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Saturday, July 10, 2010

22nd July Thursday

Since my Friday Follower Freebie just started I think nobody notice the day mistaken as I just realized it was Sunday so I fixed it. The 22nd July is Thursday, most of the participants gained 20 points in this giveaway. There was something wrong with the comment earlier but everything back to normal now I can see the comments in the post.

Today I head to Midvalley in the morning, they are not many people so plenty of space at the parking lot but in the afternoon many cars coming in. I had lunch at Pepper lunch I choose to have burger beef which comes with egg for lunch and it comes with a bowl of rice, a bowl of soup. The staff told me the best choice from number 1, 2, 5,7,10. I know one of the number missing, there is one with salmon and chicken set. My housemate chooses to have Teriyaki Chicken, because she does not eat beef.

It is my first time to dine at Pepper Lunch, how about you?

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