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Hi, I am Sherry stay at home mommy. A plus size mommy of two kids, they are my boys aged 12 year old and 7 year old. This year is a challenging year for me as mom life in and out often to fetch my boys, eldest is having USPR/PPSR and his little bro just started Standard One. Both in same school but different time of finish class. After School, my eldest has got tuition class to attend as well. Sharing with you about my parenting, motherhood, that I had ectopic pregnancy before having my boys, my left fallopian tube has been remove. I conceive my baby with only my right fallaopian tube.

I love going movies, attending event and workshop. I have a Youtube account where I also share of product review there.

There's no ugly woman just lazy ones, I do take time off to makeup and dress up. It feels good even though it's just for few hours, consider it as a time out for me while my children are at school.

If you have interest to contact me advertorial, product review, etc.

Time fly how my boys have grown up, cherish every moment with your loved ones. #throwback photos of my boys.

If you have interest for my service on ad, review, sponsor, my email sherrygo (at) hotmail (dot) com

If you are free, please visit my other blogs. (parenting blog)

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Thank you and have a nice day. Blog edited 1st March 2018.


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  2. Can you email me your full name, address, tel so i can post it. Email to my hotmail account


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