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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do you shop for bra online?

Here's a question I like to ask ladies, do you shop for bra online? Personally I have not done that before and don't think I am going to buy bra online. The reason is I don't know the material and whether the size I want is suitable for me.

Even at the shopping mall, I will try before I purchase. Bra which I purchase at shop will be tried before purchase.

Need update about what I wrote, I just remember that I purchase bra some onlines long time ago, yeah they fit well.


  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my site. PJ's lotion is really nice, silky to the skin and my skin absorbs the lotion quickly when I applied it. I am still keeping the facial scrub because it does smell good, lol, and I'm having second thoughts of using it, but I will do post a short video about it.

    Regarding the bra, I do not recommend online purchases, because it's more delicate than ordering a panty online. Our breast needs the best of care and your bra fit also contributes to the comfortability of your breast when they are in them (i hope im making sense, lol). I used to be an Avon lady, so I know that it would be much better if you can buy it in a shop where you can have a fit and feel of the texture.

  2. hi mommy Riza, yeah I understand what you mean about the bra. LOL

    I prefer to go shop to try out than buy online these days.


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