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Saturday, June 20, 2009

You and your grammars

I love blogging but I am not good with my grammars. I am not a native speaker so I know that my English is not very good. Even my dad and my bro told me that!

This is the reason I am always getting rejected post saying that...

Unfortunately, we cannot presently accept this post, because there are too many errors in spelling and grammar. If you feel uncomfortable writing in English, especially without using a translator or translation web site.
I know I need help so I am using the free online spell check web site.


  1. It should probably be 'Me and my grammar'!

    If you need proofreading, I can do that for a small Entrecard fee! ;)

    The only other thing I'd say is that spellcheckers, online or otherwise, shouldn't be relied upon:

    "I look forward to seeing your son"

    is fine, but not if you meant:

    "I look forward to seeing you soon."

    If you write something, read it AT LEAST three times. That's what I do!

  2. Revlon false lashes :D
    I wished I have long lashes :(

  3. your blog is so adorable. i love the color pink and the little flowers. :)

    haha... yeah, putting on lashes is complicated. i'm still learning. when you mentioned the lashes will probably get stuck to your finger, that has happened to me. it went all over the lashes too. hehe... i need more practice.

    thanks so much for the comment on my blog. i enjoyed my visit here. you take care now. :)

  4. @Jannie, yeah I will need alot pratice and lots of eyelashes.

  5. Have a great day...!
    Thank you very much for the visit in my blog...
    Ako wala akong pakialam...If may mag correction sa akin..salamat..if wala okey lang din.
    What really important to me is maipalabas ko ang supress emotion ko kasi I suffer from depression...

    I lost my memory....simple words i can't spell...

    Emotions is really hard to explain or express really..RIGHT?
    Are you agree with me?

    God bless you always...^_^

  6. Just stopped to say HI! And thanq for visiting my blog ;)

  7. @free angie, you are not alone about depression. I have them too. :) nevermind about words, I know its hard to explain sometimes.


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