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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cell phone camera or Camera?

I like to hear from you do you prefer to use cell phone camera or camera? I know that camera from cell phone the colour is not as nice as camera. I prefer to use cell phone camera as convenient and can just snap right away. But I find out that the colour from cell phone camera is not as nice as the camera.

For example the eye shadows are shimmery but with cell phone camera snap it is not appeared shimmer. If use the camera you can see the colour better and shimmer too.


  1. i uses my mobile phone camera at all times, becoz its convenient! i dont like cameras because of its bulkiness, and i prefer a large lcd screen (for blind people like me!)
    xoxo elle
    ps: im using my nokia n95 8gb (5mp)

  2. i prefer digicam as the pic's are better but whe there are no digi cam available a handphone cam will do.

  3. hi Elle, nice phone you got there :)

    hi mizzyN, yeah no cell phone with digi cam :(

    hi candy, camera is nice but depend on size too and megapixel.


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