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Monday, October 12, 2009

Anna Sui Rock Me:Merry go round!

I like to blog about Anna Sui Rock Me, it has brings me merry go round. First before I go to Sunway Pyramid I called up the parkson there, Natalie SA answered the call telling me there launched on 8 Oct. I ask her about the bag, she told me that it is available. So when I was there on Saturday another SA told me that it is not available and tell me to read the print out stated it is only at KLCC and One Utama.

A few days later I head to One Utama, guess what?! The SA told me it is not available there due to warehouse. I was told only available at KLCC, I feel like I am being pushed around. Come on I have been merry go round with Anna Sui Rock Me. The sample of Anna Sui Rock Me only available starting from today at One Utama.

I really want to know if the SA is well trained, it is like they are not sure able to give the right direction on their own products!

How do you feel, if you are in my position.

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