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Saturday, April 1, 2017

WD-40 multi use product

tool box at home must have this WD-40
This is a lazy Sunday for me, it's about caring and sharing.
It's important having a tool box at home, for repair and maintenance works at home. 
 This is a WD-40 multi use product you see above photo, it is useful for home and office. I have this in my tool box at home. Where to shop this? It can be found at many DIY shop. With the nozzle we can easily aim at the mark point to spray. 
Do shake well before use. 
Keep this away from children.

Don't look down on this small bottle of product, it is very useful at home. Not just for home but also on boat, car, bike. Easy used on the job, at home, on the farm and in recreation.
  • Lubricates sliding door or windows
  • Lubricates door knob
  • Lubricates gates locks
  • Clean piano keys
  • Protects bicycle chains
  • Remove gum plastic from stroller wheels
  • Protects against moisture and other corrosive elements
  • Cleans old coins
  • Cleans bowling balls 
  • Removes sap, bird droppings and other gunk from metal patio furniture.
  • Many more useful way of using see below link.
With more than 2000 uses way of using this product, you can also view the link for more details.
You can find more info on this product by visit the website

DEWS Signature Boutique: Malaysia's first integrative aesthetic spa concept

 Being busy parent to two boys, I took time to attend the launch of DEWS at Kota Damansara by waze. A holistic experience awaits those who seek complete wellness: preventive and restorative therapy and personal aesthetic care with the launch of De Era Wellness Specialist (DEWS), Malaysia's first comprehensive aesthetic spa. Strategically located in Kota Damansara, DEWS Signature Boutique is the brand's first flagship spa, which spans across 5,600 square feet and features fifteen private treatment rooms that can accommodate a total of 25 beds, men and women can both enjoy their treatment as there's men rooms at 1st floor and women room on 2nd floor.

Supported by a team of aesthetic doctors, DEWS Aesthetic Spa brings a unique integrative functional medicine approach where professional counseling and guidance on the areas of wellness & beauty, nutrition and fitness is given to complement to recommend treatments for optimum results.
speech by GMCI Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Calvin Chin
 GMCI Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Calvin Chin explained that the concept behind homegrown aesthetic spa is about providing discerning clients with a total wellness approach, set within an exclusive, comfortable and luxurious environment. The skincare products you can view on my Facebook Album, click on it to view.

"The treatments we offer have been designed by our team of aesthetic doctors who carry out each treatment with the support of skilled specialists, complemented by industry leading technology and world-class facilities," added Chin at the launch of the DEWS Signature Boutique.
speech by Deputy Minister of Urban Wellbeing, Housing & Local Government of Malaysia, Yang Berhormat Datuk Halimah binti Mohd. Sadique
 In line with its mission to improve the wellbeing of the community at large, the launch of DEWS was graced by the Deputy Minister of Urban Wellbeing, Housing & Local Government of Malaysia, Yang Berhormat Datuk Halimah binti Mohd. Sadique, who also officiated the opening of DEWS Signature Boutique in Kota Damansara.
Launch of DEWS with VIPS
 "At DEWS we see every client as a unique individual, with individual needs and desired end results. Following personalized consultation with our professional team, relevant treatments will be prescribed to best suit their needs, whether it is for external results or internal wellbeing. We are the first to offer this integrative functional medicine concept in Malaysia and we hope to be able to set the standard in the medical spa, healthy aging and wellness industry in the region," said DEWS Medical Advisor, Dr. Lim Woo Khai, who is also a certified physician by the European Center of Aging Research and Education.
treatment room for two persons
 With treatments created for men and women alike, DEWS Aesthetic Spa rejuvenates the body from within and encourages a better quality of life through inner booster treatments, while outer booster treatments for face, body and hair brings confidence. DEWS is also the first to introduce the Aqua Bed treatment in Malaysia which provides excellent heat and acupressure effects.
 Client can also benefit from DEWS holistic signature treatments that feature a combination of therapies, boosters and leading technologies for optimum results, where they can choose from hydration, anti-aging, fair skin, scar management, anti-acne, weight management and intimate wellness treatments. They also have an outlet which open last month in Ipoh.

Good news to folk who has interest to try the treatments, the Grand Opening Promotion has started and ends on 30 April 2017. An attractive opening promotion is awaiting you. For more information you can visit following:
informal media Q&A session


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