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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

GT: This is my comfort food

Do you know what you are looking at? It is the sweet potato, so delicious and it can fill your stomach. It is not raw as you need to boiled it first. I think boil it is faster. There is no need to add anything on it, but I think some people like to dip it with sugar. Remember too much sugar is bad for health.

It is GT time so let's talk about your comfort food, you can take part by click on the link below.

Girls Talk


  1. Oooh, this is yummy! :D I have not eaten this in a while. I like it fried too, or with sugar (but like you said, careful with the sugar).

  2. wow sherry i love eating that too esp if its cold and raining :) love sweet potato too!!

  3. I love sweet potato too as wel as my whole family especially on during winter season :D
    Thanks for the visit & for the thoughts :D Hugs!

  4. his reminds me of my childhood, lagi kami kumakain nito noon eh...sarap lalo na at i dip mo sa sugar....yum!

  5. hi miranda, yeah this is yummy.

    hi niko, yeah it can make delicious dessert too :D

    hi seiko,whole family love it. that is awesome!

    hi cecile, yeah dip in sugar when I was kid I do that too.

  6. uy musical fruit, hehe. my mom always cook sweet potato with coconut milk and sago. very comforting specially when its raining :-)

  7. ooohhh... i love this very much too... also steamed topioca with coconut & brown sugar... yummy!


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