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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Movie review: Elysium 2013

This movie is about year 2154 where they have two classes of people, the wealthy people live on space called Elysium. They have machine where they can cure people from sickness. Earth is where the poor are living in unhealthy environment.

Max (Matt Damon) is exposed to high dose of radiation, he has only five days to live. He is not ready to die and so he wants to go Elysium to get cure with the machine. But he doesn't has the money to go Elysium, to go there he will need to kidnap a citizen of Elysium.

It is interesting to see how dead people can get back a live with the Elysium machine. No kidding the bad guy named Kruger with his face blown off by grenade, he gets back his face using the machine.

This movie you get to see how he's drilled up to be robot human. It is not advisable for children to see so rating would 18 and above.

How Max helped the earth people to be citizen of Elysium? He's hero in the movie!

Thanks to Nuffnang for this opportunity to watch premier screening of Elysium.

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