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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Roadshow

Before I head for movie Evidence horror movie with my friend, we head to Dove roadshow. 

We enjoy the hair scalp massage and I choose my hairstyle straight.
If you like to see my haul for Dove shampoo, click on the link.

The roadshow is at One Utama, High street LG Floor (infront Best Denki and Studio R).

Evidence movie preview screening

I won two passes to watch Evidence preview screening. I watched with my friend, it's horror movie of video footage for killing people. So you know this is 18 above movie, if you like games like shooting or targeting you may like this movie. There's lot spinning in the movie which makes me dizzy lucky I didn't feel any vomit throughout the movie. 

It's an interesting movie, you can never find out who are the killer in the movie? It's best you watch it find out, we got scared too in the movie, the silence and darkness. 

A massacre killing innocent people, the bus six people who are heading to Las Vegas but the bus driver drove them somewhere else off the road, something happen to the bus and they walked towards abandon gas station. It was getting late and there's nobody there to help them. Soon one by one passenger gets killed.

Evidence is what you need to find out who is the killer?! 

We watched the movie in GSC 1, Utama. There are no subtitle in the movie. 

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