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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2nd time@ Shabu Shabu Puchong

MIZI Shabu Shabu Famous Japanese Steamboat tel: 03-8060 3221
I am sure you remember about my first dining experience at Shabu Shabu Puchong, now it is my second time there. So many people waiting there to go in and dine, so did you see any of your friends in the picture?

Lucky for us as we go before 6pm and not much people, they have the list of price available you just need to let them know how many adults and child if there is any. Payment they accept cash and credit cards.

The baby octopus I have many plates of it, I also have 3 glasses of sour plum. Once again my dear is not quite happy with their food. I have seen family bring along their baby too, so the mom need to hold on her baby.

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