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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Favourite Pastime

At the moment of my favourite pastime will be blogging and making jewelry other than that is spend quality time with family.

It is good to have favourite pastime to get things off my mine. I will also email friends to chat plus drop by blogs for comment for post that interest me.

I also like to have my time, which is just for myself. Not going to spa as I cannot afford one. I also like shopping and hangout at blogs.

Craving for junk food is also my favourite pastime, but I cannot eat so much as I am going to be gaining fat. You have no idea if I eat more I can get fat fast, some friends eat so much but stay the same.


  1. I wish I can do shopping as a past time, but it's too expensive. :)

  2. Shopping is the best therapy ever.

    Check out my entry, till next week's GT.

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  3. hi Willia and darly, shopping is fun but not necessary for self but for family. :) like butter and bread, cooking oil :)

  4. Instead of shopping, windowshopping is fun, too. :)

    My Girls Talk! entry is here.

  5. wow,daming past time ah..hahaha. kaya ako, dito lang sa bahay ang past time, since I can't afford to do any outside activities..


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