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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Review: Dishes by Pehpot

If you love dining at the restaurant, it is good but I know that you cannot dine out always. Today I am going to review Dishes by Pehpot, she is a stay at home whose busy to care her children and her blogs. Earlier I blogged of Make or Break now it is Dishes by Pehpot, she is fantastic cook, check out the recipes at her blog. Personally I am not good with cooking and I know that my dear is better cook than me.

Sometimes you run out of idea what to cook for your family, just browse this blog. They are many type recipes for you to choose. Now I am sure you love to drink coke, so what else can you do with coke? How about adding coke to pizza and penne pasta?

If you are Filippino bloggers you might find the dishes that you miss to eat. You can cook many delicious meal with pork, besides pork you can also use meat for a change. Even though the blog created in December 2009. You can see that Pehpot is trying her best to at least twice a week. I am food lover and I am going to check this blog often for the recipes.

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