioxide, Polyethylene Glycol(PEG-8), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Lactobacillus Paracasei, Panax Notoginseng Root Extract, Fragrance, Xanthan Gum, Cellulose Gum (CMC), Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Zinc L-lactate, Sodium Saccharin, PVP, Sodium Benzoate.

As you can see there's also mint flavour toothpaste. The only difference between the mint and probiotic is that probiotic toothpaste contain Lactobacillus Paracasei (probiotics).

Remove the foil from top of the tube. Squeeze toothpaste on to toothbrush (soft medium recommended). Brush slowly in circles, do not apply force. Recommended to brush teeth twice a day, 1 - 3 minutes each time. Let toothpaste foam in mouth for 2-3 minutes before rinsing.

With Internet access today, it's easy for us to shop online while stay at home.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Reasons To Use a Money Transfer

When a loved one needs funds quickly, there are many options available to you to use. Sending a money transfer to them is quick, cheap, and easy to retrieve on their end. Here are a few reasons you should use this service.

Have the Money In a Short Time

If a friend or family member is in need of inmate money transfers los angeles ca so they can purchase items while incarcerated, enacting a money transfer can be quicker than if you were to go through your bank. If you are willing to pay an additional fee, they can have the funds in hand instantaneously instead of waiting several days.

Lower Rates

Sending money by transfer can be less expensive than if you do it through a financial institution. This is especially true if your source is overseas. Banks can charge a high fee to process your request while companies that work with transfers have lower rates. However, shop around for the best rate before proceeding with your transaction.

Easy To Apply

While a bank might make you apply for an account with them to send cash to someone else, all you need to do to complete a money transfer is fill out a form. This can be done on paper or online. If you use your computer to finalize it, it will calculate your fees and your exchange rate if applicable. It will also give you an estimated date that it will happen.

Can Be Retrieved Worldwide

Working with a money transfer company is good for the recipient as well as the sender. They can pick the money up at multiple locations across the globe. However, warn them to take someone with them that they trust and hide the funds when they get them. This will keep them safe from those who would try to steal from them.

Monday, April 20, 2020

PANGOI launches online store in Malaysia Ecoomerce Platforms with Theme #Raya Tetap Raya Bersama Pangoi

#Raya Tetap Raya Bersama Pangoi
Pangoi fashion retailer announces debut of online stores.

PANGOI, which aims to fulfill women’s desires to own a high quality handmade batik collection and yet affordably prices fashion apparel for women and men. PANGOI products are available at its five outlets in Malaysia. Now you can online shopping on the online stores; with something great awaiting for everyone. Check out the Fashion and latest Raya Collection, with Internet access it's easy to shop online anywhere anytime.

Pangoi’s Online Stores will offer the same collections as in-store, giving customers access to a wide range of clothing and accessories for woman and man. There will also be exclusive ‘online-only’ item available all year-round.

You can see more on Pangoi Online Store 👍
Shopee Malaysia :
Zalora :  

Lazada :

‘#Raya Tetap Raya Bersama Pangoi encourages Malaysians to remain calm and we can still have our Raya celebration this year. Shop online, we will deliver the goods to your doorstep in good hand.’ says Patrick Goi, Pangoi Founder. Customer will now have twenty-four hours access to the best of our fashion and latest Raya collections via their computers, smartphones, and tablets from anywhere in Malaysia. Everything shoppers love about Pangoi fashion will now be accessible with the click of a button in every city across Malaysia.


To mark the arrival of Online Stores, Pangoi will donate RM10 per Raya Batik Collections 2020 set purchased to Tabung Covid-19, to help those affected by the Coronavirus outbreak in Malaysia.

For more information and latest updates from Pangoi, please visit or follow Pangoi on Facebook or @pangoiinternational on IG or WhatsApp at +60169014283.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

What To Do Before Moving In

When you buy a new home, there is a lot to think about and do. You will need to move into the new place, bringing all your stuff, and you will need to start making the place feel like home. The list of things to do may seem almost endless, but there are some things that should take priority. Here are three things you should do to your new house before moving in.


While it may seem strange, changing the locks on your doors is one of the first things you should do after buying a new house. You have no way of knowing who the previous owners gave keys to, or if you are the only one with access to the place. If you are looking for something high grade, you may want to hire a residential locksmith DC to ensure it’s one of the best.


For those who like upgraded, electronic systems throughout the home, installing them before you move in is often very helpful. Home automation systems can make living in your home extremely convenient. It can allow you to control the electricity, thermostat, appliances, and some entertainment systems. They also enable you to check the security of your home, alerting you when there is movement around it.


Once you have bought your new home, you should call your internet and cable company to see how soon they can set up the connections. If you do not have it done before you move in, you may be without television for the first few days you are there. Many depend on these things for work or entertainment purposes, and they often forget to have them put in before they move in.
Ensuring these things are completed before moving in can make your move easier and relieve some stress. Although they can be done after you get settled, it is simpler to have them done before.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Lessons Learned in Play

Allowing little ones to have fun is so important to their educational development. It not only enhances their own skills, but it can also foster a love for learning; thus, during the younger years, it's important to not only spend time working on understanding the alphabet and numerals, but also some of the classic childhood activities. Doing both can benefit your child's vpk tampa experience. Here are three activities that can boost your mental growth.


There are many benefits in putting together a puzzle, especially for kids. Their eyes are still developing, learning to recognize shapes and forms. These fun boxes of pieces encourage them to pay attention to details, learning the differences and nuances of images. That's useful in reading and math as kids must start to recognize the structure of letters and numbers. In addition, activities such as these demand patience and critical thinking.

Coloring and Cutting

It's okay to explore a huge box of crafts. The imagination goes wild, and kids begin to explore their own minds. In addition, having to handle the small pieces allows them to work on their fine motor skills. Holding a crayon and drawing fun characters is simply an extension of an early writing lesson. Holding a pencil really is an important skill. Those that learn the wrong way may place too much pressure, building frustration with writing assignments down the road.


The auditory system continues to grow even during these years. It's adapting to hearing small differences. In fact, even some letters are hard to hear until someone is older. Songs, though, work with introducing higher-level skills, making it simpler to remember and comprehend. The kiddos become more familiar with rhyme, increase vocabulary and become familiar with a study technique. They may not realize it, but by you playing ABC songs in the car, you're actually increasing their focus on knowledge and making it seem interesting.
If you need a few things to do at home, don't think flashcards are the only option. While useful, some of those entertaining tasks are just as useful.

Back to school 15 July 2020

growing up fast, this photo was taken when he was below 12 years old. It's month of July 2020, soon my son will be back to school o...