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Saturday, September 23, 2017

NIVEA Protect & Care Deodorant

Everyone has got a busy lifestyle, just sharing with you today. Do you know that underarm skin is delicate? Any plucking hair out by the root can damage the hair follicles, leading to ingrown hairs and enlarged pores. The alternative isn't any better - while shaving, the pressure of the blade on uneven underarm skin can lead to small cuts. In addition, debris removed during shaving may contain up to 36% of skin!

As hair removal damages your skin and often cause irritation, NIVEA has developed Protect & Care, a deodorant that is enriched with the essence of NIVEA creme, capturing the brand's heritage of quality beauty creams with its distinctive care ingredients and delicate scent. NIVEA Protect & Care deodorant offers long-lasting protection of up to 48hours and at the same time, the innovative and skin-friendly formula gently care for your skin, keep you fresh all day giving you softer and smoother underarms. 

I do shaved my arms and glad to have the Nivea Protect & Care Deodorant with me.

NIVEA Protect & Care is available in all leading stores and pharmacies nationwide. It's easy for me to travel use too, as I am busy mom of two boys. I'm always on the go.
NIVEA Protect & Care doeodorant 50ml roll-on-bottle, and 150ml spray.

 NIVEA's care value of care, NIVEA Protect & Care will be organising the NIVEA Care Run on 29 October 2017 which fall on Sunday, the 5km run will be held at Precinct 6 Putrajaya, features educational activities that raise awareness about underarm care. Participants are also able to share the care with friends and family through the exclusive NIVEA Protect & Care gift pack in the run kit. Not just that they will also get a chance to win great prizes in the lucky draw during the run.

In addition, a portion of the proceeds from the run will go towards Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia (PENYAYANG), a charitable organization, which raises and distributes funds to support needy Malaysians. With a target of at least 3,000 participants, each individual runner will also be during their part to help Malaysians in need to receive assistance in areas such as education and healthcare.

Leading support to this cause are local celebrities Siti Saleha, Nading Heng and Fiqrie who will be there to meet, greet and cheer on the participants.

Let's experience a fun-filled event and show your care for communities in need by signing up at . Registration is RM65 per person and each participant will receive a run kit and NIVEA goodies worth more than RM100.

You can also find more information on to find more about NIVEA products.

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