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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Make money on eBay

I love blogging and want to keep this domain name. I know that I need make money and save money to keep this domain name. It is not only that I love blogging and I have several blogs that I need to renew domain and hosting.

I have been working at the corporate world for many years now. I am stay at home mom of two boys now. I miss earning money of my own; my earning from blog is not much. I like to find out how to make money online and offline. I know some people are good with make money online they can earn more than $300 a month. There is a blogger who can earn MYR$20,000 a month; she is a famous mommy blogger in Malaysia.

Make money on eBay is where you can find many people buy and sell goods online. I see that some seller is doing well with eBay. I want to be like them so I can sell my handmade jewellery on eBay. I am sure they are many way to make money; we need to look and learn. My dear working at the office for long hours and he is 24 hours on call.

Plan vacation to Melacca

I want to have a family vacation to Melacca anyone has good suggestion on where to stay? We want to stay near the Jonker street where we can find food such as chicken ball rice, satay celup and more. I have been waiting to go for vacation for a long time.

We are looking for a family room with two king size bed and bath tub so I can easily bath my nine month old baby. I will search for the hotel online but it will take time to find as I have limited time.

I need to fetch my boy soon he's having tuition at the moment, he has got many home works which I need to guide him to do.

How to start a blog?

How is everyone today, I have been busy taking care of my children. Now let me ask you do you remember when you start a blog? Looking back I cannot believe that I have been blogging since year 2008. Do you remember how you start a blog? I started to blog with interest on things that interest me namely shopping, health, fashion, contest, food and other.

I try taking part in contest and giveaway and I am lucky to win myself a domain. I wanted a blog of my own and I decided to name it name sherry. Do you find my name catchy and easy to remember? It is simple and easy to remember.

Sometimes my friend asks me how to start a blog, I want to tell her about it but it is hard to explain. With Internet access today we can easy search and find out how we can start a blog. Blogging has been part of my passion and I cannot stop on doing things I love.

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