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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Nikkori Pear and Ibaraki Japanese Sweet Potatoes at AEON BIG Stores

Do you like to eat pears and sweet potatoes? If yes, you gonna like to eat Nikkori Pear and Ibaraki Japanese Sweet Poatoes. 

Few days ago I attended the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Association (Zen-Noh) - the truested and reliable go - between linking producers and consumers in Japan - launched two of its products Nikkori Pear and Ibaraki Japanese Potatoes at Mid Valley's AEON BIG Store. 
From left Mr Mitsuru Nakata, Managing Director of AEON BIG with the VIPS.
Currently you can these fruits selling at major hypermarkets store, these two purely Japanese-
grown agricultural produce.

With the growing popularity of healthy and clean eating in Malaysia,
Zen-Noh - in collaboration with Eurofarm, Malaysia's leading fruits and vegetables importer and exporter - were excited to expose local market to the high - quality, carefully - tended and innovative agricultural produce that Japan has to offer.

My son on the left photo holding the Nikkori Pear and Ibaraki Japanese Sweet Potatoes on the right photo.

Nikkori Pear, a new late maturing, russet-skin type cultivar of Japanese pear produced from the Tochigi prefecture is a new type of pear developed from cross seedlings between full-figured Niitaka and flavourful Hosui in 1984.

Do you know that Nikkori pear can only be harvested in mid-October? Then stored for a long period of time until February, thus specialty and superiority of its unique fruit.

Japan also prides on their Sweet Potatoes, a purely Japanese - grown produce from the prefecture of Ibaraki - the second- biggest producer of sweet potatoes in Japan in terms of both production area and amount. The most widely grown variety of sweet potatoes in this prefecture is 'Beniazuma and Beniharuka', known for its characteristically soft and flaky texture.
Do you know each Nikkori Pear weight one kg? 

Nikkori Pear and Ibaraki Japanese Sweet Potatoes personally grown in Japan taste sweeter and fresher as it's tended to with care and consideration by Japanese farmers. You'll like the these agricultural products, retaining the sweetness and natural flavours of the pear and sweet potatoes.

If you like to know the price of the Nikkori Pear, it cost RM22.90 for each.
The Ibaraki Japanse Sweet Poatoes cost RM9.90 each packet.

Don't just read here, if you have interest to shop for them, head to AEON BIG. AEON BIG is the first hypermarket chain offering true Japanese produce.

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