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Friday, April 10, 2009

What is the your worst valentine you had?

Which is the worst?

A date that made you a candle light dinner on Valentine's day. He cooked carbonara for you but tasted like RUBBER. What was the worst? He met his ex earlier and she took the bouquet of flowers in his car which mean for his girlfriend.

Bring your girlfriend to the hilltop restaurant but halfway there the car broke down. It was pouring heavy that day and there were no cars who wanted to stop to help you both.

Going to fine dining, everything was nice the food the chat but in the end you have not enough money to pay. She had to fork out the money, it was embarrassing.

Last minute date told you that he couldn't make it for the dinner as he got to work. It was a lied as he was having the date with another girl. You found out as the bouquet of flower sent to your door step by his friend and the card name was another girl.


  1. the last one obviously!!!

    all the other ones, the boyfriend was not a freaking jerk and bastard.


    Vicissitudes of Life

  2. hi Shu Fen thanks for telling me


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