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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Just stay home and be safe

It's January 2021, sharing with you a video of local Chinese New Year cookies. You can see there's lot wrapping on it and it's an online ordered from the store. It's nicely wrap and the cookies were not damage. Just you need to spend time cutting the wrapper away. The cookie gift set, one of it also comes with a greeting card. You may click on the link to see more information.

It's almost back to school soon but back to school is postponed now so my kids will one online study soon. However we have bought their school shoes, my eldest son is wearing bigger size school shoes. He is taller than his dad now and his feet is bigger than both of us. You may click on the link to see what kind of shoes he is wearing. He is going to be Form 3 this year, he studied in SMK school.

Being a kid is fun as they get to choose the shoes they wanted to wear and also designed of the shoes. Now when comes to school shoes, my son found some nice shoes for going back to school. School shoes that have anti-bacterial. They have many stylish designed too, check it out I saw a pair that's like working adult types. Shoe laces type of school shoes also available and we can get kids start learning with shoe lace shoes. 

Parenting is not an easy task and there's a lot of ironing to do. I am sure you be will looking for wrinkle free school uniform, click on the link to check it out. There have for primary and secondary school students. 

I know everyone would be interested to buy fresh vegetables. I found the website that is user friendly and easy to browse to buy veggie box. You can also choose monthly to purchase or just one purchase. I shared my experienced on other blog, you can click on it to view it.

Don't forget that we need to remain follow the SOP. 

Social distancing, Hand Sanitizing and Hand wash often, Wear a mask. 

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