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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

3 Tips For Buying Antique Rugs

Many people love the look of decorative rugs and want to take their home décor to the next level with a beautiful antique. Before jumping online or heading straight to a bazaar, it is a good idea to do some research to ensure the right rug is bought at the right price. The desired style, condition and quality of the rug should be determined before shopping so that money is not wasted on the wrong item.

1. Choose a Style

Whether the theme of the home is nautical, 1920s or futuristic, there is probably an antique rug that can be found that will look fantastic in one of the rooms. People around the world have been making rugs for thousands of years, and each culture has its own distinctive design style. Figure out what style and color will work best in the home and then research that specific type.

2. Inspect for Damage

Some wear and tear is expected, especially if the antique rug has been used in many other homes before. Depending on the damage, much of it can be fixed by places that specialize in Atlanta rug cleaning and restoration. However, be aware that frayed edges can be expensive to repair and are prone to unraveling.

3. Determine Quality

A handmade rug should be nearly identical on both sides and will not have any matting or rubber attached to the back. Some dealers may sell rugs that were intentionally faded to make them look old, so be on the lookout for rugs with bright colors, as the dyes on vintage and antique rugs usually remain vibrant for hundreds of years.

Shopping for an antique rug can be a fun experience for many people, as they have the opportunity to learn about the culture that inspired the rug and obtain a beautiful conversation piece in the process.

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