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Monday, February 23, 2009

I love my dad

Who can you count on when you need help? First I will think of family. I love my dad as he helped me today. He did and he came all the way here. My dad is just like my best friend. When I am sad and unhappy I will tell him. Sometimes he just knows it by looking at me.

We went to Uptown 2 by cab and the cab charged us expensive. It has no meter in his car and he asked for $30. We only take the one way route as we came back using another cab. The other cab only charged $10.20 using the meter. See that is the big different!

The first cab, my dad asked the cab driver how long he has worked. He told my dad only two years. He has to pay the rent of $40 a day for his cab. There are also other maintenance fees. The second cab we took the cab driver owns the car and he is four years older than my dad. He loves his job and he knows he can quit but he feels that he should work than just staying at home.

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