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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Faux lashes make my eyes smaller

I am still learning to use makeup and I put on the faux lashes and also had the eyeliner on my eyes. The other day I visit my sister at the temple and she told me that my eyes are smaller because of the faux lashes. She had a good laugh on me and she cannot stop laughing. I am kind of disturbed but I don't mind her laughing as she does not like to put on makeup at all. She has not put on makeup when she works last time. She only put on lipstick to go work.

Okay can I see raise of hands here that faux lashes make your eyes smaller? If not probably I am the first person.


  1. dont believe anyone who said about ur makeup if that person never put on makeup lol

    xoxo elle

  2. hi with Love, Elle, yeah she never puts on makeup.

  3. seeing is believing sherry!
    put up your EOTD and let us the beautybloggers judge *giggle

    we can too refine your technique !!
    thanks for your lovely comment~at my post!


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