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Monday, June 13, 2016

Canon EOS M10 x Rillakkuma the perfect travelling companion

photo credit to Canon Camera (Malaysia)
It's Monday and it's back to school for my kids. June's school holidays I spend time with kids and also have mommy time out with Butterfly Project Malaysia to attend the around the world with Rilakkuma & Canon on last Saturday afternoon at Whu Whup SS13, Subang Jaya.

Nui-Dori or more commonly known as ToyTravel is sweeping the world off its feet! What is ToyTravel? ToyTravel is the art of photography where toys imitate life, no kidding I know travel alone boring we can bring a toy together as companion. Loving Rilakkuma, I am sure you like to know how you can win the new EOS M10 Rilakkuma box set, as Canon has launched a ToyTravel photo challenge.

photo credit to Canon Camera (Malaysia)
It's common for social media users to inject creativity and fun into their everyday adventures with a preferred animated object - from a figurine in a bowl of cereal, to a stuffed toy strapped into an airline seat; there is endless way to show creativity.

If you love to take selfie photo, the Self Portrait mode features a one-touch beautification shortcut that offers a skin smoothing effect. The powerful Canon EOS M10 for seamless social media sharing, the lightest camera in the compact series, you can bring your ToyTravel to the next level by travel together to next travel adventure and more memorable memories to make.

Last Saturday event was fun and get to make new friends and has good company with Rilakkuma also some nice activities held at the event. The bloggers with best dress of the day walks home with a Rilakkuma plus toy.

photo credit Betty, hehe.. we love Rilakkuma

Having a good time as we get to snap photo with Rilakkuma, too cute to resist!
congrats to best dress and lucky winners

photo credit to Canon Camera (Malaysia)
Now who likes photo challenge? Let's join the Canon #ToyTravel Photo Challenge, take part in the 3 theme challenge, you can stand the chance to win the new EOS M10 Rilakkuma box set, participants are required to incorporate different contest themes into their photo and the winner of each theme stands to win an EOS M10 kit along with a 24cm Rilakkuma plush toy. Exciting as first theme was announced on 6 June and the first winner will be revealed at the end of the month. For more details click here on how to take part in this challenge.

Sharing my coconut drink with Rilakkuma.
With Tammy Mamasan founder of Butterfly Project Malaysia in the house.

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