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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Palmer Cocoa Butter Formula

It is my first time to use the Cocoa Butter Formula and I fall in love with this product. It is cocoa scented smell so yummylicous. This is moisturisng body wash with luxuriously rich and moisturising shower cream.

It is formulated with Certified Organic Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E for naturally deep moisturisation. It is free of sulfates, harsh dyes and fragrances that can strip and irrtate skin.

This product leaves skin cleansed, soft and relieves dry skin. It smoothes and tones marks and scars, ideal for dry or sensitiv skin.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I am sure everyone has got their favourite spare time, how you spend the hours? I would say during the old days and even now, some senior people will have their eyes on bingo games. This is the way they spend their social time with their friends and families. I thought of checking out free online bingo games during my spare time. My friend has been telling me that her dad has memory loss from time to time. I would suggest her to tell her dad to try out the bingo games to boost his memory. This is good activities for him and he can get to know people too. Bingo games are fun and interacting, some people thought it was for kids or old people only, but don't you think that there is both a kid and old person inside most of us?

Have you seen the movie Big Mamma's House, I recalled the bingo scene when Big Momma is about to fight the drunk elderly women, this is hilarious who can forget this part of the movie. Playing bingo games is an activity most people young and old. I am sure you know who will be shouting "Bingo"; this alerts the other Bingo players that caller has possible to win.

Bingo is fun for the young people and old people; these games bring everyone closer in friendship and bring you the entertainment. Bingo is popular at some of the churches, community centers and casino. If you know any hardcore bingo player, she kept dozen or more cards going at one time. The Bingo player with the special marker all the time it is like a good luck charm. The Bingo games help you to stay mentally alerts because it requires you to stay alert and active all the times. It is important to have a healthy body but also healthy mind throughout your life.

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