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Friday, February 27, 2009

Sothy's Cellu-guard Sun Care

Yeah Eli has helped me to pick up the Prize that I won. Yeah Sothy's Cell-guard Sun Care is with me and I will start to use it soon.

The weather is hot and the wind is warm. It is not the good time to go out as you will surely get burn! Burning feel on your skin, I am bet you do not like that.

It is the best time to dry your clothes though. I do not have balcony or else I will be putting them out. But they are hanging out side right now. Neighbor will hang them by the fence.


  1. Hi, congrats for winning the "Spread the Love Giveaways"

    Send me your entrecard details and paypal address at or you can also leave a message via my Entrecard here:

    As soon as I get your message I will transfer the 1000 EC credits and $5 right away.

    Have a nice day!

  2. Hello Sherry! Congrats for winning the contest. By the way, please tell me what domain name are you interested in. Please send me an email using my contact form. Thanks!


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