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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Enjoy Value in A Can for The Whole Family with Omega-3 Rich Ayam Brand™ Sardines & Mackerel

Shah Alam, June 2024 – Make the smarter nutrition choice for your family with Ayam Brand™’s Sardines and Mackerel that provide unbeatable convenience and value in a can, while being rich in Omega-3 to boost health.  

Adults and children should eat at least two servings of fish per week to get the Omega-3 to boost their health1 because our bodies cannot produce the amount of Omega-3 we need to thrive2. Fatty fish such as sardines, mackerel, saba and tuna are especially rich in Omega-3 making it the best natural option to get the Omega-3 our bodies need to work optimally.  

Classic Ayam Brand Sardine sandwiches

But why is Omega-3 so important for the health of your family? While all fish are a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals, fatty fish contain more omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients that may improve heart health, promote brain health during pregnancy and early life, promote brain growth and development in children3 and much more. That’s a slew of benefits for simply adding fatty fish such as sardines, mackerel, saba and tuna to your diet twice a week.  

For informed consumers such as today’s smart mamas who look for value and products that deliver much more than the basics, get the Omega-3, protein and calcium that your family needs from Ayam Brand’s Sardines in Tomato Sauce or Ayam Brand’s Mackerel in Tomato Sauce that are made using sardines and mackerel caught in cold seas where these fish build up even higher stores of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Ayam Brand Sardines in Tomato Sauce are packed with protein, calcium with 7X more Omega-3 compared to home-cooked locally caught fresh sardines4! That’s convenience in a can, and a smarter option for healthier meals that supports your family’s dietary needs.  

Beyond providing a family of four half of the Omega-3 they need for the week as well as protein, calcium and other essential nutrients the convenience of a large 425g can of Ayam Brand Sardines in Tomato Sauce or Ayam Brand Mackerel in Tomato Sauce can is a gamechanger for busy time-pressed mom. Transform breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time into a nutritious feast. Ready-to-eat directly from the can or jazz it up in bento boxes, fried rices, masak lemak dishes, fritters or sandwiches. Smart mamas know that they can reach for Ayam Brand for essential nutrients that provides excellent value and versatility in a can at breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time.

Ayam Brand has curated a series of home-made recipes using Ayam Brand Sardines in Tomato Sauce and Ayam Brand Mackerel in Tomato Sauce in combination with other Ayam Brand products that anyone especially smart mamas can conveniently whip up with minimal effort for maximum impact in terms of taste and health benefits.  

Here’s how to give your family the Omega-3, protein and calcium they need at super speed and affordability, with Ayam Brand’s Value in A Can.  

Breakfast – Classic Ayam Brand Sardine Sandwiches
The classic Ayam Brand Sardine sandwiches are a mainstay of picnics, family gatherings, tea parties and for breakfast.

Drain one large can of Ayam Brand Sardines in Tomato Sauce, reserving some of the tomato sauce. Mash the sardines with some finely diced yellow onion, finely diced and deseeded large green chillies, a tablespoon of lemon or lime juice, and the reserved tomato sauce. Spread this chunky savoury paste thickly over buttered bread, and cover with another slice of buttered bread. If you are feeling fancy, and to increase fibre intake you can add a layer of thinly sliced cucumbers to the sandwich.

Yield: 8 generously filled sandwiches Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 0 minutes

Lunch or Dinner: Ayam Brand Mackerel in Hot & Spicy Creamy Coconut Sauce  
When you need a quick, healthy and delicious meal that the spouse and the kids will love but you have limited time, reach for this Masak Lemak Cili Padi Mackerel recipe.  
Get your rice going on the stove top or in a rice cooker. Gather one large can of Ayam Brand Mackerel in Tomato Sauce, one pack of Ayam Brand Masak Lemak Cili Padi paste, one pack of Ayam Brand Coconut Milk and one tomato that you will expertly quarter.  

Add the Ayam Brand Masak Lemak Cili Padi paste into a pan, stir until fragrant around 2 to 3 minutes. Add one to two cups of water according to your preference and stir to combine. Bring to the boil. Add the entire 200ml pack of Ayam Brand Coconut Milk, and bring to the boil while stirring. Next add the full can of Ayam Brand Mackerel in Tomato Sauce including the delicious tomato sauce. Bring to a gentle boil. Add the chopped tomato. Mix it in. Ready to serve with rice.

Serves: 4 to 6 pax Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 15 minutes  
Snack Time with Crispy Sardine Fritters  

These crispy sardine fritters are perfect for rainy weekends when everyone is home and feeling peckish. Empty a large can of Ayam Brand Sardines in Tomato Sauce into a large bowl and mash into a fine paste. Crack in three eggs and mix well. Stir in half a tablespoon of salt, freshly ground black pepper to taste into the eggy mixture. Next fold in half a cup of corn flour and half a cup of all-purpose flour and one cup of water. Mix well for a smooth batter.  
Heat oil in a shallow frying pan. Drop in dollops of the sardine batter into the hot oil. Fry until golden brown.  

Serves: 4 to 6 pax Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time : 15 minutes  

Try the full Ayam Brand range of canned fish to add value to every meal and get your two servings of fish per week with ease. Explore Ayam Brand Chilli Tuna, Ayam Brand Tuna in Olive Oil and Ayam Brand Tuna in Water for great sources of protein that fit effortlessly into your life and lifestyle.  

To add even more Value in A Can to your Ayam Brand meal join the Ayam Brand Beli & Menang contest happening from now until 30 June 2024 for the chance to win prizes such as 20g or 10g of GOLD, a brand new Philips Airfryer (5000 Series XL), or score RM100 Touch n’Go eWallet credit! Simply purchase any Ayam Brand, Duchef or Yumeat products worth RM20 in total (mix & match allowed), take a clear picture of your receipt and WhatsApp your receipt to +6018-3119980 and follow the instructions to send your full name & IC number to be in the running for great prizes. Visit for more information.  

Ayam Brand™ products are widely available from your friendly local provision stores, Aeon, Aeon Big, Econsave, Giant, selected Hero, Jaya Grocer, Lotuss, Mydin, Village Grocer, OTK, Checkers, Matahari, NSK, Pasaraya Econjaya, Sabasun, Pantai Timor, Billion, Sunshine, Nirwana, Tunas Manja, Pasaraya Hwa Thai, Maslee, Target, CS Brothers, Family Store or visit the Ayam Brand™ Official stores on Shopee and Lazada.

About Ayam Brand™  
Ayam Brand™, a 132-year old Malayan heritage brand famed for its wide range of quality, preservative-free, no added MSG, healthy, convenient and Halal certified canned food. Ayam Brand™ products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities that meet the highest international standards with worldwide-recognized certifications (HACCP, ISO 9001). All Ayam Brand products are on the JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia) whitelist of Trusted Halal Food Brand. Ayam Brand™ has been ranked in the Top 10 as Malaysia’s most chosen FMCG brands, according to Kantar Worldpanel’s Asia Brand Footprint Study 2023.

For more information on Ayam Brand™, please visit or join

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

yumeat™ Plant-Based Luncheon Meat Adds Planet-Friendly Sustainability to Local Favourites


Be The First to Introduce Your Family and Friends to The Taste of The Future

Shah Alam, May 6, 2024 – We are feeling the effects of climate change all around us from unseasonably dry and scorching weather to constant downpours that lead to flash floods. As individuals we can play a part in slowing down these effects by choosing to live more sustainably. Small daily changes in our lifestyle can have a cumulative effect in reducing the rate of climate change. 

Sustainable living includes consciously choosing for the option that is better for the environment. This includes using electric vehicles, thrifting, and using pre-loved items, reducing waste, reusing, and recycling as well as switching to a flexitarian diet that is more plant-based. 

Plant-based meats have come along way, and leading the way is yumeat™, the first shelf-stable ready-to-eat plant-based meat products that are GMO-free, antibiotic-free and hormone-free, preservative-free, halal-certified with 0mg of cholesterol per serving. yumeat™ products contain clean ingredients with plant protein from non-GMO beans, wheat, oats and mushrooms. Plant-based meat such as yumeat™ emit 96% less greenhouse gas emissions, use 87% less fresh water, create 97% less water pollution and 98% less land use. 

Be the first to introduce your family and friends to the taste of the future with yumeat™  as it is lovingly crafted to have the delicious taste and mouth-feel of meat yet rich in the  sustainable nutrition and environmental benefits of plant-based. 


Malaysians are spoilt for food as we have an amazingly rich, diverse and delicious culinary culture. Often, we find it challenging to begin our flexitarian journey as there do not seem to be suitable substitutes for local dishes. Rest assured that yumeat™ has you covered with our popular plant-based luncheon in regular and spicy variants, and our equally popular plant-based minced meat that pairs wonderfully with noodles, rice or porridge. 

Need convincing? Try these simple, and simply delicious substitutes for local meaty favourites that will impress your family and friends at your next gathering. 

Nasi Kerabu

Jazz up your basic Nasi Kerabu (Blue Pea Flower Rice with raw local herbs and vegetables) by serving it with a side of pan-fried yumeat plant-based luncheon meat. Cube or cut the yumeat before pan-frying. Local, delicious, and nutritious. 

Mee Goreng 

First prep yumeat plant-based luncheon meat cut into batons, pan frying until slightly caramelised. Set aside. Fry up your noodles as you usually do but leave out the meat/chicken/fishcake as you will be yumeat-ing your protein. Sit back and watch as your family and friends dig into this deliciousness and compliment your cooking skills. 

Plant-based Luncheon Curry 

This curry pairs perfectly with roti jala, and can just as easily complement rice, rotis and even steamed bread. Here’s how: Dice up a can of yumeat plant-based luncheon in your choice of original or spicy. In a pan fry the diced luncheon until crispy, then set aside. In a pot, fry the onions until fragrant, add approximately 30g of curry powder and mix well and even more fragrant. Add in two and a half cups of water, bring the heat down to a simmer then add in two small potatoes that have been cut into wedges, and one cubed carrot. Then add 100ml of coconut milk, and simmer for until the potatoes and carrots are cooked. Salt to taste. Turn off heat, and pour in the diced luncheon cubes into the curry. Serve hot with roti jala. 

Try these and the many other recipes available at that are proof that the taste of the future is good for you and good for the planet, and works with local dishes. 

yumeat™ plant-based meat is made, packed in sterilised cans, quality controlled by Ayam Brand™, Malaysian favourite and trusted brand in the canned food industry with a 132-year heritage. legacy that it is shelf stable i.e ready-to-eat, and so convenient to use. 

Pick up a can of yumeat™ absolute goodness – good for you and good for the planet.  

Pricing and Availability 

yumeat™ are available in plant-based luncheon meat and plant-based spicy luncheon meat at RM12.90 for 360g can; and plant-based minced meat with bean paste at RM6.25 for 195g can. 

yumeat™ products are widely available from Aeon, Aeon Big, Giant, Lotus, Jaya Grocer, MYDIN, Hero, or visit the Ayam Brand Official stores on Shopee and Lazada. Follow  or for more info, recipes and exciting promotions. 


About yumeat™ 

yumeat™ is the first ready-to-eat shelf-stable plant-based meat in Malaysia, offering a portfolio of delicious, nutritious and sustainable plant-based meats made from clean ingredients; GMO-free, MSG-free, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, preservative-free, halal-certified with 0mg of cholesterol per serving. yumeat™ products contain plant protein from non-GMO beans, wheat, oats and mushrooms. 

The production and quality control are undertaken by Ayam Brand, a household name in the quality canned food sector, ensuring the highest standards of food production and quality. Stringent raw material supply selection process guarantees all yumeat™ ingredients are responsibly and sustainably sourced, lovingly crafted to provide similar taste and mouth-feel as animal-based meat while being better for people, the planet and for future generations. 


yumeat™ premise is ‘The Choices We Make Now Can Save the Planet for Future Generations, is based on the belief that there is a better way to feed our future grounded on better choices that can have tremendous  impact on individual and collective health, as well as the health of the Earth. Shifting from meat-based to plant-based even occasionally can have a positive impact on  human health, climate change, constraints on natural resources and animal welfare. As a leading food producer with a long history of social responsibility, yumeat™ has embarked on a mission to provide innovative meat-alternative products which contribute to global sustainability goals. yumeat™ is  ESG compliant and supports the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). 


yumeat™ products are available in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong S.A.R. To find out more visit and follow us on these social media platforms  or


Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Popular Indonesian cosmetics brand Hanasui now o?icially in Malaysia

SHAH ALAM, 30 Apr 2024 – Local cosmetics and personal care products distributor, Teeni Enterprise Sdn Bhd (Teeni Enterprise), has o;icially launched the highly popular Indonesian cosmetics brand Hanasui, in Malaysia at a concourse event held at the Central I-City shopping mall in Shah Alam, today.

The launch, organised in conjunction with the Hanasui Matcha Beauty Sensation show,
also saw the distributor introducing the best-seller - Hanasui Mattedorable Lip Cream
Matcha Latte, to the local market for the first time.
Septyana Nataya, Head of Marketing at PT Eka Jaya Internasional, the manufacturer of the Hanasui line of products, said at the launch that the company ensures that its products meet the most stringent requirements while keeping it a;ordable for the benefit of its customers. 

"All products under the Hanasui brand meets stringent requirements and has been
certified by the Good Cosmetic Manufacturing Methods (CPKB), National Agency of food and Drug Control (BPOM), and Halal Products Assurance Agency (BPJOH),” Septyana said.
“It doesn’t stop here, as we will continue to innovate and improve on our products to cater to the changing needs of consumers.” she added.

Teeni Enterprise executive director Ron Tay expressed his confidence that the Hanasui
brand will be well received in the country. “We are confident that Hanasui's commitment to quality and a;ordability will resonate strongly with local consumers,” he said.
“As Hanasui enters the market, Malaysians will be able to enjoy a wider variety of cosmetic products that can provide the rillght shade to match their individual preferences.” Tay elaborated.

“We’re thrilled to be the exclusive retail partner for the Hanasui range of beauty products in Malaysia,” said Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd commercial director for Malaysia and Brunei Anna Hull. “We are also proud that Hanasui is part of our latest #IYKYK Beauty category in our stores. The #IYKYK Beauty category features trend setting explosive growth brands on Social Media platforms and we are confident that Hanasui will enjoy the same success in Malaysia as they do in Indonesia and will be well received in Malaysia as well,” she added. 

Hanasui Mattedorable Lip Cream Matcha Latte is a rising favourite among users as it is known to be smudge-proof and can keep users’ lips moisturised for up to 12 hours.
Moreover, the lip cream can also be used as a blush for the cheeks or as eye shadow,
according to the manufacturer.
Featuring a refreshing matcha latte aroma and lightweight texture, the lip cream is enriched with olive oil and vitamin E to provide increased hydration to the lips. It comes in six color shades, namely Matchalicious, Matchamallow, Matchaciano, Matchalover, Matcha blend, and Matchachoco.

Those interested to know more or obtain the Hanasui lip cream or products can drop by at the Hanasui Matcha Beauty Sensation concourse event which is being held from April 29th to May 5th. Visitors will also get the opportunity to test the products, as well as seek consultations from beauticians stationed there.
Hanasui’s personal care products and solutions are also available at all Guardian Malaysia outlets, and on the company’s online stores on Shopee and Lazada.

Thank you Guardian Malaysia for inviting me to such wonderful event. 

Hanasui is an Indonesian cosmetic brand founded in 2016 and manufactured by PT Eka Jaya Internasional. The company also manufactures and markets a wide range of beauty products including facial, body, and makeup care. All Hanasui products are cruelty-free and tested to meet high-quality and safety standards, and are certified by Good Cosmetic
Manufacturing Methods (CPKB), National Agency of Food and Drug Control (BPOM), and Halal Products Assurance Agency (BPJOH).
ABOUT Teeni Enterprise Sdn Bhd
The Malaysian branch of a company established in Singapore in 1993, Teeni Enterprise is a personal care and cosmetics distributor, with a market presence in many Asian countries ncluding Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan,
and China. Founded on the belief that profitable growth should also be responsible growth,Teeni Enterprise prioritises sustainable living as a part of its core tenets, which guides the company’s approach to its business and products.

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Cetaphil® Strengthens Ties with the Malaysian Community through Collaborative Partnership with Mira Filzah as the New Face of the Brand in 2024


Cetaphil®, the No.1 dermatological skincare brand in Malaysia, proudly announces a significant partnership in anticipating of the holy month of Ramadan. The brand is thrilled to unveil the newest face of Cetaphil® for 2024, the versatile Malaysian actress and entrepreneur, Mira Filzah, appointed as the esteemed Brand Ambassador.

More than just a renowned actress, Mira Filzah personifies the spirit of a modern working urban mom, representing the diverse and dynamic women of today. Her role as a multi-talented professional and dedicated mother embodies the essence of contemporary women who, despite their busy lifestyles, prioritises skin health. Cetaphil® proudly acknowledges Mira as a beacon of inspiration, showcasing how one can balance a demanding schedule while still embracing the importance of skin health. Her representation of Cetaphil’s brand essence reflects an approachable, down-to-earth demeanor and sensible approach to skincare. Mira’s alignment with the brands’ ethos of “We Do Skin, You Do You” accentuates the very nature that defines Cetaphil®.

Mira’s alignment with Cetaphil® goes beyond the surface, resonating with the brand’s mission of promoting holistic skincare as an integral component of a healthy lifestyle. As the Brand Ambassador, she will not only represent the brand but also serve as an inspirational figure, encouraging women of all ages to embrace a skincare routine that reflects Cetaphil’s commitment to addressing skin concerns and achieving healthy skin. 

Mira Filzah, Brand Ambassador of Cetaphil Malaysia expresses her excitement, stating, “Joining forces with Cetaphil® is more than just a partnership – it’s a celebration of self-love. As a working mom, I understand the juggle, but skincare is an essential daily ritual to maintain skin health. I’m honored to be part of Cetaphil®, inspiring others to do the same.”

The brand anticipates a series of engaging initiatives, exclusive events, social media campaigns, and promotions, all geared towards enhancing the skincare experience for Malaysians. 

Ms Cindy Tiu, Country Manager of Galderma Malaysia shared, “We are delighted to welcome Mira Filzah to the Cetaphil® family as our Brand Ambassador for this year. With Cetaphil’s rich history rooted in dermatological expertise, we see Mira as an ideal embodiment of our brand’s purposes.” 

This partnership is set to kickstart with the advent of the Ramadan season, marked by Cetaphil’s “30 Hari Kulit Sihat Raya Berseri” campaign. This initiative aims to reach out to as many Malaysians as possible to champion skin health throughout the 30-Day Ramadan period. Besides partnering with Mira Filzah, the campaign extends its reach from the digital sphere to on-ground activations, including a specially designed kombi van that will tour various locations. 

“Our goal is to weave a meaningful narrative throughout this campaign, making it a purposeful journey for everyone during Ramadan. Through strategic activations and partnerships with influential figures like Mira Filzah, we aim to touch the lives of Malaysians and raise awareness about the significance of maintaining skin health. While the primary focus of Ramadan is on spiritual growth, self-discipline, and fostering empathy, we recognise that the concept of self-care is equally important during this holy month”, she added. 

The heart of the campaign lies in encouraging Malaysians to adopt a simple yet effective 3-step routine using its Cetaphil® CORE range – Cleanse with Cetaphil® Gentle Skin Cleanser or Cetaphil® Hydrating Foaming Cream Cleanser, Moisturise with Cetaphil® Moisturising Cream or Cetaphil® Moisturising Lotion, and Protect with Cetaphil® Sun SPF 50+ Light Gel. This skincare routine aims to empower individuals to achieve Raya-ready radiant skin, emphasizing the importance of consistent, yet simple skincare practices during the holy month. 

Adding to the festive excitement, Cetaphil® unveils its nationwide Buy & Win campaign, offering shoppers the chance to win prizes worth up to RM48,000. Prizes include an IKEA makeover, a 2D1N staycation at the hotel of their choice, and petrol vouchers.  

Moreover, from 1 March – 30 April 2024, shoppers can stand a chance to win an exclusive Mira Filzah shawl when spending a minimum of RM100 on Cetaphil® Bright Healthy Radiance products in a single receipt.

To celebrate the Eid festivities, Cetaphil® is also partnering with Malaysian homegrown brands in their Kampung Pink POWA campaign, which focuses on their Cetaphil® Bright Healthy Radiance range for achieving bright, healthy, radiant skin in as fast as 14 days. Featuring local brands such as Mira Filzah Shawls, Petit Moi, So.lek, and more, shoppers can redeem exclusive promo codes on Cetaphil’s website or stand a chance to win Cetaphil® Bright Healthy Radiance product samples, preparing them for the upcoming festivities from skincare, beauty, and fashion essentials.

For further details on 30 Hari Kulit Sihat Raya Berseri and Kampung Pink Powa, please visit or find us on Instagram and Facebook.



More than 75 years ago, a pharmacist co-created the first Cetaphil® product with a dermatologist – a gentle, yet powerful formula would clean without stripping and moisturize without clogging. Today, Cetaphil® is the No.1 dermatological skincare brand in Malaysia* and is recognised by healthcare professionals around the world. With the help of leading global skin experts, they continue to develop innovative skincare technologies for sensitive skin that help restore, protect, and maintain skin’s health every day. For more information, visit

*IQVIA Malaysia, Emollients & Protectives Market, MAT Sep 2021 (Value)

About Galderma

Galderma is the world’s largest independent dermatology company, present in approximately 100 countries. Since our inception in 1981, we have been driven by a complete dedication to dermatology. We deliver an innovative, science-based portfolio of sophisticated brands and services across Aesthetics, Consumer Care and Prescription Medicine. Focused on the needs of consumers and patients, we work in partnership with healthcare professionals to ensure superior outcomes. Because we understand that the skin we’re in shapes our life stories, we are advancing dermatology for every skin story. For more information:

Tuesday, March 26, 2024


Kuala Lumpur, 21 March 2024:

This Hari Raya, immerse yourself in the warmth of family togetherness with the support of guardian.

"Hari Raya is a time for families to strengthen bonds and cherish relationships with loved ones, both near and far, regardless of age, gender, or circumstances. guardian has always stood by you during these celebrations, ensuring you have everything you need to lead a healthy and beautiful life," said Priscilla Wu, Managing Director of guardian Malaysia.

Speaking at the launch of guardian's 'Raya Untuk Semua' campaign at TRX Kuala Lumpur, Priscilla added:
"As the title of our Raya campaign suggests, guardian celebrates Raya inclusively, as a brand for everyone - from the young to the old, through different generations. Our curated products and services are designed to ensure everyone can enjoy the festivities feeling and looking their best."

"guardian is a brand that fosters family togetherness, playing an integral role in our customers' lives with a wide range of products offered at great value," Priscilla emphasized.

In conjunction with guardian's 'Raya Untuk Semua' campaign, a Raya music video has been launched on YouTube. This year's video, a sequel to last year's, reiterates the importance of strong family ties and values during significant occasions like Hari Raya. Reprising their roles in the video, the main cast comprises of Sham Visa and Amy Mastura as the father and mother; and their 4 lovely daughters played by Dr Amanda Elli, Puteri Shazwani Megat Ahmad Shahriman, Yasmin Khalid and Afeefa Ooi. The catchy song with joget vibes will also be aired on Era FM from the 1st to 12th April.    

The video showcases how guardian contributes to the family's journey towards a healthy and beautiful life, spanning across generations from grandparents to grandchildren.
As Ramadan encourages self-reflection, self-improvement, and empathy towards the less fortunate, members of the media, influencers, and guests at the launch were invited to pick up Raya presents at the guardian store at TRX for 100 children from  Pertubuhan Kebajikan Dan Perlindungan Nur Qaseh Malaysia, comprising 50 girls and 50 boys, with a total contribution amounting to RM10,000.

Additionally, ‘Pulut Kuning Zarina’ was distributed as gifts to launch guests. Zarina Zainuddin, a mother and entrepreneur, was recognized as one of guardian's outstanding International Women's Day personalities. Despite personal challenges,Zarina balances her entrepreneurial pursuits with the responsibilities of motherhood to her autistic sons with grace.
To celebrate guardian's 'Raya Untuk Semua' campaign, a substantial range of offers has been curated with savings of up to 50% including 60% discount on all Hair Color and all Beauty Mask & Lip Balm for purchase of a 2nd item.
Moreover, attractive Gift With Purchases are available at guardian stores during this Raya promotion period, which starts from 21 March 2024, such as:
· Free Puffy Beauty Pouch with purchase of RM180 and above in a single receipt for any beauty products including Skin Care, Derma Skin Care, Cosmetics, Beauty Accessories and Fragrances.
· Free Quby Stainless Steel Lunch Box with Thermal bag with purchase of RM120 and above in a single receipt for Hair Care, Bath Care, Oral Care, Deodorant, Shaving, Feminine Care and Baby Toiletries  
· Free Foldable Trolley with purchase of RM188 and above in a single receipt for all Health Care products, GMS & Food and Confectionary
· Free guardian Raya Packets (8pcs) with purchase of RM68 and above in a single receipt while stocks last
· Free RM5 coupon with every purchase over RM68 in a single receipt  
Priscilla concluded:
"We are thrilled to celebrate Raya with you and your family, with everyone, in fact. Remember, guardian is for everyone. Regardless of who you are, your needs, age, or gender, guardian is a brand that caters to all your health and beauty needs, bringing families together. We will always be here for you."
Get into Raya Mood with Guardian Malaysia, I am glad to shared that Guardian donated necessities to selected orphanges and truly applaud this initiative.

Facebook: @guardianmy  
Instagram: @guardianmy  
YouTube: @guardian MY
Telegram: @guardianMY

About guardian Malaysia  
guardian Malaysia started as a 200-sqft pharmaceutical retail outlet catering to the expatriate community 56 years ago. Today, it is the leading pharmacy, health and beauty retail chain in the country, with more than 600 stores nationwide, providing an unrivalled variety of pharmaceutical, health and beauty products. Each year, our stores serve more than 30 million customers across the country.  

Monday, March 11, 2024


Kuala Lumpur, 8 March 2024:

This year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) theme, ‘Inspire Inclusion’ resonates very closely at the heart of guardian as we celebrate the diverse contributions and achievements of women everywhere.

Priscilla Wu, Managing Director of guardian Malaysia, emphasized, “At guardian, diversity and empowerment are at the core of our values. We believe in fostering an  
inclusive environment where women are empowered to lead and contribute to our success at every level.”

She added, “This year, we extend our celebration to include not just women, but also the men who support and uplift them. At guardian, we want to celebrate with you and  
your loved ones including the men in your family that has helped you achieve the success you enjoy or helped you overcome challenges that you have faced.  

“Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for the remarkable women in your life – mothers, sisters, caregivers, or relatives – guardian has incredible deals for all.”

As part of our commitment to inspiring inclusion, guardian Malaysia has featured six special short stories on TikTok, highlighting extraordinary individuals who have triumphed over adversity:

1. Rocyie Wong - Psoriasis Advocate: Raising awareness about psoriasis and inspiring others through her journey.
2. Dr. Aiesha Asmadi - Medical Doctor, Professional Athlete & Fitness Advocate: A two-time Cancer Survivor dedicated to motivating others.
3. Anissa Jailani - Sign Language Teacher: Breaking stereotypes and promoting inclusivity through education.
4. Ashyy Edwards - Plus Size Beauty Influencer: Spreading body positivity and self-love.
5. Zarina Zainuddin - Mother and Entrepreneur: Balancing motherhood to autistic sons and entrepreneurship with grace.
6. Jared Lee - YouTube Filmmaker: A cancer survivor whose wife has been his unwavering support.

Don't miss out on these inspiring stories of resilience and triumph!  

In addition to these inspiring stories, Guardian Malaysia is offering a range of special promotions in March, including storewide discounts on health and beauty  
products. Whether you're treating yourself or celebrating the women in your life, Guardian has something for everyone.

Head to your nearest guardian store now to take advantage of these amazing offers. Join us as we celebrate you and your loved ones and their incredible achievements together this International Women's Day.

Facebook: @guardianmy  
Instagram: @guardianmy  
YouTube: @guardian MY
Telegram: @guardianMY

About guardian Malaysia  
guardian Malaysia started as a 200-sqft pharmaceutical retail outlet catering to the expatriate community 56 years ago. Today, it is the leading pharmacy, health and beauty retail chain in the country, with more than 600 stores nationwide, providing an unrivalled variety of pharmaceutical, health and beauty products. Each year, our stores serve more than 30 million customers across the country.  

Monday, January 15, 2024


Petaling Jaya, 11 January 2024:

Guardian will be ushering in the Chinese New Year of the Dragon with offers and promotions of new and trending products at exceptional value for all their customers.

Anna Ng, Marketing Director of Guardian Malaysia said;
“The Lunar Chinese New Year is one of the biggest festivities of the year so everyone will be busy trying to look their best with new looks and new outfits as it is a time to usher in new beginnings.  

“Our ‘Glowing Beauty, Healthy Journey’ theme reinforces our Chinese New Year (CNY) wish for all our customers to usher in this new year with special focus on the keeping well, being healthy and to practice a harmonious and balanced lifestyle.

“For that we have lined up an exciting range of CNY special offers and gifts for our customers to choose as presents for their loved ones, near and far and for themselves. These special value offers are applicable to most of our latest health, beauty and personal care products available in store and online to help you and your loved ones look your healthy best this CNY.

“To add to this year’s excitement, we have also introduced a fun and joyous Chinese New Year music video featuring Jestinna Kuan, singer and popular Digital Content Creator and a host of characters
including Guardian’s Face of Healthy Beauty winners. (,” Anna added.

The upbeat multilingual song in Chinese and engaging presentation of the video is entertaining yet seeks to remind everyone about fostering positive relationships with everybody, expressing gratitude to our family and friends and to embrace cultural traditions and customs that makes the CNY celebration so special. This is told by Jestinna’s character called ‘Xiao Long Nu’.  

The modern Xiao Long Nu character is visited by the Old Era Xiao Long Nu who reminds her about the ancient Chinese New Year customs while the Guardian Dragon is the custodian of the family’s health and protection for generations. And the modern Xiao Long Nu also teaches the Old Era Xiao Long Nu a trick or two about keeping healthy and beautiful with modern Guardian products.    

“The video encourages everyone to embrace the Dragon year’s radiant spirit with timeless well-being and health, with Guardian by your side,” added Anna.

To help customers achieve the New Year look with a healthy glow, Guardian has introduced the GlamAR feature on its App so that its customers can receive expert skincare advice on the products most suited for their skin.  

The GlamAR feature will conduct a skin analysis, offer skin care tips and then offers personalised skin care recommendations and recommended products for your skin. They can then make a purchase through the App and have it delivered to their homes or they can go to a physical store to buy it.

Guardian customers will enjoy special offers from Pantene, Garnier and Bio Essence in addition to others. This includes up to 50% off on Cosmetics and Skin care, 2nd item 60% off with ALL beauty masks, lip balms and all hair colour. There will be up to a 30% discount on all slimming products, Vitamins and beauty enhancers as well as RM20 Guardian Cash Vouchers with purchase of RM188 on Health Care products.

As we celebrate the season of joy and togetherness, customers can shop at all Guardian stores and online for CNY Gift Packs featuring a range of health and wellness products starting from 27 December until 12 February 2024 as gifts for their loved ones who are far apart or in a different town. This includes CNY Gift Packs from Brands, Kinohimitsu, Ensure Gold and Ecolite.

“So make this Lunar New Year spectacular by visiting your nearest Guardian store or online for all your health and wellness CNY gifts for you and your loved ones.” added Anna.
Head on to Guardian store or online to check out the health and wellness CNY gifts.

On this day Thursday, thank you Guardian Malaysia for inviting me to CNY Thank You Get Together. I have a wonderful time with Guardian, it's my first Yee Sang of the year too.  Check my out my video for the surprise performance at Guardian Midvalley Megamall.

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