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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chinese Wedding Ceremony

I am sure most of you have attended a Chinese Wedding Ceremony, I like to know if you think that the restaurant of the celebration held is usually set by the parents or the wedding couple? Personally, I think it is set by the parents because they are the one that paid for the bill.

Chinese wedding dinner usually having 9 dishes to serve. There is also alcohol and soft drinks serve during the dinner. Yeah you get to eat snacks too before the dinner starts. I think it depend on type of restaurant and location the wedding dinner held.

Chinese wedding ceremony included the tea ceremony.


  1. Babe, depends la... most of the time are by both parents & couple...

    during my wedding, the bill was paid by all the angpao collected and from our pocket! cuz over budget! hahaha...

  2. hi candygal, thanks for sharing :)

    yeah some wedding will over budget coz table not enough, etc.


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