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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

LUS Wine hand packs

As you know I love skin care product, here is the LUS Wine Hand Packs which I have got. Remember I bought the LUS Exfoliation Peeling Sheets it comes with LUS Wine Hand Packs. This have dual effend hand care by vitamin and grape extract.

The wine hand packs is easy treating homecare system products for hands, polyphenol extracted in wine is effective to prevent skin Anti-aging and control actve oxygen capability, that will make you have bouncy skin. Ceramide extraced in wine is a mosturizer that is effective in dry and sensitive skin. Also it contain Caffein from Green Tea and organic fruit extract ingredients. Caffein and organic fruit extract are effective in removing th keratin particle of the sin and organic ingredients can be used in all hand skin type.

It consists of poly hand cover which is hand collagen essence size 0.027 x 24 x 28. It is non-greasy formula absorbs effortlessly, so that your hands capture all goodness of lycopene form wine formula with Eucalyptus. I just wear the gloves for 20 minutes, yeah for two hands as I hold camera so I cannot snap both hands. To know the ingredients click picture to see detail.

This product is made in Korea.

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