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Friday, April 17, 2009

Etsu Hamper Winners or Etsu Voucher Winners beware!

Today was my lucky day because I get to go Black Decker to get my machine worked! Next door is the JA Beauty company which I have no idea at all. First there is no sign board on top the shop! There is a white board, so you have no idea it is Etsu. I did not go next door so I have no idea that is Etsu, I got to call them to find out.

As I mention before that I won Etsu Hamper as consolation prize which stated in the letter. But when I was there I was told its only RM$50 discount voucher! Guess what? The vouhcer cannot be use any where but at the shop itself! That is crazy and guesses who is going to be that free to shop there.

I think they are not honest in what they mention in the letter. If there is a mistake they should correct it before sending out to Winners. Winners of Etsu Hamper or Etsu Voucher read carefully and make sure you flipped back the magazine to check whether you won is voucher or hamper!

There is a big difference between voucher and hamper! Thank goodness that I am there to get my Black Decker repair or H*LL I am going there just to get a voucher where I need to spend money to use it.

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