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Friday, July 17, 2015

Dangerous of having expandable toys

I am sure you saw and heard of expandable toys, those small toy that you need to put in water then it will expand to bigger over night or few days. These expandable toys are available in Malaysia but it is banned in UK.

Young children do not know the dangerous of this toy, they might consume it or swallow it. Young children if swallow this toy, it will expands in their stomach as fluids that make it expand and children will die because of this.

Some parents might not know of this that young children or toddler will take this to put in their mouth. As you know young children likes to put anything in their mouth. It's important to be aware of what's happening and always keep an eye on our children.

Just something to share with everyone, don't leave your children alone with this toy.

If you are insist on playing the expandable toys, get a empty bottle that you can sealed it after putting in the expandable toy and water. That's what I usually do, in fact we have this freebie expandable toy from local snacks food. It was a dinosaur expandable toy.


  1. wow never thought of this, even though my children never play with this kind of toy before, but will definitely take note

  2. Hi Leona, yeah is better to take note. Just to be safe.

  3. I don't even know about this. (head down with full of embarrassment) To all parent do take care then. Good advice Sherry!

  4. wow never thought about it this way but yeah can see how dangerous it can be.. good advice :)


  5. Really?! Those kind of toys exist? Never knew this before,noted will tell my fam about this. Thanks for sharing love! x

  6. Thanks for sharing Sherry. At least this is a good awareness on how dangerous these toys can be for kids.

  7. Oh my! Thanks for sharing sherry as I am not aware of this thing before. I guess until things happen only Malaysia will only ban this toy LOL.


  8. Hmmm i can't figure out when did i actually played an expandable toys. But i agreed that it is unsafe

  9. Never know it is so dangerous. Thanks of reminding me. Next time if I got a kid, I will be very careful on choosing toys to them. Thanks for sharing!

  10. oh, thanks for the heads up! haven't stumble upon that kind of toys yet.

  11. Thanks for sharing and creating awareness on this!~ Will take note..

  12. totally agree with you! many people are unaware of this fact that expandable toys can be very dangerous if kids are without attendance.

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  13. Wow I never thought of that. But many toys are dangerous actually. Best to keep an eye on them whenever we can!

  14. Thanks for the warning! I live in UK so I would probably not worry about this for my future children... =]


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  15. Basically just get big toys for kids, it's too dangerous to have small items around them :(

  16. Amazing... I never thought of that... thanks for the heads up... I agree!!! My daughter for an expendable toy the other day and we put it in a jar... and now I capped it...


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