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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pushing you to buy

My friend's cousin is pushing me to buy the water filter. I have no interest to buy as it is so expensive. A water filter cost over RM3,000 and I am only using one which is cost RM270. She told me that if I not buy I and family members having chance of kidney stones. Of course she mean to say that it is for the good health of whole family but for now we are just comfortable with the water filter we have got.

I know they are hoping to get the target quote for their sales. It is best not to push one which is not willing to buy it is just going to spoilt the relationship of friendsship.

Just now I was happy as received a frame from a friend. Now my mood is totally down, nobody understand the situation I am in.

Can you say that money is not a sensitive issue?


  1. actually ur post caught my attention because i was looking for a water filter too, as my SO is prone to kidney stone (got b4 and its extremely painful, like childbirth!) but yes, totally agreed with u that its so exp! i use Brita in aussie but i cant find it here in KL, and any other alternative seems exp

    i dont know why $ is a sensitive issue too. im a financial planner, so im totally open to the talk of $, budgeting and investing and savings. i discuss openly to how much one earns or have, but not everyone is open about it, coz due to ego? i guess some people feel embarrass by how little or alot they earn/have. but if the listener is not discriminating, i think its great to talk about $ so that one can learn more about how to manage it better :)

    i dislike sellers who said 'eh its so cheap, only RM3k, how can u not afford' that is the lamest, rudest, disrespectful way of selling!

    xoxo elle

  2. hi Elle, yeah at the moment I cannot afford them.

    Their air filter is more expensive as it cost RM5K.

  3. Don't be down, Sherry, because I had a "friend" I have not seen for more than 5 years suddenly becoming friendly and wanting to visit us. I was touched but Hubby was suspicious.

    And guess what? She wanted me to listen to her Amway talk, buy the post-natal kit and of course, join in as a member :P

    I did that and was quite fed-up but don't think I will renew my membership anymore. It's really common but at least the real side of your friends reveal themselves...

  4. yeah Kitty Cat, I am fedup but I am not buying as I do not have the money. Even with credit cards I still have debts.


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